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Cause No. 04-15-00610-CV IN THE COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH DISTRICT OF TEXAS LAREDO MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION, Appellants, CITY OF LAREDO, TEXAS, Appellee. On Appeal from the 341st Judicial District Court Webb County, Texas (Cause No. 2015-CVQ-00-1077-D3, Honorable Rebecca Ramirez Palomo)

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Modern Organocopper Chemistry. Edited by Norbert Krause Copyright > 2002 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH ISBNs: 3-527-29773-1 (Hardcover); 3-527-60008-6 (Electronic) 2Transmetalation Reactions Producing Organocopper Reagents Paul Knochel and Bodo Betzemeier Organocopper reagents constitute a key class of organometallic reagents, with nu-merous applications in organic synthesis [1]. Their high reactivities and chemo-selectivities have made them unique intermediates. Most reports use organocopperreagents of type 1 or 2, which are prepared from organolithiums. This trans-metalation procedure confers optimal reactivity, but in many cases it permitsonly the preparation of relatively unfunctionalized organocopper reagents. Morerecently, substantial developments have been taking place in transmetalations toorganocopper reagents starting from organometallic species that tolerate the pres-ence of functional groups [2], while synthetic methods permitting the preparationof functionalized organolithiums and organomagnesium compounds have alsobeen developed. All organometallics in which the metal M is less electronegativethan copper, and all organometallic species of similar electronegativity but withweaker carbon-metal bonds, are potential candidates for transmetalation reac-tions [3]. Thus, reaction conditions allowing the transmetalation of organo-boron,-aluminium, -zinc, -tin, -lead, -tellurium, -titanium, -manganese, -zirconium and-samarium compounds have all been found, resulting in a variety of new organo-copper reagents of type 3. Their reactivity is dependent on the nature of the origi-nal metal M, which in many cases is still intimately associated with the resultingorganocopper reagent (Scheme 2.1) [3–5].


Painkillers can bring relief to people who are suffering from pain when taken as directed. However, the dangers of misuse must also be highlighted. Many painkillers are available over-the- effects such as drowsiness. This is why it counter (OTC) from pharmacies and is so important to read the information A huge market exists for painkillers and it shops without the need for a

Machine learning for network data ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, op gezag van de rector magnificus prof. dr. Th.L.M. Engelen, volgens besluit van het college van decanen in het openbaar te verdedigen op maandag 9 februari 2015 om 14:30 uur precies Twan van Laarhoven geboren op 1 februari 1985 Prof. dr. Tom Heskes


Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Section Editor: Gregory J. Crosby Cerebral Oxygen Desaturation Events Assessed byNear-Infrared Spectroscopy During Shoulder Arthroscopyin the Beach Chair and Lateral Decubitus Positions Glenn S. Murphy, MD,* Joseph W. Szokol, MD,* Jesse H. Marymont, MD,* Steven B. Greenberg, MD,*Michael J. Avram, PhD,† Jeffery S. Vender, MD,* Jessica Vaughn, BA,* and Margarita Nisman, BA*


Verhaltenstherapie bei Tic-Störungen Jahrestagung TGD Lübeck 2014 Dr. Katrin Woitecki, Dipl.-Psych., KJP Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie des Kindes- und Jugendalters & Ausbildungsinstitut für Kinder- und Jugendlichenpsychotherapie am Klinikum der Universität zu Köln Psychotherapie bei Tic-Störungen  Geht das überhaupt?  Ist das was für mich?  Was wird denn da gemacht?  Ist das überhaupt wissenschaftlich fundiert?


Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2009; 44: 11861190 Effect of fat emulsion (Fabuless) on orocecal transit timein healthy men ARVO HAENNI1, BIRGITTA SUNDBERG2, NAHID YAZDANPANAH3,ANNIKA VIBERG4 & JOHAN OLSSON2 1Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2KPLGood Food Practice AB, Uppsala, Sweden, 3DSM Food Specialties, Delft, The Netherlands, and 4DSM, Food Specialties,Stockholm, Sweden

I am sorry to hear you have been troubled by symptoms of imbalance and dizziness. Your query appears to contain two elements: 1) dizziness and imbalance related to the time of year, and 2) complementary therapies or supplements for dizziness and imbalance. I will cover these in two sections below. I admit I do not routinely provide much advice in these areas, and don't think other clinicians allied to a more 'medical' model commonly would either. I think this is because there is not enough evidence to back up any recommendations, although I would hope anyone would be open minded to the possibility of stronger evidence becoming available. I have looked at the scientific literature for you, in case I have been missing something. Both of these areas appear to be poorly understood and controversial. The scientific research proves confusing and contradictory, but I will attempt to summarise what I have discovered. Some of the difficulty in carrying out research in these areas relates to different definitions of dizziness, imbalance and vertigo. Often people use the term dizziness to cover feeling light-headed, woozy, giddy, floaty, or unsteady. Vertigo is a term more often used by clinicians and scientists with a stricter definition of an illusion of movement of one's self or the environment, often spinning or rotational sensations. Individuals often mean very different things when they say they are dizzy, and research studies have often defined and categorised dizziness differently when you compare them. Patients get allocated into treatment groups in the studies in quite varying ways. Dizziness and vertigo can be related to many different underlying conditions and it is likely that these conditions need to be considered separately in research studies, but this is often not the case. Finding effective treatments for specific conditions can be compromised when patients are grouped in research studies into a general ‘dizzy patient' category. Vertigo is often the subject of research studies rather than dizziness as vertigo is often considered a defining feature of vestibular disorders (conditions related specifically to the vestibular or balance system, including the vestibular or balance organs in the inner ear), which it is sometimes possible to more clearly define. Any understanding of vertigo might not relate to symptoms of dizziness or imbalance though. I have put my overall summary of these areas first so that you might obtain some quick guidance. More specific and detailed information is then provided if you wish to read further, but these sections are denser to read. In summary There are relatively small numbers of studies into both the seasonality of dizziness and balance disorders, and complementary medicine and therapy in dizziness and imbalance. The studies tend to present conflicting results. Those that have been carried out often use unsatisfactory research methods, use small numbers of subjects, and are liable to publications bias (for example, studies published by the manufacturers of supplements). There is a distinct lack of the ‘gold standard' randomised, double-blind, controlled studies. If you are experiencing seasonal symptoms it is difficult to advise how to manage this as it is difficult to assert any control over the seasons, the weather, or barometric changes. If you are able to determine any triggers that are controllable or avoidable then that would be recommended. Hain (2015) advises to treat any allergy or migraine triggers appropriately, and to try any appropriate treatment prior to the anticipated onset of symptoms. If someone has migraine then we would expect there might be triggers that cause symptoms. Being able to identify triggers might help someone determine that they suffer from migraine. It is important to note that an individual can have migraine or vestibular migraine without any headache, which can mean this diagnosis can be missed. VEDA (2015) advice to patients is to avoid anxiety, as we know this can potentially make any symptoms of dizziness worse, and to educate themselves. I have attached a leaflet from the Meniere's Society that outlines some possible causes of dizziness and imbalance which might help you to decide whether any of the conditions fit with your symptoms. I have also attached a leaflet on

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ENVELOPPER POUR S'APPROCHER Une équipe pluridisciplinaire en relation d'enveloppement avec une personne souffrante : présence, confiance, contacts, linge mouillé, on appelle ce moment précieux de rencontre avec un autre emmuré dans sa souffrance : un pack. Il parait plus naturel de l'appeler « enveloppement humide », cependant les personnes qui en bénéficient sont attachés à cette formulation : « c'est demain mon


Information über Öl-, Gas- und Zweistoffbrenner WM 30 für Öl, Gas und Zweistoff monarch® Brenner WM 30 (350 – 5700 kW) • Leistungsstark und universell Tradition und Fortschritt:Der neue monarch® Das Markenzeichen monarch® steht seit über 50 Jahren für Leistung und Qualität im Brennerbau Seit über fünf Jahrzehnten werden Weishaupt Brenner der Typen-reihe monarch® an verschiedensten Wärmeversorgungs- und Industrieanlagen eingesetzt und haben den hervorragenden Rufvon Weishaupt mitbegründet.

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Lithium Insertion in Nanostructured TiO2(B) ANTHONY G. DYLLA, GRAEME HENKELMAN, AND KEITH J. STEVENSON* Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712, United States RECEIVED ON JUNE 12, 2012 to become feasible alternatives to current technology, but only if scientists can develop energy storage materialsthat offer high capacity and high rate capabilities. Chemists havestudied anatase, rutile, brookite and TiO2(B) (bronze) in bothbulk and nanostructured forms as potential Li-ion batteryanodes. In most cases, the specific capacity and rate of lithiationand delithiation increases as the materials are nanostructured.Scientists have explained these enhancements in terms of highersurface areas, shorter Liþ diffusion paths and different surfaceenergies for nanostructured materials allowing for more facilelithiation and delithiation. Of the most studied polymorphs,nanostructured TiO2(B) has the highest capacity with promising high rate capabilities. TiO2(B) is able to accommodate 1 Liþ per Ti,giving a capacity of 335 mAh/g for nanotubular and nanoparticulate TiO2(B). The TiO2(B) polymorph, discovered in 1980 by Marchand andco-workers, has been the focus of many recent studies regarding high power and high capacity anode materials with potential applicationsfor electric vehicles and grid storage. This is due to the material's stability over multiple cycles, safer lithiation potential relative to graphite,reasonable capacity, high rate capability, nontoxicity, and low cost (Bruce, P. G.; Scrosati, B.; Tarascon, J.-M. Nanomaterials for RechargeableLithium Batteries. Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 2930"2946). One of the most interesting properties of TiO2(B) is that both bulk andnanostructured forms lithiate and delithiate through a surface redox or pseudocapacitive charging mechanism, giving rise to stable high ratecharge/discharge capabilities in the case of nanostructured TiO2(B). When other polymorphs of TiO2 are nanostructured, they still mainlyintercalate lithium through a bulk diffusion-controlled mechanism. TiO2(B) has a unique open crystal structure and low energy Liþ pathwaysfrom surface to subsurface sites, which many chemists believe to contribute to the pseudocapacitive charging.

Quantum Model of Memory anen1, February 1, 2006 1 Department of Physical Sciences, High Energy Physics Division, PL 64, FIN-00014, University of Helsinki, Finland. Recent address: Puutarhurinkatu 10,10960, Hanko, Finland. Geometric and subjective memories . . . . . . . . p-Adic physics as physics of intentionality . . . . . . Spin glass model of memories . . . . . . . . .

TAKORADI POLYTECHNIC JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY AN OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF TAKORADI POLYTECHNIC Volume 3, Number 1, April 2014 Published by TAKORADI POLYTECHNIC TAKORADI, GHANA, WEST AFRICA © Takoradi Polytechnic Journal of Technology All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored, in a retrieval system, transmitted


Implications of the Varying Permeability Model for Reverse Dive Profiles Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 561 Keystone Ave. Reno, Nevada 89503 Comprehensive Design Architects/Engineers 3054 Enterprise Drive State College, Pennsylvania 16801 Presented at the

TELOS Hx6 Six-line Broadcast Phone System Manual Version 1.0.1, May 2014part#: 1490-00089-001 Hx6 Manual © 2012 TLS Corporation. Published by Telos Systems/TLS Corporation. All rights reserved. Trademarks Telos Systems, the Telos logo and Hx6 are trademarks of TLS Corporation. All othertrademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Katholische Fachhochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen, Abteilung Aachen Diplomarbeit im Fachbereich Sozialwesen Tiere als Therapeuten? Hunde als Helfer in der Sozialen Gruppenarbeit Vorgelegt von: Algenweg 1 Prof. Dr. theol. Rainer Krockauer Dipl.-Päd. Michael Ziemons Alsdorf, den 02. September 2008

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KS4 Physical These icons indicate that teacher's notes or useful web addresses are available in the Notes Page. This icon indicates that the slide contains activities created in Flash. These activities are not editable. For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation. What we will learn in this presentation:

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Clinical Interruption of Pregnancy (Medical/Surgical Abortion) Approximately one fifth of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion (Ventura et al., 2009). According to the CDC (2011a), there were more than 800,000 legal abortions performed in the United States in 2007, the latest year for which complete data analysis was available. Most abortions (more than 90%) were performed in the first trimester, two thirds of those before the 13th

Tender for purchase of medicines & surgicals for dispensary of jail

DEPARTMENT CHANDIGARH TENDER DOCUMENT FOR PURCHASE OF FOR DISPENSARY MODEL JAIL, CHANDIGARH. Page 1 of 15 Chapter-1 Scope of Work: - Supply of medicines and surgical items for the dispensary of Model Jail, Chandigarh. The Jail Department, U.T., Chandigarh is having a Dispensary inside the Jail for providing treatment to the prisoners

Ein Qualitätsprodukt aus dem Hause für Modellsportler ab 14 Jahren. Produkt ist kein EZRUN 150A 1/5 Scale Die EZRUN-Regler-Serie ist für Brushless-Motoren und LiPo-/NiMH-Antriebsakkus ausgelegt. Die Brushless-Motoren können wahlweise mit oder ohne Sensor ausgestattet sein. Die Elektronik wird durch einen Microprozessor angesteuert. Die Software verfügt über unzählige Parameter, die sich individuell programmieren lassen. So lassen sich die Regler für nahezu alle Anwendungen im Car-Bereich anpassen und bieten maximale Effizienz bei korrekter Auslegung des Antriebsstrangs.

Die wahrscheinlichkeit, dass katzen mit husten an einer atemwegserkrankung leiden, ist bei weitem größer als die wahrscheinlic

Wenn die Mieze hustet Ein Überblick über feline Atemwegserkrankungen Husten bei einer Katze sollte man nicht auf die leichte Schulter nehmen. Katzen erkälten sich nicht so leicht wie wir Menschen, Husten gehört bei ihnen nicht zum „Alltäglichen". Daher sollte eine Katze, die wiederholt hustet (ohne dabei etwas hervorzuwürgen, z. B. Haarballen) dem Tierarzt vorgestellt werden.Erste Asthma-Anzeichen zeigen sich oft im Alter von 1 – 3 Jahren, können aber auch früher oder später auftreten. Bei manchen Katzen tritt parallel Niesen und / oder Augenausfluss auf.Wenn eine Katze schwere Atemnot hat (mit geöffnetem Maul und sichtlicher Anstrengung atmet, dabei die Ellbogen evtl. etwas nach aussen dreht), muss sie unverzüglich in tierärztliche Behandlung – dieser Zustand ist lebensbedrohlich! Auch wenn es mitten in der Nacht geschehen sollte – warten Sie lieber nicht bis zum Morgen, sondern rufen Sie den tierärztlichen Notdienst oder bringen Sie Ihre Katze ins nächste Tierspital.

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ECOLE NATIONALE VETERINAIRE D'ALFORT L'ANXIETE CHEZ LES ANIMAUX DE COMPAGNIE : APPROCHES CONCEPTUELLE, CLINIQUE ET THERAPEUTIQUE DOCTORAT VETERINAIRE Présentée et soutenue publiquement devant LA FACULTE DE MEDECINE DE CRETEIL Marie FAIRON Née le 18 Décembre 1979, à Chambray-les-Tours (Indre-et-Loire) Professeur à la Faculté de Médecine de Créteil

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SAFETY OF CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Giovanni Maciocia Published in 1999 by Su Wen Press 5 Buckingham House Buckinghamshire, UK Copyright 8 Giovanni Maciocia All rights reserved, including translation. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, electronic or mechanical, recording or duplication in any

This electronic representation of FoxP2 Media LLC/The Medical Roundtable intellectual property is provided for noncommercial use only. Unauthorized posting of  FoxP2 Media LLC/The Medical Roundtable electronic documents to a non-FoxP2 Media LLC website is prohibited.  Prior written permission is required from FoxP2 Media LLC to reproduce, or reuse in another form, any of our documents for commercial use.

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for Whitireia Students 2013 Edition This guide is based on the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Please emailwith any feedback. An online version is available on the library web pages, and updated during the year. This Edition: Adapted by Kim Baxter. With thanks to: Whitireia students & staff, including:

Pulmonary Delivery Fresh Air echnology P Images: © The T In the highly competitive world of drug discovery and development, By Iain McDerment at The Technology it is easy to focus on the early stages of identifying a candidate molecule or the fi rst critical rounds of clinical trials. However, in addition to selecting an attractive druggable target, the method of delivery is an equally important fi eld of research, since it can infl uence both product effi cacy and patient behaviour

Single-cell mrna transfection studies: delivery, kinetics and statistics by numbers

Single-cell mRNA transfection studies: Delivery, kinetics and statistics by numbers Carolin Leonhardt a, 1, Gerlinde Schwake a,1, Tobias R. Stögbauer, PhDa, Susanne Rappl a, Jan-Timm Kuhr, PhDb, Thomas S. Ligon, PhDa, Joachim O. Rädler, PhDa,⁎ aFaculty of Physics and Center for NanoScience (CeNS), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Germany bInstitut für theoretische Physik, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany

Curcumin, a component of turmeric: from farm to pharmacy

Curcumin, a component of turmeric: From farm Subash C. GuptaGorkem Kismali Bharat B. Aggarwal* Cytokine Research Laboratory, Department of Experimental Therapeutics,The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX,USA Curcumin, an active polyphenol of the golden spice turmeric, chronic diseases. Multiple studies have indicated the safety is a highly pleiotropic molecule with the potential to modulate

emütliche Einmümmeln ist in der kalten Jah-reszeit angesagt. Von Pad Das Zuhause ist für immer mehr Men-schen die wichtige Rückzugsinsel von Stress und Hektik des Alltags. Besonders in der kalten Jahreszeit sind da Produkte mit hohem Kuschel- und Gemütlichkeits-Fak- Wenn die kalte Jahreszeit naht, wird das Treiben auf den tor gefragt für ein behagliches Wohn-

Payhawok kétek negko´o xa elyennekha elyempehek kelan´ák Las mujeres indígenas del Pueblo Enxet Sur y sus derechos sexuales y reproductivos Payhawok kétek negko´o xa elyennekha elyempehek kelan´ákLas mujeres indígenas del Pueblo Enxet Sur y sus derechos sexuales y reproductivos Proyecto: "Derechos sexuales y reproductivos de las mujeres indígenas del Bajo Chaco", Embajada de Australia.Coordinación Ejecutiva de Tierraviva: Abog. Julia Cabello Alonso.

YOUR NEW MEDICINES Your doctors have started you on many new medicines. These medicines are needed to make sure your transplant is successful. The medicines can be put into three different classes:• Anti-rejection – Help prevent your immune system from recognizing your new lung as foreign • Anti-infective – Help protect you against certain infections• Miscellaneous – Medicines that treat the side effects of the

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thoughtful, intelligent and safe information for your health Vol 1, Issue 6 Saw Palmetto for Symptoms of BPH What is BPH? BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is What can you do? defined as noncancerous enlargement of the If you feel like you've developed a problemwith BPH, there is good news! There are prostate. As men age, it is common for

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SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT Osteomel Once Weekly 70 mg Tablets QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Each tablet contains 70 mg alendronic acid (as sodium alendronate trihydrate). Excipients: each tablet contains 142.64 mg lactose monohydrate. For a full list of excipients, see section 6.1.

Letter from the Secretariat I, Anmol Kaur Bagga, Secretary General of TCET-MUN 2015, along with the Secretariat feel immense pleasure to welcome you to the TCET-MUN 2015. We feel honored to host you during the 3 days of ardent debate. Now in its fifth year, TCET-MUN has grown leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings in 2010. From a conference that simulated two committees back then, we are proud to have six committees this year. The conference is a culmination of dedication and commitment of many people, who worked to make this conference memorable and a quality learning experience.


TIBET HERITAGE FUND Project office Germany: 13189 Berlin, Germany Project office Ladakh: Leh Old Town Initiative LOTI Lakruk House, Stalam, Leh, Ladakh 1941010 J&K India The Restoration of Tsas Soma Mosque, Leh, Ladakh, India a report by André Alexander and Andreas Catanese Project supported by Embassy of Finland and Trace Foundation

5018 NE 15TH AVE · PORTLAND, OR 97211 · FAX: (503) 229-8064 · (800) 837-8428 Vestibular Injury Compensation, De-compensation, and Failure to Compensate By Thomas E. Boismier, MPH, with contributions by Kamran Barin, PhD The vestibular system includes the inner not successful, vestibular rehabilitation ear balance organs and the parts of the

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