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Oral Tradition, 7/1 (1992):116-142 Latin Charms of Medieval England: Verbal Healing in a Christian Oral Tradition Lea Olsan This is an essay to open a discussion of medieval Latin charms as a genre rooted in oral tradition. It will concern itself solely with materials drawn from manuscripts made in England from about A.D. 1000 to near 1500. One reason for setting such limitations on the materials is that restricting the study chronologically and geographically will facilitate identification of features peculiar to the insular English tradition of Latin charms.1 For though Latin charms can be found throughout medieval Europe, to make cross-cultural comparisons prematurely might obscure distinctive regional features. To begin, it seems best to state what is meant by the word "charm" in this paper.

Efficacy of intravenous sedation and oral nifedipine in dental implant patients with preoperative hypertension - a retrospective study of 516 cases

Kimura et al. International Journal of Implant Dentistry (2015) 1:6 DOI 10.1186/s40729-015-0004-4 Efficacy of intravenous sedation and oralnifedipine in dental implant patients withpreoperative hypertension - a retrospective studyof 516 cases Motoshi Kimura1*, Yoshihiro Takasugi2, Shigeyoshi Hanano1, Katsuyuki Terabe3 and Yuko Kimura4 Background: To examine the effects of intravenous sedation and oral nifedipine on blood pressure and pulse rate inpatients with perioperative high blood pressure undergoing implant surgery, the clinical records of dental implantpatients managed by intravenous sedation at our outpatient dental offices were retrospectively evaluated.

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COPYRIGHT 2006 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. COPYRIGHT 2006 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. The brain produces its own "marijuana" to protect neurons, and researchers hope to exploit it to ease anxiety, obesity and addiction COPYRIGHT 2006 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. hemically speaking, we are all potheads. ling appetite, and in the cerebellum, which gov- Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew Uni-

Neutron capture therapy of cancer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia can be performed at a facility with a nuclear reactor or at hospitals that have developed alternative neutron sources. A beam of epithermal neutrons penetrates the brain tissue, reaching the malignancy. Once there the epithermal neutrons slow down and these low-energy neutrons combine with boron 10 (delivered beforehand to the cancer cells by drugs or antibodies) to form boron 11, releasing a lethal radiation (alpha particles and lithium ions) that can kill the tumor. Barth. R.F., et al. Boron neutron capture therapy for cancer. Scientific American, 100-107, October 1990.


Orthodontic considerations for gingival health duringpregnancy: a review Authors' affiliations: Abstract: Gingivitis is caused by several known systemic Padma M. Mukherjee, Division of and local factors. Among systemic factors, the role of Orthodontics, Department of Craniofacial hormonal changes during pregnancy is well established. Sciences, University of Connecticut School

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Journal of Civil Engineering (IEB), 40 (1) (2012) 11-22 Micro-pollutant risks associated with using Mohammad Zaved Kaiser Khan School of Natural & Built Environment, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095, Australia Received 18 January 2011 Abstract Overwhelming demand of water with the modernization of globe consequences paucity as the total amount of fresh water remains fixed. In this vision, reclaimed water from wastewater instead of disposing it to the environment has become one of the viable options in the integrated water resources management over the few decades. The most common sources of recycled water are treated sewage effluent, stormwater runoff, domestic greywater and industrial wastewater. This water can be used for both agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial reuse, environmental and recreational uses, groundwater recharge, non-potable purposes such as toilet flushing, indirect or direct potable reuse. Instead a long history of water reuse in different parts of the world, the question of safety and issue of health risks are being hotly debated. The most common human microbial pathogens found in reused water are enteric pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa and Helminths. Moreover, long term health risks may be associated with chemical contaminants such as pharmaceutically active compounds (PhAC), pesticides, personal care products (PCPs), endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC) and disinfection by-product (DBPs) in reclaimed water. However, this paper discusses about the micro-pollutant risks associated with reclaimed water particularly on agriculture, indirect potable reuse and toilet flushing. © 2012 Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh. All rights reserved.

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ANNEXE L AU CODE SPORTIF INTERNATIONAL / APPENDIX L TO THE INTERNATIONAL SPORTING CODE CHAPITRE I - LICENCES INTERNATIONALES FIA POUR PILOTES CHAPTER I - FIA INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS' LICENCES Degrés de licences pour courses sur circuits Grades of licences for circuit racing Qualifi cation et conditions de délivrance pour les

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M.A. Al-Bayati/Medical Veritas 4 (2007) 1251–1262 Analysis of causes that led to the development of vitiligo in Jeanett's case with recommendations for clinical tests and treatments Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, Ph.D., DABT, DABVT Toxicologist & Pathologist Toxi-Health International 150 Bloom Drive, Dixon, CA 95620 Phone: +1 707 678 4484 Fax: +1 707 678 8505

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OF THIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA James Frank Osterbur The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and these defendants: the president Barack Obama US attorney general Eric H. Holder jr. US solicitor general Neal K. Katyal the internal revenue service Federal Bureau of Investigation On petition for a writ of Certiorari to this United States court of appeals, 7th circuit Chicago, IL

Applying color theory in clinical practice to Science Manager, FDI World Dental Federation Professor, University of Oslo, Norway Learning objectives Be familiar with the physical mechanisms of tooth coloring and its measurement Recognize possible etiology for discolorationRealize the potentials and limitations of esthetic restorative materials Be acquainted with different shade guides

Journal of Case Reports in Practice (JCRP) 2014; 2(2): 48-50 CASE REPORT Persistent pruritic skin rashes masquerading sulfasalazine sensitivity in a newly diagnosed Adult-Onset Still's Disease (AOSD) ohreh Akhoundi Meybodi 1 and SinA owliA 1Department of Medicine, Shahid Sadoughi University of medical sciences, Yazd, Iran

You choose a JCB machine because JCB never compromises when it comes to the strength and performance of its machines. So, we have also made sure that you can keep your investment it's the best in the business. operating at peak performance and productivity with a range of lubricants, greases and accessories designed specifically with you in mind, being totally

A Discussion for the JWA Amy Mines Tadelis October 29, 2014 •  Cancer prevention is action taken to lower the chance of getting cancer; the number of new cases of cancer in a group or population is lowered. •  To prevent new cancers from staring scientists look at risk factors and protective factors. Anything that increases your risk of developing cancer is cal ed a risk factor and anything that decreases your chance of developing cancer is cal ed a protective factor.


Published by J.J. Lawson - Customs and Freight Brokers Bringing you the bear essentials There are a number of ways of reducing the amount of The Australian Customs Customs Duty importers have to pay on the goods they import. These vary & Ensign Flag from Tariff Concession

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medicines management in NHS hospitals The Audit Commission promotes the best use ofpublic money by ensuring the proper stewardship of publicfinances and by helping those responsible for public services to achieve economy, efficiency and effectiveness. The Commission was established in 1983 to appoint and regulate the external auditors of local authorities in England and Wales. In 1990 its role

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Detail guide National Geographic Traveler Portugal to read online. Share National Geographic Traveler Portugal PDF file to free NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER PORTUGAL PDF Update method of help documentation is really a hard copy manual that's printed, nicely bound, andfunctional. Itoperates as a reference manual - skim the TOC or index, get the page, and stick to thedirections detail by detail. The challenge using these sorts of documents is the fact that usermanuals can often become jumbled and hard tounderstand. And in order to fix this problem, writerscan try and employ things i call "go over here" ways tominimize the wordiness and simplify thiscontent. I've found this approach to be extremely ineffective most of thetime. Why? Becausenational geographic traveler portugal are considered unsuitable to get flippedthrough ten timesfor just one task. That is what online assistance is for.

This article was originally published in a journal published by Elsevier, and the attached copy is provided by Elsevier for the author's benefit and for the benefit of the author's institution, fornon-commercial research and educational use including without limitation use in instruction at your institution, sending it to specific

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Tetrahedron Letters 43 (2002) 4833–4836 A new route to 1,4-disubstituted Jirˇı´ Verner,a Jan Tarabab and Milan Pota´cˇeka,* aDepartment of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University of Brno, Kotla´rˇska´ 2, 611 37 Brno, Czech Republic bDepartment of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University of Brno, Kotla´rˇska´ 2, 611 37 Brno, Czech Republic