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The Spruce Lodge Home Auxiliary was at BBQ's, run Bingo parties and other programs initiated in 1965. This group of committed and caring including gardening, baking and crafts. They ran our women has been serving our residents now for over 43 tuck shop, sharing a cup of tea and kind words with years and hope to be around for many years to come. many of our residents over the years. The Auxiliary Their mission is and has always been to improve and plans and coordinates our annual fundraisers including enrich the lives of the residents that call Spruce Lodge the June Tea and the Fall Bazaar. It is because of their efforts that each resident feels extra special, receiving a hand made corsage on Mothers' and Fathers' day and a Over the years the Auxiliary has assisted with stocking with a special gift every Christmas morning.
many of the programs offered at the Lodge. The ways in which Auxiliary members can contribute to the Spruce When asked what they find fulfilling about Lodge community include one to one visits, helping belonging to the Auxiliary they simply responded, "The residents by attending chapel services with them, feeling that we get when we see a resident smile as a coming along to special events to make sure everyone result of something we have done." has a friend to chat with and share and to make If you feel you have the time and understand the Jim Henry Award - KEN SAVILE
memories. The value of simply the presence of an necessity of this important aspect of community care, attentive and caring individual cannot be new volunteers are always welcome. For more On Wednesday, May 21, 2008, Ken Spruce Lodge. During his information contact Julie MacDougald at 271-4090 ex. Savile was awarded the Jim Henry employment here Ken has also been Auxiliary members have decorated for special Award of Excellence. This award actively involved with the union, fire events and the change of season, helped plan and serve represents individual recognition for prevention and education, health and Exemplary Efforts and/or leadership safety and other committees which which furthers "The Spirit and require his expertise. Front Row (L-R):
Vision of the Spruce Lodge Mission" September 30 of this year, Ken will Doreen Pigeon (Vice President) Ken Savile is the Environmental be retiring from Spruce Lodge. As Ann Allen (President) Services Coordinator, and was you are nearing your retirement, Mary Scott (Past President) previously featured in our Fall 2007 please know that we will all miss issue. Ken started to work at Spruce you! Think of us while you are Back Row (L-R):
Lodge in 1979 in the maintenance expanding your travels, whether it's Doris Belland (Secretary) department. Ken has seen many to visit your first grandchild, soon to Rosemarie Anthony (Telephone Convenor) changes over his 29 years of service be born, or visit son Chris in Margaret Spandler (Treasurer) which include the planning and California, or a camping trip, or Grace Bach (Archives) construction of Woodland Towers, wherever you wish to go. Best of luck the addition of the Cottages, Hamlet Estates, and the renovations of Written by Kate Gibson IN THIS ISSUE
Welcome New Staff
Welcome . .
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Jim Henry Award Staff Welcome and Farewell To Spruce Lodge
Spruce Lodge
Resident Profile Staff News and Events Margaret Stoskopf Here We Grow Again Here We Grow Again (continued) Patricia Anne Hartman Maude Chipp-Smith Jennifer Donaldson Ralph & Violet Cook Woodland Towers 3 Rendering Activity Calendar Margaret Richardson Welcome to all new staff members who have joined the Spruce Spruce Lodge Home Auxiliary Lodge team. Good luck and best wishes to our retirees and to Russell & Mona Kramp those who have continued on from Spuce Lodge. The Spruce Times
The Spruce Times
Resident Profile - Mabel Henry
Lillian Mabel Isabella Henry was born Mabel, yet she continued diligently in to parents Robert and Annie Henry in the care of her family. Mabel not only Elma Township (Perth County), in cared for her father until his death but 1905. Mabel had four sisters; Rita, also cared for her brother when his Bertha, Emily and Irene as well as one wife passed away. "I like helping brother, William Robert Benjamin. people; I like to make life easier for The family's origins were from Ireland people if I can." Mabel had always and England. Mabel was born when given her eight nieces and nephews Sir Wilfed Laurier was Prime Minister gifts on their birthdays up until she of Canada and Theodore Roosevelt entered long-term care at 95 years old. was President of the United States, Mabel was a member of the St. John's putting some perspective on the United Church for 75 years. The family longevity of Mabel Henry's life. In attended Dunegal Church for many that same year (1905) the Japanese war years. Mabel was a child when the was brought to a close with the 'Treaty Dunegal Church was built in 1911 and of Portsmouth' representing an she remembers watching it being important example of diplomacy. The constructed. Mabel's parents both rest in Dunegal's cemetery. Religion was a Saskatchewan were created and joined very big part of Mabel's life; she loved the Canadian Confederation. Mabel sewing, knitting and crocheting to read and studied the Bible from Henry has lived 5 score and 3 years. tablecloths, doilies and other hand- cover to cover.
made goods. The Sewing Circle also Mabel is known for her wit and great Mabel attended schools in Topping and prepared packages to send overseas to sense of humour. When asked why she Newton and moved to Stratford in the men in service. never married Mabel responded "I 1930. Mabel lived on McNab Street, Mabel's mother had died at age 49 and would do all the talking, no one would WOODLAND TOWERS and HAMLET ESTATES:
Norfolk and then Huron Street. Mabel began looking after her father. have me." Being the intelligent, caring Mabel's career spanned 40 years with Although Mabel never married she had woman she is I am sure many out there June 5 Tea on the Lawn 'Avon Knit' working at the art of met a man she was very fond of, but remember Mabel as that special one June 26 Coffee on the Grounds invisible mending. Mabel was a opted to care for her father when her that got away.
founding member of the 'Women's 'dear friend' had to move to the United June 13 Nature Walk through the Old Grove Sewing Circle' for over 50 years, States. This was a disappointment to June 17 Father/Son BBQ for Father's Day Written by Lauren Moore June 18 Hamlet Estates BBQ STAFF NEWS AND EVENTS
Also planned are a Summer Dance in July and a Canada Day Picnic. Also starting up through the summer will be the ‘Green Group' whose goal is to study and implement plans for The Staff and Family Picnic is coming up on June 14, won monthly staff draws. Our winners for January to creating a more ecologically sound environment in Woodland Towers and Hamlet Estates.
2008 at the Tavistock Pavilion from 3 – 7 p.m. There are April were Ken Savile, Carole Lace, Sandy Bastien, and Valerie Nichols, who many will be familiar with from Meals on Wheels, is the acting program coordinator for games planned for the afternoon and steak barbecue at Darlene Rieck. Money raised from the sale of these Hamlet Estates and Woodland Towers. She will be covering Cheryl Hunt's maternity leave. Cheryl, her husband Jeff tickets helps to offset the costs of the many events and daughter Natalie welcomed a boy, 10 lb. 8 oz., Owen into the family the 15 May.
planned by the Staff Appreciation Committee The April bus trip to the Blue Jays game sold out so throughout the year. quickly another has been planned for Sept 6, 2008. This is an "All you can eat" day at the Sky Dome where pizza, The "Mighty Spruce" Dragonboat team will take to the In June we will be celebrating Seniors
'Month with
several special events and outings.
pop, chips, and other concession items are free of charge waters of the Avon again in July in preparation for the for the afternoon.
Rotary Dragonboat Festival September 13, 2008. Sign June 11 Auxiliary Spring Tea up sheets will be posted for anyone interested in June 21 Trip to Wildwood There are still a few seats available for the Weekend Shopping Trip to Erie, Pennsylvania in October 2008. June 25 Strawberry Social Please contact Bertha Harbin in the Dietary Department Thanks to all those staff members who participated in June 28 Geri Fashions will be here in the auditorium if you are interested in joining in.
the Staff Appreciation Survey. We appreciate all of your comments, and great ideas for future events.
Over the summer there will be a variety of programming: BBQ's in the gardens, Bus trips to the Park, Ice Cream Bus Congratulations to all those staff members who have Tours, Museum tour, River boat tour and Concerts in the Park. Please watch your calendar for the details.
Written by Jennifer Facey The Spruce Times
The Spruce Times
Here We Grow Again
As I write this article for the Spruce Times, there are 194 applicants waiting for an apartment unit at Woodland Towers, there are 167 applicants waiting to reside at Spruce Lodge and there are 32 applicants on the waiting list for Hamlet Estates. Demand for quality accommodation and services for Seniors and Disabled Adults far surpasses the supply. We have yet to see the demand surge of the Baby Boom now aged 44 to 62 years. Not only is there a lack of supply for those that are able to pay market prices. With most local retirement residences and long term care facilities at full occupancy, the supply of affordable housing is virtually non-existent. A report commissioned by the City of Stratford just four years ago, indicated that upwards of 100 units of affordable housing needed to be built in the County of Perth every year for the next 10 years, just to meet the current demand. Long before these waiting lists and reports were even considered, Spruce Lodge had the foresight sixteen years ago, when it first set out to construct Woodland Towers 3. Woodland Towers 3 went through the design phase in the early 90's, but was cancelled by the provincial government of the day, who publicly stated that they were getting out of the housing business. In the interim, non-profit organizations began to consider other forms of housing tenure, to meet the needs of their communities.
Perhaps the most common tenure developed during this time, was that of life lease housing, where residents purchase the right to occupy their suite for life. Hamlet Estates is an example of life lease housing, albeit there are many forms of such housing. These other housing forms have been successful, thanks in large part to overwhelming demand. Albeit without government grants, these other forms of housing are not affordable for all. While we anticipate continued growth and demand for those able to transfer the equity from their homes to equity in a life lease suite, many of today's seniors and disabled adults are not in this enviable position.
For those waiting for a rental unit at Woodland Towers, the life lease direction and the lack of government grants to construct affordable housing has been particularly distressing. This said, I am pleased to report that advocacy efforts by many concerned citizens across the province for more affordable housing now appears to be bearing fruit. While it has been a long wait, the Provincial government has finally turned its attention once again to the construction of a modest number of affordable rental units. A little more than three million dollars were approved for the Perth County service area, administered by the City of Stratford, The result is three housing projects are underway either under construction or about to start.
Woodland Towers 3 is the first affordable housing for seniors and disabled adults built in the area since the construction of Woodland Towers 2. Presently in its working drawing stage, Woodland Towers 3 will include 30 apartment units of housing and may include the relocation of the VON Adult Day Program. Of the 30 apartment units, thanks to a grant flowed through the City of Stratford, 15 one bedroom apartment units will be rented at affordable levels, and an additional 15 one and two bedroom units will be life leased. I am pleased to report that all life lease suites have now been leased and a decision is expected any day with regard to relocating the VON Adult Day Program.
Woodland Towers 3 will be physically connected to Woodland Towers 2, with an addition that will link all three Towers and that will enhance and enlarge the Woodland Towers dining room and main entrance area. All suites are designed to be universally accessible, with walk-in showers, raised toilet seats, grab bars, accessible sinks and counter areas and with enlarged open areas to improve accessibility for those with mobility aids. When you step out from the new entrance area, there will be an overhead canopy that will benefit the tenants of all three Towers and the parking lot will be lowered, again in an effort to improve accessibility for all. Plans are also underway to make Woodland Towers 3 a state of the art environmentally friendly building, with consideration given to solar energy to heat water, geothermal energy to heat and cool the space, and with the inclusion of various building materials intended to minimize the energy footprint of the new Tower. All in all Woodland Towers 3 is a very exciting initiative that should help to address the needs of those on our waiting list, while at the same time providing improved building features for the benefit of all Woodland Towers tenants.
The Spruce Times
At the time of writing this article, the site has been surveyed, soil testing is complete, working drawings are being finalized and plans underway to seek a building permit that will allow construction to start by July or August. Should all things go according to plan, Woodland Towers 3 tenants will be in their new home by next Mother's day. For those wanting to catch a glimpse of the new building, please visit my office to view the drawings. While we still have a long way to go toward addressing the needs of those on our growing waiting list, we hope that this new project will address some of the need and inspire other groups to do more of the same.
Written by Peter Bolland Arthritis is a joint disorder featuring inflammation response to drugs can vary and because potential side and frequently accompanied by joint pain. There are effects and adverse reactions are also a factor, finding many forms of arthritis which range from those the most effective combination of arthritis drugs can related to wear and tear of cartilage (such as be a difficult process.
osteoarthritis) to those associated with inflammation resulting from an overactive immune system (such as NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are rheumatoid arthritis). The causes of arthritis include the most commonly prescribed and widely used injury, abnormal metabolism, inheritance, infections, arthritis drugs. NSAIDs work by blocking the activity and unclear reasons (such as rheumatoid arthritis and of the enzyme, known in its shortened form as, COX. systemic lupus erythematosus.) Arthritis is classified Research has revealed that there are two forms, known as one of the rheumatic diseases. These are conditions as COX -1 and COX – 2. NSAIDs affect both forms. that are different individual illnesses, with differing COX -1 is involved in maintaining healthy tissue, features, treatments, complications, and prognosis. while COX -2 is involved in the inflammation They are similar in that they have a tendency to affect pathway. Some NSAIDs include: Arthrotec, Clinoril, the joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and Ibuprofen, Indocin, Naprozen and Voltaren. Some many have the potential to affect internal body areas.
COX -2 inhibitors include: Celebrex.
Many of the forms of arthritis, because they are DMARDs (disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs)
rheumatic diseases, can cause symptoms affecting have also been labeled "slow acting anti-rheumatic various organs of the body that do not directly involve drugs". For some, these drugs can stop disease the joints. Therefore, symptoms in some patients with progression and halt joint damage.
certain forms of arthritis can also include fever, gland Some DMARDs include: Sulfasalazine, Injectable swelling, weight loss, fatigue, feeling unwell and even symptoms from abnormalities of organs such as the lungs, heart or kidneys.
CORTISTEROIDS are potent drugs which can
The first step in the diagnosis of arthritis is having reduce swelling and inflammation quickly. Doctors the doctor review the history of symptoms, examine can prescribe short-term, high-dose intravenous the joints for inflammation and deformity, as well as steroids in some situations, or give injections locally ask questions about, or examine, other parts of the into a specific joint for relief.
body for inflammation or signs of diseases that can Some steroids include: Betamethasone, Cortisone, affect other body areas. Furthermore, certain, blood, urine, joint fluid, and/or x-ray tests might be ordered. ANALGESICS are pain relieving drugs. Controlling
The diagnosis will be based on the pattern of symptom pain is a vital part of treating arthritis. Acetaminophen and the test results. A doctor with special training in is the most commonly used analgesic. Narcotic arthritis and related diseases is called a analgesic drugs can also be prescribed for more severe rheumatologist. Early and accurate diagnosis can help to prevent irreversible damage and disability. Some narcotics include: Tylenol #3, Darvon, Properly guided programs of exercise and rest, Duragesic, Hydromophone, Morphine Sulphate, medications, physical therapy and surgery options can Oxycodone, Percocet, Percodan, Talwin, Cicodin.
idealize long-term outcomes for arthritis patients.
Arthritis drugs have long been considered the 'traditional' treatment option. Since individual Written by Lynda Romanick, RN The Spruce Times



Multi-Drug Screen Urine Test With Adulteration Assay INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE One Step Assay market as an illicit drug; and fatalities have occurred when used in combination with Rapid Visual Results For Qualitative In Vitro Diagnostic Use Buprenorphine is administered clinically by intravenous, intramuscular or sublingual routes. Buprenorphine is metabolized by N-dealkylation to form the

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