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Report Repeat Revise The "Original" High-Fat Diets for Diet Induced ObesityFormulated by E. A. Ulman, Ph.D., Research Diets, Inc., 8/26/98 and 3/11/99. Research Diets, Inc. formulated the "original" high-fat diet for diet induced obesity (DIO) studies in 1996. Today, our high-fat diets are the research standard for DIO mice and rats worldwide. Cellulose, BW200 Mineral Mix S10026 DiCalcium Phosphate Calcium Carbonate DIO Low-Fat Control Diets Potassium Citrate, 1 H2O Matched, Purified Ingredient Diet Vitamin Mix V10001 We recommend that you use a matched, purified ingredient diet Choline Bitartrate and not a grain-based 'chow' diet. There are many, many differences between purified diets and chow diets and these variables make it FD&C Red Dye #40 difficult to interpret your data from a study in which one group FD&C Blue Dye #1 was fed a purified ingredient high-fat and the other a low-fat chow diet. Differences between your groups could be due to the level of fat, but could also be due to differences in fiber type and level, source of carbohydrate, and the presence or absence of plant *Typical analysis of cholesterol in chemicals (such as phytoestrogens), just to name a few.
lard = 72 mg per 100 gram.
See next page for low-fat control formulas. Cholesterol (mg)/4057 kcal = 167.8 Cholesterol (mg)/kg = 195.5 Cholesterol (mg)/4057 kcal = 216.4 Cholesterol (mg)/kg = 279.6 Research Diets, Inc.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901 USA Tel: 732.247.2390 Fax: 732.247.2340 Where NutriPhenomics Begins 2011 Research Diets, Inc. All rights reserved. DIO-3000-2-13

Low-Fat Control FormulasThere are many options for low-fat control diets. Here are a few examples: D12450BContains 35% sucrose by energy, unlike D12451 and D12492. Sucrose is made up of glucose and fructose and it has been shown that diets very high in sucrose or fructose ( 60-70% by energy) can induce hypertriglyceridemia, insulin resistance and fatty liver.
Match Sucrose CaloriesKeep the amount of sucrose (as a percent of calories) constant across low and high-fat diets. D12450H matches the sucrose calories in D12451. D12450J matches the sucrose calories in D12492.
These diets are formulated in such a way that when animals in the low and high-fat groups consume the same number of calories, they will also consume the same amount of sucrose.
Replace Sucrose with Corn StarchD12450K contains no sucrose but only corn starch and maltodextrin as the sources of carbohydrate. Maltodextrin is a partially hydrolyzed *Typical analysis of cholesterol in form of corn starch that allows us to produce a quality pellet in a high lard = 72 mg per 100 gram.
corn starch diet.
D12450B -
Cholesterol (mg)/4057 kcal = 54.4 There are more possible low-fat diet formulas. Please contact one of Cholesterol (mg)/kg = 51.6 our scientists and we can help you decide if one of the above diets or perhaps a different, custom diet is better for your research.
D12451 Match
D12492 Match
35% Sucrose
17% Sucrose
7% Sucrose
No Sucrose
Product #
Mineral Mix S10026 DiCalcium Phosphate Calcium Carbonate Potassium Citrate, 1 H2O Vitamin Mix V10001 Choline Bitartrate FD&C Yellow Dye #5 D12451, D12492 The "Original High-Fat Diets"
D12451, D12492 The "Original High-Fat Diets"
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(Brazilian Interdisciplinary Association of AIDS) (Working Group on Intellectual Property) Enough of attacks to Health protection measures! The case of the drug lopinavir/ritonavir expose the poor functioning of the patent system, distorted attack from pharmaceutical companies and lag of the judiciary. Given the disappointing outcome of a trial held this week at the Court of the 2nd district of Rio de Janeiro, the Working Group on Intellectual Property of the Brazilian Network for Peoples Integration (GTPI/Rebrip), collective of civil society organizations acting in defense of the access to drugs, repudiate the claims filed by transnational corporations in order to weaken the mechanisms established in Brazil to protect health policies from the negative impact of pharmaceutical patents. It is still worth to remember that improperly granted patents unnecessarily raise the price of drugs and high prices drain public resources. Many international bodies have already concluded in their studies that the combination unlawful patents-high prices frequently lead to systematic branches of the Human Rights.

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Dinamithra NP et al AMJ 2013, 7 (1) Open Access Case Report Clinical presentation and outcome of Sri-Lankan Ornamental Tarantula Poecilotheria fasciata spider bite: a case report Dinamithra NP1*, Sivansuthan S1, Johnson P1,Nishshanka JGP1 1 Teaching Hospital Jaffna, Jaffna, Sri Lanka