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Community Social Service Agencies – Middle Tennessee State Contacts


Bedford County Schools – Special Education Dept. (Shelbyville)
• Provides services to students with a wide variety of disabilities (Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Emotionally Disturbed, Speech and Language, etc.). The range of services can vary from consultation to self-contained in a special education classroom. • • Contact: Pam Galbreth, Supervisor of Special Education, (931) 684-3284 ext. 2250
Institute of Learning Research (Nashville)
• Serves children and adolescents through a day treatment program (school) as well as a separate residential treatment program. • Metro school students who have not been able to be successful are referred to ILR's program for a more intensive, structured therapeutic educational program. Residents referred to ILR's residential program are all in the custody of Department of Children's Services (DCS), and present with many behavioral, emotional, and ecological difficulties. • (615) 259-9499
Metro Public Schools-Social Work Division (Nashville)
• The Division of Social Work is part of Itinerant Support Services in the public schools. • Receive referrals to assist children and their families with difficulties adjusting both at home and school. Referrals come from parents, teachers, principals and other school personnel. • Work with at-risk students and families who experience problems in their home, schools, or community that interferes with their academic success. • • (615) 259-4636
Metro Public Schools/Stratford High School
• Inner city high school.
• Provide counseling services to students and families presenting with problems or referred. Work
with teachers, principal and staff to enhance student psychosocial functioning. • • (615) 242-6730
Sumner County Board of Education (Gallatin)
• Pupil services include all special education services to all students in need throughout Sumner County. These services include: occupational therapy/physical therapy, social work services (counseling) for behavior disordered students and severely emotionally disturbed students, speech, attendance, autism, GED, homebound, audiology, school psychology, vision screening, vocational, reading, and behavior intervention. • • (615) 451-5200
Williamson County Schools (Franklin)
• Williamson County Schools serves students ages Pre-K through 12th grade. • • Phone numbers can be found on the website. CHILDREN/ADOLESCENTS/YOUNG ADULTS/FAMILIES

Carey Counseling Center, Inc.
• Provide competent, proactive and holistic mental health care services to the community, attending particularly to maximizing the independence of the SPMI (Severely and Persistently Mentally III) population, but also including innovative preventive and intervention services in the least restrictive setting clinically appropriate, and in a manner which will assure the greatest level of dignity and respect for the consumer. • • Multiple phone numbers for different facilities can be found on the website.
Exchange Club: The Family Center
• A non-profit child abuse prevention center that provides in-home therapeutic casework and counseling, parenting classes, community education programs, children's group, and supervised visits/safe exchanges in Davidson County. • • Nashville: (615) 333-2644, Murfreesboro: (615) 890-4673
Family and Children's Services
• Provides services that respond to changing the needs of families and children.
• These services include: Crisis Center/2-1-1 Information & Referral Service, Mental Health
Trauma Intervention, Family Service Counseling, Community-Based Counseling, Survivors of Suicide help, Connecting Kids, Davidson County Relative Caregiver Program, Family Resource Center Programs, and School-based Services. • • (615) 244-7444
Family Empowerment Services, Inc. (Nashville)
• Non-profit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for the African American individual, family and community through the delivery of community based culturally specific mental health services. • (615) 320-0670
Gilda's Club (Nashville)
• Cancer support community providing social and emotional support to men, women, and children with cancer; their family members, friends and completely free of charge. • • (615) 329-1124 Healing Hearts of Tennessee (McMinnville)
• Faith-based, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides professional counseling services to children, youth, and families, as well as in-home counseling and parenting education services through the Department of Children's Services. • Programs include: a mentoring program for at-risk youth, pregnancy care services for teens, tutoring, GED preparation, anger management classes, Alcohol/Drug abuse services, foster home recruitment and support, and Camp Heal-a-Heart, for at-risk youth ages 5-17. • • (615) 874-8555
Heaven Sent Children (Murfreesboro)
• Non-profit, charitable organization, licensed as a child placement agency, founded in 1991. • Provides assistance to birth parents, adoptees, children, and adoptive families with adoption • • (615) 898-0803
Hendrick Counseling Services, Inc. (Lebanon)
• Provide counseling services for all ages from child to geriatric. • • (615) 449-9611
Helping House, PLC
• Outpatient mental health facility that services individual peoples, couples, families and groups from ages 5-65+. • Focuses on the development of family financial solutions with the goal of helping clients increase their emotional stability by improving their finical circumstances. • • (615) 446-2134
Hermitage Hall
• Residential treatment facility providing sexual offender treatment services to sexual reactive and offending children and adolescents. • Treatment services include group, individual, and family therapy services, along with psychiatric services regarding medication management and psychiatric/ psychological testing. • • (615) 250-2374
Metropolitan Public Defender Office, Juvenile Division (Nashville)
• Provides legal representation for indigent persons in Davidson County. • The Juvenile Division provides legal advocacy for children charged with an offense who are at risk of loss of liberty. • The social worker and interns work with the attorneys as they advocate for clients involved in the Juvenile Justice System. • • (615) 862-5740
Miriam's Promise
• Extends the promise of hope and healing to birthparents, pregnancy clients, adoptive families and their children as they struggle with issues of grief, loss and despair. • The heart of their mission is to ensure the well-being of children: before, during and after birth. Miriam's Promise is dedicated to healing and emotional health by providing pregnancy counseling, mentoring (the Elizabeth Project), child counseling and family counseling along with adoption services for domestic infant, international, and special needs children, support groups and post legal services. • • (615) 292-3500
My Friend's House (Franklin)
• Ensures residents to receive an education, mental/physical health services, independent living and life skills in order to transition the child to his next placement or home. • Prepare youth to become well balanced, productive members of society and provide the following programs and classes: conflict resolution, relapse prevention and recovery, family dynamics, anger management, behavior management, Sexually transmitted disease education, Job Corp, alcohol and drug group counseling, family and individual counseling, supervised visitation, community mentoring program, intensive case management, and respite career reviews. • • (615) 790-8553
Nashville Cares (Nashville)
• Offers to persons living with HIV/AIDS, their families, spouses, partners and significant others, a unique combination of brokered, direct delivery and informational services designed to assist clients with access to a continuum of support throughout the progression of HIV disease. • Services include case management, therapeutic support and practical support. • • (615) 259-4866
Oasis Center
• Partners with over 3000 youth each year. Whether in teen leadership roles, school prevention groups or the emergency shelter, they work with you to help them grow, thrive and create positive change in their lives and in our community. • • (615) 327-4455
Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee (Nashville)
• Provide primary prevention programs, parent support programs, public education, and advocacy. • Programs include Parent Pathway, which offers in-home parent coaching, support and information to expectant parents and families with at-risk newborns, Circle of Parents, which uses a mixture of support and education for at-risk parents or parents that are experiencing parenting difficulties and the Tennessee Helpline, which provides supportive listening and information and referral services to parents under stress and to victims of domestic violence. • • (615) 383-0994
Residential Services, Inc.
• RSI is a therapeutic foster care program. They have children who are in state custody and they can be either level one or level two. RSI also has an adoption program for their level two clients and a therapeutic visiting program. • (615) 367-4333 ‎
Sexual Assault Center (formerly Rape and Sexual Abuse Center)
• The only agency in all of Middle Tennessee whose primary purpose is to provide counseling and support to every type of sexual assault survivor. The Center's programs include individual and group counseling for rape victims, children who have been sexually abused and their parents or caregivers, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and significant others or family members of victims. The Center also provides education and prevention programs in the community, court advocacy support, a 24-hour crisis line, and a hospital accompaniment option for rape victims. • • (615) 259-9055
Tennessee Chapter of NASW (Nashville)
• The largest and most recognized membership organization of professional social workers in the world. Representing 153,000 members from 56 chapters in the United States and abroad, the association promotes, develops and protects the practice of social work and social workers. NASW also seeks to enhance the well being of individuals, families and communities through its work and practice. • Provides education, advocacy and professional development activities at a state level focused on the above mission. The Tennessee Chapter of NASW also serves as a resource center for its 1,800 Tennessee members and for social work students and professionals across the state of Tennessee. • • (615) 321-5095
Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (Nashville)
• An independent state agency with a primary mission of advocacy for improving the quality of life for Tennessee children and families. The policy-making body of TCCY is a 21-member commission whose members are appointed by the governor. • TCCY works with state agencies, juvenile courts, child advocacy groups, interested citizens and other organizations to improve services to children. • • (615) 741-2633
Tennessee Department of Children's Services (Division of Quality Assurance and Continuous
Quality Improvement) (Nashville)

• DCS was established in order to provide the best possible care for those children and youth who are in state custody, or at risk of entering custody, and their families. • Services provided by DCS include child protective services, foster care, adoption, programs for delinquent youth, probation/aftercare, and treatment and rehabilitation programs for identified youth. • • (615) 741-9701
Tennessee Department of Human Services
• Helps Tennessee families achieve self-sufficiency, independence and health to the maximum extent possible. • DHS makes a difference in thousands of Tennessean's lives and provides an array of services through: Financial support, employment and training programs, child care, and other family services for low-income families; Programs for persons with developmental disabilities; Employment, training, and independent living programs for persons with disabilities; Assistance to elderly and disabled individuals who have been neglected, abused, or exploited; And many other concentrated social services that protect and enhance communities' economic, social, and physical and mental health well-being. • • (615) 313-4700
Tennessee Voices for Children (Nashville)
• A statewide, nonprofit organization recognized at state and national levels as a leading advocacy organization for the development of family driven children's mental health policies and services. • The services provided: Statewide Family Support Network – Their program assists families across TN in finding and receiving appropriate services for their children with mental health needs. The Parent-2-Parent Advocacy Training is also offered for parents and volunteers to equip them with support and information skills. Early Childhood Intervention Programs – Our programs provide onsite consultation and training to parents and staff associated with more than 100 childcare and Head Start Programs throughout TN. • • (615) 269-7751
The Center for Family Development (Shelbyville)
• A licensed Child Abuse Prevention Agency as well as a licensed Child Placement Agency. The Center serves five counties in rural south central Tennessee-Bedford, Coffee, Lincoln, Marshall, and Moore Counties. • • (888) 462-2999
Vanderbilt Institute of Public Policy Services
• Provide services through policy to children and families in Davidson County and Tennessee through collaborations. • The center supports initiatives and programs that have a high likelihood of long-term success and sustainability within the community. All initiatives fall within four community identified focus areas: crime prevention, organizing and planning health care promotion and disease prevention, and economic development. • • (615) 322-7311
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development
• The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center is a University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service. They work with and for people with disabilities and family members, service providers and advocates, researchers and policy makers. • Included are Vanderbilt Kennedy Center clinics and programs as well as clinics and programs at Vanderbilt and the community in which the Kennedy Center is a partner. Center faculty and staff are engaged in training, service, research and dissemination. • • (615) 322-7311
Youth Villages (Nashville/Clarksville)
• Youth Villages is a private organization that serves emotionally troubled or at risk children and • Has a range of programs to assist children and their families, Intensive Home-Based, Counseling, Treatment foster care, Adoption, Residential and Intensive Treatment, Choices, group homes, transitional living and specialized crisis services. • • (615) 250-7200
Belmont University Counseling Services Office
• Offers comprehensive professional counseling that equips students to manage life transitions as well as serious emotional issues.
Vanderbilt University Psychological and Counseling Center
• Provides services for students, faculty and staff and their dependents. They provide individual, group and couples therapy with a wide range of Axis I and II disorders of moderate modal severity. In addition we provide Psychodiagnostic evaluations, Career Assessments, Outreach, Mental health consultations. • • (615) 322-2571 ADULTS/FAMILIES

Alzheimer's Association Mid South Chapter – Middle TN Office (Nashville)
• A nonprofit organization that promotes and provides quality education and training for the community and professionals, delivers accurate information and referrals to the community, provides family and patient support for patients, families, and caregivers, advocates for public policy and legislation that will improve supportive services for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers, and encourages and supports research into the prevention, cause, improved diagnoses, therapy, and cure of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. • Core Services include Information and Referral, Care Consultation, Support Groups, Education and Safe Return. The Middle Tennessee Office also provides financial assistance to caregivers in order for them to obtain respite. • • (615) 292-4938
Behavioral Treatment Providers, LLC (Madison)

• Utilizes behavioral management and behavioral contingency methods in the supervision of various offender groups. • Programs include the Twelve Hour Alcohol and Other Drugs of Abuse; DUI School; John School; Domestic Violence; Anger Management, Low Intensity Outpatient Program; Underage Drinking/Criminal Impersonation; Assessments (alcohol and drug/DUI); and Brief Cognitive Interventions for both Anger Management and Shoplifting. • All non-educational BTP treatment programming uses a Cognitive Behavioral approach called Moral Recognition Therapy • • (615) 865-2229
Blue Monarch Inc. (Hillsboro)
• Non-profit, faith based organization designed to serve the oppressed and abused women of Tennessee. They accept women, with their children, who are currently recovering from physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse, alcohol or drug addictions, poverty, and/or severe family issues. • • (931) 924-8900
Davidson County Mental Health Court
• A jail diversion program which allows people with mental illness and/or mental retardation to obtain treatment as opposed to jail time. • • (615) 862-8320
Daystar CounselingMinistries
• Offers counseling to kids and families in the Middle Tennessee area. Daystar offers, both, individual and group counseling for children, adolescents, families, and young adults. Counseling services are provided on a sliding scale. • • (615) 298-5353
Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC)-Area Agency on Aging and Disability
• Regional planning and economic development agency consisting of 13 counties and 52 cities. • A division of GNRC is the Area Agency on Aging and Disability. The area agency provides Information and Assistance, Guardianship Services, Case Management, Medicare counseling, and Home and Community Based Service for older adults and adults with disabilities. • Contracts with a provider network to provide homemaker, personal care, home delivered and congregate meals, respite, transportation, legal, and other services. • • (615) 862-8828
Park Center
• A mental health center with three programs which complement the recovery from mental illness- case management, housing, and psychiatric rehabilitation. The goal for all members is to restore hope, and provide opportunities through education, socialization and skills training. If one chooses the goal of employment is also offered. • • (615) 242-3576
Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of Tennessee, Inc.
• Respond to the needs of families and their adult children with disabilities by providing three key services; development plan of care, identification of finances to support the plan of care, and identification of a person(s) to carry out the plan of care. • • (615) 496-7853
Renewal House (Nashville)
• Nashville's first, largest, and most comprehensive long-term recovery community for women with substance use addictions and their children. They help women and families make a fresh start in life and break the cycle of addiction for future generations. • • (615) 255-5222
Rutherford County Drug Court Program (Murfreesboro)
• Provides Alcohol and Drug education and treatment, as well as individual and group therapy to criminal offenders ordered into their program by the Court. They also provide case management to all participants. Their participants stay in this program for at least 12 months. This is an out-patient program. • • (615) 217-7124
The Next Door, Inc
• Contribute to helping women who are re-entering society from incarceration, rehabilitation, or homelessness. Their mission is to address the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of women in crisis, equipping them for lives of wholeness and hope. • • (615) 251-8805
The Ranch (Nunnelly)
• An extended stay treatment center for adults with alcohol and drug addictions, managed eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, sexual abuse, trauma, gambling addictions, sex and romance addictions, codependency, grief and self sabotaging behavior, core issues and experimental therapy. •

Alive Hospice
• Offers loving care to people with life-threatening illnesses, support to their families and service to the community in a spirit of enriching lives. •
• Volunteer: (615) 327-1085 or [email protected]
• Employment: (615) 963-4741 or [email protected]
Caris Healthcare (Murfreesboro)
• Provides holistic care to terminally ill patients' and their families. It is provided by a professional team comprised of nurses, personal care aides, social worker, clergy, a medical doctor and trained volunteers. Utilizing a plan of care developed by the interdisciplinary team with input from the attending physician and the patient/family, individualized services are provided to assure palliative end of life care. • • Application online
Nashville Rehabilitation Hospital-Bridges
• An acute in-patient geriatric psychiatric program located in a rehabilitation hospital. Treating patients usually 60 and older who are suffering from depression, mental illness, or complications of dementia. Average length of stay is usually 7-14 days depending on severity of illness. • (615) 226-4330
Riverside Reflections (Murfreesboro)
• Provides intensive out-patient, individuals, group and family counseling focusing on senior adults with various mental health and other aging issues. • • (615) 563-4001
Senior Citizens, Inc.
• Help seniors live fuller, more productive lives with a sense of dignity and self worth. At their centers and branches, members participate in hundreds of educational and wellness programs. They also provide needed assistance to those wanting to keep living independently in their homes, and offer exceptional volunteer opportunities for those interested in giving back to the community. • (615) 463-2266
Vanderbilt Reynolds Geriatrics Education Center (Nashville)
• The Vanderbilt Reynolds Geriatrics Education Center will develop an educational program that will be woven throughout the curriculum. The direct benefactors will be aging patients. • • (615) 322-5000 COMMUNITY OUTREACH & EDUCATION

Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc.
• A faith based social service agency providing short-term material assistance, adoption services, counseling, housing, refugee and immigration services, outreach, child welfare and geriatric services and job training. • • (615) 352-3087
Hands on Nashville
• Recognized leader of programs, partnerships and services that maximize volunteer impact in the greater Nashville community. • Offer a variety of programs and resources that empower people to make volunteering a regular part of their lives. • • (615) 298-1108
Jewish Family Service
• A 501(c)(3) private, nonprofit organization providing professional social services to all residents of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, without regarding to religious affiliation. • Provides professional social services from Jewish perspectives which respond to and support individuals and families through life's transitions. Jewish Family Services strives to: Improve social, emotional and economic conditions, enhance personal growth, and increase opportunities for independent, productive and satisfying lives. • • (615) 353-2652
Mental Health Association of Middle TN (Nashville)

• Provides education, advocacy, and services for those with mental health issues and/or loved ones or providers seeking information. • Programs include a mental health assistance center, a support program for caregivers of those with Alzheimer's disease, a TennCare mental health advocacy program, campaigns to educate and erase the stigma regarding mental health issues, and other services which change often to meet the needs of the community. • • (615) 269-5355
Metro Development and Housing Agency
• A public housing authority, primarily responsible for the housing, urban and community development programs, and other related programs. • The MDHA HOPE VI program provides public housing residents the opportunity to improve their quality of life with case management services and community support. • • (615) 252-8550 Metropolitan Social Services
• Committed to helping Nashville residents meet the challenges of today. • Provide direct services to the elderly, disabled, extended family and homeless populations through their Adult and Family Support Services Program. • Identify the needs of the community and coordinate the delivery of services to meet those needs through our planning and coordination unit. • • (615) 862-6400 National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)-Tennessee
• Grassroots, statewide, voluntary organization of people affected by mental illness dedicated to improving quality of life for all who are affected by mental illness: individuals, families and communities. • Advocates for improved policies concerning people with mental illness at the local, state and national levels. • • (615) 361-6608
National Healthcare for the Homeless Council (Nashville)
• A membership organization comprised of Organizational Members and hundreds of individuals who are organized as the HCH Clinicians' Network. • Research public policy issues affecting health care and related issues for homeless persons; compose periodic Health Care for the Homeless Mobilizer action alerts; draft annual Pubic Policy Statements; provide staff services for National Consumer Advisory Board, including organizing meetings, keeping minutes and records, drafting by-laws; organize and promote voter registration activities among homeless persons nationwide; promote Homeless Persons' Memorial Day activities nationwide; draft annual Policy Statements; provide staff support to various functional committees; attend organizational meetings by conference call and in person; other duties as assigned. • • (615) 226-2292
Personal Growth and Learning Center (Cookeville)
• Provide quality behavioral health services to residents of Cookeville in a friendly, caring and confidential environment. • • (931) 520-8435
South Nashville Family Resource Center (Nashville)
• Provides information to the community. They also work with area agencies to bridge any gaps in services. The FRC is run by an Advisory Council made up of neighborhood residents. They decide priorities and plan projects for the year. • • (615) 322-5000
St. Luke's Community House (Nashville)
• The largest nonprofit service provider in West Nashville. St. Luke's provides a wonderful opportunity for a MCP student to have a very diverse placement. They have numerous programs working with a variety of populations including children, seniors, and immigrants and refugees. The placement also offers the student key experiences including learning the steps to and participating in program development, United Way funding and process, grant writing, special events, and projects, and community building working with our Family Resource Center Advisory Committee made up of parents, neighbors, etc. • • (615) 350-7893
Street Works (Nashville)
• Street Works mission is through education, prevention, care, and advocacy; Street Works shall address health disparities and substance use in hard-to-reach populations, communities of color, specifically those infected by HIV/AIDS during times of greatest needs, when the fewest services are available. • • (615) 259-7676
Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (Nashville)
• A private nonprofit organization composed of diverse community leaders and program members who share a common vision of ending violence in the lives of Tennesseans through public policy, advocacy, education and activities that increase the capacity of programs and communities to address violence. • The mission of the Coalition is to end domestic and sexual violence in the lives of Tennesseans and to change societal attitudes and institutions that promote and condone violence, through public advocacy, education and activities that increase the capacity of programs and communities to address such violence. • • (615) 386-9406
Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killings
• The Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killings (TCASK) has a single purpose: to end executions in Tennessee by promoting alternatives to capital punishment. To achieve this, TCASK is committed to a legislative strategy focused on grassroots public education about the lack of fundamental fairness in the death penalty system. • TCASK works to bring to light and rectify the risk of convicting and executing innocent defendants, racial and class bias, and the targeting of the mentally ill, while highlighting problems of mistaken or false testimony, prosecutorial misconduct, and incompetent lawyers. • • (615) 256-3906
Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare (Nashville)
• A unique, multi-issue organization dedicated to policy, research, and practice in the arena of • Their ability to focus on ways in which community and state providers, business partners, policy makers, educators and other stakeholders can collaborate significantly impacts the well-being of Tennesseans, particularly our most vulnerable. • Their long-range goal is to lift Tennessee, and its people from near the bottom of rankings of states in indicators of well-being. • • (615) 313-9980
Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
Office of Consumer Affairs
• The Department is the state's mental health and developmental disabilities authority and is responsible for system planning, setting policy, quality standards, system monitoring and evaluation, disseminating public information and advocating for persons of all ages who have mental illness, serious emotional disturbance or developmental disability. • They also assist the Bureau of TennCare in the administration of the TennCare Partners Program by developing and implementing a plan to monitor the programmatic aspects of the Partners Program. Monitoring responsibilities include the assessment of the adequacy of the provider network and the quality of services provided. • The Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) plays a crucial role for service recipients and consumers throughout all facets of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. OCA is responsible for: Promoting the interest of service recipients, providing direct assistance to recipients through its Ombudsman program and providing the tools for consumers to advocate themselves (the OCA staff routinely conducts training and promote self-help programs). • • (615) 313-4700
Tennessee Primary Care Association (Brentwood)
• A statewide private, non-profit professional membership association of community health centers. TPCA's goal is strengthening community based primary health care systems in Tennessee. • The association identifies areas of unmet need, assists in the development of systems of care, advocates for primary health care resources, and promotes awareness of community and migrant health centers and the services they provide. • They provide advocacy for and training to the community health center executive directors, financial managers, and medical doctors. Their member community health centers provide affordable health care to Tennesseans, specifically people who are uninsured and people who are on TennCare. • • (615) 329-3836
Tennessee State Comptroller's Office
• The office of research and education accountability analyzes public policies and evaluates government programs for the state legislature. Their office examines government operations in many different policy areas, including poverty and safety net, child care, immigration and education. • • (615) 741-2501
TRICOR (Nashville)
• A manufacturing and sales conglomerate consisting of a diversified mix of manufacturing plants, business services, and agricultural operation. • TRICOR operates one partnership with the Tennessee Department of Corrections and is located in eleven prisons throughout the state using about 1,000 inmates as its main workforce. • • (615) 741-5705
Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System
• Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System (VBHCS) is a community behavioral health organization. It is a non-profit organization providing mental health and substance addictions treatment to individuals and families in a 31 county area of Tennessee. • VBHCS provides a variety of services and treatment setting to include residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, medication management, case management, and crisis. • • (877) 567-6051
W.O.M.E.N (Women on Maintaining Education and Nutrition) Foundation/EBIP
• WOMEN, Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee's mission is to bridge service gaps to reduce health disparities. Program components include housing, food distribution; clothing closet, HIV counseling and testing, support group, YouthZone, and transportation. • The program is gender sensitive to the role of women in African American and Latino cultures. • • (615) 256-3882
YWCA Domestic Violence Center
• A women's membership movement nourished by its roots in the Christian faith and sustained by the richness of many beliefs and values. Strengthened by diversity, the association draws together members who strive to create opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power in order to attain a common vision: Peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all people. • It is the vision of the YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee to focus on women and girls who desire to create a better quality of life for themselves and/or their families; to achieve self sufficiency; and to increase their financial strength. The YWCA is also a spokesperson for those women who have no voice. Further, we will raise the awareness concerning and diminish the incidence of violence and racism. • • (615) 269-9922
Metropolitan Public Defender Office (Nashville)

• Provides legal representation to indigent individuals who are charged with a criminal offense. This offense could be either misdemeanor or felony. • Students will complete assessments on each client. Most of the clients will be incarcerated. • • (615) 862-5730 Metropolitan Police Department
• Have a crisis counseling and victim advocacy program called the Victim Intervention Program. • Provide mental health services and criminal justice advocacy to those affected by violent crimes. • Services are free, confidential and do not depend on whether the victim is going to prosecute. • • (615) 862-7887
Tennessee Department of Correction (Victim Services)

• Incarcerates criminal offenders in accordance with the authorization provided in the judgment orders from the county criminal courts, in a secure, humane and disciplined institutional environment that meets the standards of the law, while emphasizing public safety offender rehabilitation and the advancement of strong and efficient criminal justice policy. • The Tennessee Department of Rehabilitative Services is a department within the Tennessee Department of Correction, devoted to services that will assist an inmate in preparing to be a contributing member of society upon his/her release. • • (615) 741-1000
Tennessee Department of Corrections/Prison for Women

• One of the two state prisons run by the Tennessee Department of Corrections. All women who are sentenced to spend time in state prison come through TPW for classification. • TPW is a maximum-security facility and is the location for the acute mental health unit within the state prison system. • • (615) 741-1000 MEDICAL ENVIRONMENT

Baptist Hospital
• The largest not-for-profit community hospital in Middle Tennessee. Committed to serving the greater Nashville area and surrounding communities by providing the highest quality healthcare in a caring, compassionate and faith-based environment. • • Human Resources: (615) 222-STHS (7847)
Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH)
• EDIS provides developmental screenings and evaluates to determine eligibility for service coordination. Populations served are children birth to 36 months of age who reside on post. • Service includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language paths, early childhood education, and social work/ psychology. • • (270) 798-8400
Centennial Medical Center – "The Women's Hospital or "The Tower"
• The Women's Hospital works primarily with a mother/baby population. • The Tower works with a general medical population to include cardiac, oncology and orthopedic • • (615) 342-1000
• The nation's largest not-for-profit provider of community-based behavioral healthcare, offering a full range of mental health services, substance abuse treatment and related educational services in Indiana and Tennessee. • • (615) 463-6600
Continuum Healthcare, CHC Nashville CMHC, LLC.
• Provides mental health or dual diagnosis treatment through partial hospitalization and intensive out patient programs for adults, geriatric patients, children and adolescents. • • (615) 376-6200
Cumberland Heights (Nashville)
• A treatment center for persons and their families experiencing problems with alcohol and drug abuse/addiction. Treatment is provided in both residential and outpatient settings. Medical detox, stabilization, short term and long term residential and intensive outpatient are services provided. In addition family services and aftercare services are available. • Treatment philosophy is based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. • Group, individual, didactic and experiential therapies are provided. • • (615) 356-2700
DaVita Dialysis (Nashville, Gallatin, Clarksville, Cookeville)
• The largest independent provider of dialysis service in the United States. Provides dialysis services for those diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, a condition also known as chronic kidney disease (CKD). •
• (866) 400-2266

Generations at White County Community Hospital (Sparta)
• Provide in-patient treatment to seniors (65 and above) who are in need of acute psychiatric hospitalization. • Illnesses include, but are not limited to, major depression, dementia related disorders, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders. • All patients have access to a psychiatrist, medical doctor, social worker, activity therapist and nursing services. • (800) 553-7153
Generations Mental Health Center (Morrison)
• Community Mental Health Center providing outpatient psychiatric services (medication management, case management, psychotherapy) to Generations supervised housing consumers and the general public in the Warren County/Highland Rim geographic area of Tennessee. • • (931) 635-2976
Horizon Medical Center (Dickson)
• Acute Medical Hospital with inpatient and outpatient services, Rehab center, heart center, Generation units (Geri Psych), weight loss center. • • (615) 344-9551
Hospice of the Highland Rim (Columbia)
• Serves patients in Maury, Marshall, Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, and Lewis counties who have been certified by a physician to have a life expectancy of 6 months or less, if the terminal illness runs its normal course. • The focus is on comfort and palliation rather than cure. Services provided include visits by the hospice interdisciplinary team – skilled nurse, medical social worker, chaplain, home health aid, and other support staff, including volunteers. In addition, bereavement care is provided to the family for 13 months after the patient expires. • • (615) 377-7022
Mental Health Cooperative, Inc. (Nashville)
• A mental agency that incorporates intensive case management, psychiatric/clinic services and 24 hour emergency psychiatric services into an integrated system of care. • Services assist children and adults who have serious mental illness to live successful and satisfying lives in the community and recover from the devastating effects of the illness. • • 615-726-3340
Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute (Nashville)
• A state psychiatric hospital serving patients in the Middle Tennessee area. • • (615) 532-6500
Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt (Nashville)
• Dedicated to meeting the unique healthcare needs of children by providing primary and sub- specialty services and serving as a regional referral center. The focus of the hospital is on family centered care. • • (615) 936-1000
NHC Place (Cool Springs)
• National leader in healthcare, specializing with rehabilitation services and extended care. • • (615) 778-6800
Parthenon Pavilion
• The oldest and longest full service private psychiatric hospital in the Middle Tennessee. • Provides a full spectrum of mental health services to include assessments, treatment, discharge planning, and community response planning. • • (615) 342-1400
Pathways of Tennessee (Jackson)
• Provides comprehensive mental health services in 10 counties in West Tennessee. •,-INC-JACKSON • (731) 541-5000
Skyline – Madison Campus
• Tennessee Christian Medical Center has 6 psychiatric units. These units include Adolescent Services, Dual Diagnosis, SPMI, Psycho-Rehab Hope Center, Mood Disorder Unit and the Senior Wellness Geropsych Unit. All these units are short term, acute psychiatric units. All patients participate in the respective group based programs and are attended daily by a psychiatrist. • The Dual Diagnosis is an Intensive Outpatient Program of Skyline Madison Campus serving adult patients eighteen (18) years of age and older. Patients who are treated in this program are suffering from a dually diagnosed, psychiatric disorder. At least one of the diagnoses is a substance abuse/dependency diagnosis. These patients are in need of a safe, structured and supportive environment while receiving intensive treatment. The goal of treatment is for the patient to attain a higher level of functioning, avoid hospitalization and/or reduce length of hospitalization. • • (615) 769-5000
Southern TN. Medical Center/Senior Advantage (Winchester)
• A 12-bed unit that treats the geriatric client who is depressed, anxious or requiring medical management of psychiatric medicines. Senior Advantage stabilizes individual so they may return home either alone or with family or assist them in placement pending needs of client. • • (931) 967-8200
Sumner Homecare and Hospice (Gallatin)
• Work with people who are facing a life limiting illness or know someone who is to help them find strength and courage to enjoy the many special moments they have left. • • (615) 328-8888
Tennessee Valley Health Care System (Veterans Hospital) (Murfreesboro-Nashville)
• The mission of VA Social Work is to eliminate psychosocial complications as significant barriers to healthcare interventions for veterans and families. This is accomplished by developing and maintaining integrated, quality programs in patient care, research, education and prevention. • • (615) 327-4751
Vanderbilt Dialysis Clinic (Nashville)
• Facility provides dialysis to patients normally 3 times a week on MWF or TTHS. • • (781) 699-9000
Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehab Hospital
• Provides both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services to adults and children who have suffered strokes, head or spinal cord injuries, or have other orthopedic or neurological diseases requiring rehabilitation. • • (615) 320-7600
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
• University teaching hospital with (30+) master's level social workers providing individual/family and group work; both inpatient and outpatient. We provide brief targeted intervention, grief bereavement and support services unlike community hospitals. • • (615) 322-5000


Copyright © 2011 by Rowohlt Verlag GmbH, Reinbek bei Hamburg Eine Weile nachdem er das Wort Pause ausgesprochen hatte, drehte ich durch und landete im Krankenhaus. Er sagte nicht: Ich will dich nie wiedersehen, oder: Es ist aus, doch nach dreißig Jahren Ehe reichte Pause, um aus mir eine Geisteskranke zu machen, in deren Hirn die Gedanken platzten, wild herumfuhrwerkten und von‑einander abprallten wie Popcorn in einer Mikrowellen‑tüte. Diese traurige Feststellung machte ich in meinem Bett in der Psychiatrie, so mit Haldol zugedröhnt, dass ich mich kaum bewegen wollte. Die garstigen rhyth‑mischen Stimmen waren leiser geworden, aber nicht verschwunden, und wenn ich die Augen schloss, sah ich Comicfiguren über rosa Hügel sausen und in blaue Wäl‑der verschwinden. Dr. P. diagnostizierte dann eine akute vorübergehende psychotische Störung, auch bekannt als Durchgangssyndrom, was bedeutet, dass man wirklich verrückt ist, aber nicht lange. Wenn es länger als einen Monat anhält, braucht man ein anderes Etikett. Offenbar gibt es für diese spezielle Form von Störung häufig einen Auslöser oder «Stressor», wie es im psychiatrischen Jargon heißt. In meinem Fall war das Boris, oder vielmehr die Tatsache, dass eben kein Boris da war, dass Boris seine Pause machte. Sie behielten mich anderthalb Wochen da, dann ließen sie mich gehen. Eine Zeitlang wurde ich ambulant behandelt, bis ich Frau Dr. S. mit ihrer tiefen musikalischen Stimme, ihrem verhaltenen Lächeln und ihrem guten Ohr für Lyrik fand. Sie stützte mich, stützt mich eigentlich immer noch.

Phylogenetic systematics of colotis and associated genera (lepidoptera: pieridae): evolutionary and taxonomic implications

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