Marys Medicine

Michael re-joined the Community Centre in EXPERIENCES
2010 and was instrumental in the re-structuring The Board, Staff and members of Laverton Dr Brenda Prager has secured a position on of the organisation into the Integrated Service Community Integrated Services Inc.[LCIS] the Faculty of the University of Mississippi in that it is today. This included attaining the would like to wish Michael Prager JP and his Oxford, Mississippi. Dr Prager will lecture in the status of a Public Benevolent Institution [PBI]. wife, Dr Brenda Prager, all the best as they field of Chemical engineering.
Furthermore, under his Chairmanship, he leave our shores to reside in the United States oversaw the transition of the organisation from of America for the next few years.
Michael Prager would be known to many people temporary portable lodgings in Merton Street in Laverton due to his [whilst the Laverton Community Hub was extensive community being built] to where we are today, collocated with so many essential providers within the Hobsons Bay. Michael Community Hub. was originally on the Committee of The Organisation today provides Community Management of the Services, Adult Further Education and Laverton Community Integrated Childcare to the local and broader Centre commencing community. In 2014 Michael was presented in 1994. He was with Life Membership of LCIS.
then elected onto the Hobsons Bay City For over two decades Michael has directed Council where he even his energy into making Laverton and Altona did a stint as Deputy Meadows a better and vibrant place to live.
Bon Voyage good friends! RAILWAY AVENUE STREETSCAPE NEARS COMPLETION Following the scheduled removal of 34 ageing Sugar Gum from Railway Avenue, Council undertook a project to revitalise this precinct with extensive planting of new street trees on both sides of Railway Avenue from High Street to Crown Street. Improvements will include a full upgrade of the shopping strip pedestrian areas near Donald Street with new paving, furniture, trees and garden bed planting. These works form part of Hobsons Bay City Council's Vibrant Villages and Street Tree Planting programs.
Works are now well underway in this 3-Phase improvement program, with the first two stages now complete.
In March 2015, Phase 1 involved the removal of the unsafe trees along Railway Avenue. Shortly followed by Phase 2 in April and May with the planting of the new, more appropriate street trees.
Phase 3 of revitalisation, the streetscape and shopping strip improvements, is currently in progress. The remaining concrete paving will be poured and the asphalt road pavement reconstructed. The garden bed area is also coming together and part of the Tooborac area has been installed. All other works, including the colour pavers, are scheduled to be completed shortly.

*Domestic and Industrial Tel: 9369 1304 mobile: 0412 530 004 *Hot Water Service *Gas installations Office: 95-105 Railway Ave Laverton 3028 *Cold water renewals Mail: PO Box 152, Laverton 3028 465 OLD GEELONG ROAD, HOPPERS CROSSING VIC ABN: 43 105 291 405

Around & About
Well it is August. Three quarters of the way TO OR NEW PREMISES
through the year again, and on August 1st all the WE LOOK FORWARD TO BEING ABLE TO STILL OFFER ALL OUR
race horses got a year older. The weather people SERVICES AND MANY MORE
say the extreme cold has gone so I suppose we will next be using the air conditioners - Ha-ha. COMPUTERISED FEET ASSESSMENT One good thing is that the rain has done the ORTHOTICS (ADULTS & CHILDREN) gardens a world of good. It has helped to fill our dams for us and the ones on the farms for their stock. Did you go to the snow? Members of my family did and it was the first time they had seen GROUP TRAINING SESSION PRESCRIPTION GLASSES snow. Others members of the family had the snow come to them (Ballarat).
The new owners have made many improvements AVIATION CENTRAL HEALTH PH: (03) 9931 0028 at IGA and with the promise they will match prices 152 CENTRAL AVE, ALTONA MEADOWS it is now a good place to shop. Don't forget, if we don't support our own shops in our own area, they will close. We need them for convenience and they need us to stay open.
As stated in last months paper, Open Day at the Hub, brought many visitors and residents alike to view the services provided. The free food and entertainment was appreciated by all. The weather was cold but it was nice and warm inside. Also an update from last month paper is the site of the old Armstrong School has been cleared so the new building can be erected.
We also welcome Neil Fowler as a bulk deliverer. He and his wife have been delivering papers (over300) into the area south of Central Ave for many years and he has now taken over the extra job of bulk deliver. A big thanks Neil. Another person to thank is Felix. He has taken over the area North of Henderson St. (210 papers). BUT, as usual we are still missing several areas in Altona Meadows, and in Laverton the Jones
Court area 37 papers, Goble St area about 70 papers and one side of Wackett St 32 papers and
Homestead Run to name a few.
If you can volunteer once a month for about ½ hour the papers will be delivered to your door for you
to take to the nominated area that suits you. Please ring 9369 1304 and leave your name, address and a phone number for us to contact you. Thanking you in anticipation.
Lawrie Emmins Motocross Track Concept Design.
The Wyndham City Council in conjunction Motorcycing Australia Victoria has been working on the concept for the re-developed motocross track in Old Geelong Road Laverton for many months. The council is holding a feedback session in the Wyndham Civic Centre on Wednesday 12th August between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Residents are invited to come and ask any question they may have regarding the project and see the artist's concept design and many safety items that have been incorporated into the design. The design also allows for both junior and separate senior sections.
Core Strength and Regular Chiropractic Care
When you begin a core muscle strengthening program, it's important to ensure that your spinal biomechanical structures are functioning at their optimum. Proper functioning of your spinal vertebras is especially significant in the context of core muscle strength. The presence of spinal misalignments causes tightness of small muscle groups that connect adjacent vertebras and of large muscle groups that connect spinal regions such as the mid back and low back. Muscle tightness leads to pain and persistent tightness leads to pain that may last for days, weeks, or months. Core muscle strengthening becomes very difficult in the presence of such tightness and pain. In fact, when spinal misalignments are left uncorrected, attempting to perform core exercises may even cause injury. By detecting, analyzing, and correcting spinal misalignments, regular chiropractic care helps restore normal biomechanical function to your spine and, correspondingly, to the rest of your musculoskeletal system. As a result, regular chiropractic care helps you get the most benefit from your core strengthening activities and helps you become healthier overall. Dr Justin Portelli 152 Central Ave, Altona Meadows PAGE 3: AUGUST 2015 points are still recorded with VicRoads for the relevant regulated offences.
Nanscawen lawyers by Norman Wittingslow Anyone can apply for Diversion throughout the court process. However, Diversion 12 Neville Ave. Laverton
cannot commence without the prosecution's Phone: (03) 9369 3311
Diversion provides mainly first time offenders The informant (usually the police officer who MONDAY to FRIDAY 2PM-5PM with the opportunity to avoid a criminal charged you) will need to give you a diversion AT ALL OTHER TIMES
record by undertaking conditions that benefit recommendation. Then the magistrate will PLEASE CONTACT HEAD
the offender, victim and the community as a need to decide to grant diversion. As a general rule, they will do this if: • this is your first offence PHONE: (03) 9370 4911 • when appropriate, restitution is made to • the offence is not too serious. For FAX (03) 9375 1262 the victim of the offence and the victim example, it might be criminal damage, ESSENDON & MELBOURNE
receives an apology shop theft, minor drug or careless driving • reduces the likelihood of re-offending • offenders avoid an accessible criminal You cannot get diversion for driving offences assesses the suitability of the offender and a plan is developed. The plan may require • the offender receives assistance with • excessive speed • drink or drug driving • apologise to the victim in a letter or in • offenders receive appropriate counselling • refusing to do alcohol or drug testing.
• compensate the victim • assistance towards local community Write to the informant for a diversion • attend counselling and/or treatment projects with voluntary work and donations recommendation: • perform voluntary work This is very important. The informant must • donate money to a charitable organisation, The matter must meet the following criteria agree to recommend you for diversion. If the local community project or the like before a Diversion can be recommended: informant has not already made a diversion • attend a defensive driving course and/or • the offence is triable summarily and not recommendation, you or your lawyer can Road Trauma Awareness Seminar subject to a mandatory or fixed sentence write a letter asking for this. The details of • any other condition the Magistrate deems or penalty (except demerit points) the informant should be in the charge sheet.
• the defendant acknowledges responsibility Note: sometimes the informant will serve a The charges are adjourned while the plan is diversion notice on you at the same time as undertaken. • there is sufficient evidence to gain a you were served the police brief.
In the event that the Magistrate determines The existence of prior convictions does not The filing of a Diversion notice indicates the the case as not suitable for Diversion, the disqualify an offender from the program prosecution has consented to the Diversion charges are referred back to the Mention but the court will take this into account in process. The Magistrate must then also deem Court of the Magistrates' Court.
deciding whether the Diversion Program is the defendant suitable before the matter may COMPLETION HEARING
proceed by way of Diversion.
Offences under the Road Safety Act 1986 may The offender is not required to attend on be suitable for Diversion. However, demerit COURT HEARINGS
the adjourned date (the completion hearing) unless requested to do so by the Magistrate. Free Pick up and Delivery Service available Where a charge involves a victim, the Court The onus is on the offender to file proof, prior seeks the victim's view of the matter. This to the completion hearing, that all conditions are complete.
• whether the victim agrees with the course CONDITIONS COMPLETE
If the conditions are successfully completed, • the amount of compensation sought for the charges are discharged with no finding damage to property of guilt and the outcome is recorded in a Laverton Pharmacy • how the crime has affected the victim
similar manner as a caution. The record is 2/8 Neville Avenue, Laverton Victims are not obliged to respond to the not vailable to the public, including potential Ph (03) 9369 2409 - Fax (03) 9369 0167 Court's contact. However, the victim is employers. entitled to express his/her view by way of letter or in person on the day of the hearing. CONDITIONS NOT COMPLETE
If the offender does not successfully complete The Court will notify victims of the hearing's the conditions, the matter is referred back to Mon - Fri (9am-7pm) outcome, if requested to do so.
the Mention Court of the Magistrates' Court as if the matter was being listed for the first Prior to any appearance before a Magistrate, time and all information regarding Diversion the Diversion Co-ordinator interviews the is removed from the file.
offender to identify the major issues in We are now the
We acknowledge the information for this the case and to advise the Magistrate of article was obtained from: The Department proud supplier of the appropriate services for the offender. This of Justice (Victoria)
interview assists the presiding Magistrate For any legal advice or further information and lessens the required amount of court about any legal issue, call Nanscawen Lawyers on phone number 9370-4911 to make an appointment at our Laverton office A Diversion hearing is conducted in open 12 Neville Avenue, Laverton Vic 3028.
court before a Magistrate. The Magistrate PAGE 4: AUGUST 2015 by the local community owned branches," he said.
The revamped branch incorporates new technology such as a coin counting machine, as well as offering one-on-one talks with specialist members making transactions more efficient. It is bright and welcoming and cements its place in the community in the Double celebrations for
in Australia and only second in future Laverton Community Bank®
It was a double celebration for Community Bank® Chair, Henry the Laverton Community Bank® Da Silva, spoke at the opening branch as it celebrated its15th and thanked those involved in birthday, and branch reopening establishing the Bank. Members after extensive renovations.
of the original committee included A street party was held to celebrate. Michael Boyd, Joe Inserra (OAM), The day event was attended by an Michael Pernar, Bruce Cahoon, Cr estimated crowd of over 600 people. Carl Marscich, Henry Da Silva and Attendees enjoyed free activities later Wayne Gray. including a jumping castle, face "This community rallied and painting, colouring competitions, embraced the concept of having and sausage sizzle. Thank you its own Bank. From business to the Laverton Community Choir people to school children with a for a tremendous performance $50 investment, 259 local people and composing a song about our purchased shares into this concept. partnership. Thank you also the It brought the community together Laverton Scout group that cooked and the funds were raised." hundreds of sausages at the event. "The local The branch was established, after Bank® company banking services closed in Aviation is an important Road, and local businesses service within the and residents rallied together to local community. acquire the required capital to open Hundreds of the Laverton Community Bank® locals are today opened by then Victorian Premier, who, along with Mr. Steve Bracks. The bank was the community, one of the first community banks share in the profits generated ALARMS & IMMOBILISERS ALL WIRING REPAIRS CUSTOM WORK AVAILABLE Joe La Rocca
0417 322 177
Phone: 9360 9359 / Fax: 9931 0199
WMTC are gearing up to present another spectacular show fearturing some wonderful talent in and around Hobsons Bay. Tickets are already selling fast so make sure you get your tickets early Unit 6, 22-24 Fitzgerald Rd
or you'll be missing out on this spectacular event! Tickets can be purchased online at: or by calling the Ticket line: 1300 PAGE 5: AUGUST 2015 Laverton Community Hub Open Day Wrap Up
What a triumphant day Saturday 20 June was. A testimony to the power of team work, community partnerships and dedicated promotion of the event by al involved: Door counters showed 2469 entries into the building, 60 children's faces were painted, 50 hands of henna art done, 40kg of sausages were consumed (500 halal sausages) with many missing out, 260 containers of vegetarian fried rice and 250 vegetarian spring rolls were enjoyed by many, 150 plates of chicken satay went in a flash with crowds wanting more, 120 individual coconut pandan pancake tried for the first time by young and old alike, 600 different pieces of finger food and 20kg of fruit were eaten, 325 Cupcakes were given out, 300 pots and seedlings were taken home, 500 Helium balloons were given out, 204 cups of free coffee were made. People had an amazing time trying new activities like Zumba, Yoga and Tai Chi and the children couldn't get enough of the jumping castle and the animal farm. Many thanked Hobsons Bay City Council for having an open day event where they had the chance to see the Laverton Community Hub first hand and meet the community partners showcasing their organisations at the information tables. Everyone was engaged by the performances of the many groups that meet and practice at the hub. They marvelled at our local talents with the Wangal United Aboriginal Youth Dancers stealing the audience hearts and the Raw & Rugged Hip Hop group getting the audience up on their feet and onto the dance floor, bopping and shaking to the rhythm of 'Uptown Funk'. They appreciated the attendance of the Mayor, Cr Colleen Gates and of Cr Carl Marsich. Al walked away with a happy memory captured in the photo booth and looking forward to future events at the Hub. A big thank you to all our communities partners and volunteers. R U Ok? Day morning tea at Laverton Community Hub
R U Ok? is a national annual day dedicated to inspiring regular and meaningful conversations
amongst those in our communities who may be struggling with the challenges of life. Laverton Community Hub invites you to participate by attending a morning tea and indulging in henna art,
massage, Tai Chi, Origami making, art therapy and a planting activity.
When: Friday 11 September 2015
Where: Laverton Community Hub, 95 – 105 Railway Avenue, Laverton 3028
RSVP: (for catering purposes) 8368 0100 or [email protected]
Get involved, learn how to start the conversation and start making a difference
Tai Chi for Everyone at Laverton Community Hub
Our famous Tai Chi for Everyone class wil be resuming on Friday 7 August. Tai Chi is the perfect blend of mind and body exercise. Known for its slow, gentle and tranquil movements Tai Chi is great in promoting health, improving concentration, mental alertness and overall well-being. All level and abilities welcome. When: Friday 7 August - 18 December (during school terms) Time: 9.30am - 10.30am Cost: $2 Where: Laverton Community Hub, 95 - 105 Railway Avenue, Laverton Contact: 8368 0100 or [email protected] PAGE 6: AUGUST 2015 COHEALTH NOW OPEN
Doctors appointments are available now at the new cohealth clinic at the Laverton Hub. Also available at the clinic are podiatry, Vision Australia low vision clinics, and Dorevitch pathology services.
Dr Heather Dowd, a GP at the new cohealth clinic, has been working as a GP in the Western suburbs for almost 20 years, having spent many years based in Footscray, Braybook and West Footscray. "I'm excited to be based at cohealth Laverton and am looking forward to meeting new clients and working in a new community", Heather said. As well as providing general health care, Heather has interests in youth health, mental health and shared ante- natal care with Werribee hospital.
"The cohealth clinic will focus on prevention and early intervention services and chronic disease management.
"We are very excited to be in Laverton and have enjoyed a warm welcome at The Hub. We are looking forward to getting to know the local community", she said.
Visit cohealth at the Laverton Community Hub on the corner of Railway Avenue and Donald Street, or call 9368 2500 to find out more or make an appointment. cohealth is open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm.
cohealth is a leading provider of community health services across Melbourne's western and northern suburbs. PAGE 7: AUGUST 2015 in. Just bring your smile and a fun If you're interested in helping out at the next planting day for the group, meet at the Bladin Street bridge at Seabrook Community Centre in 10am on Sunday 30 August. There Truganina Avenue is another excellent will be a free sausage sizzle once the venue boasting a couple of new planting is complete.
programs. Running every Wednesday morning at the main centre, Kindy Lastly, for those who know of the ‘Vic I would like to begin this month by dance time will give pre-schoolers a Roads Triangle' – the land located highlighting some of the great venues, chance to explore dance, drama and opposite the Westside Tavern next events and activities available around music. Mathstar tutoring will take to the freeway – Council continues the Wetlands Ward. place every Wednesday afternoon to talk with VicRoads about the in the cottage, providing tutoring amenity of this site and is requesting for small groups of primary school that VicRoads install new fencing. Did you know that there is a Pop- aged students. If you are interested VicRoads has advised us that they Up Multicultural Market held once a in either program call the centre on will undertake some buffer planting month at the Laverton Hub? The next 9932 3010, or visit their website at along the perimeter of the site in market is scheduled for Saturday 5 August, which is good news. Council September from 3.30pm to 9.30pm. And finally, be on the lookout for the will continue to patrol this area for Come early to snap up tasty treats new Woods St Arts Space August to litter.
that will wow your taste buds and December program. remind you of aromatic Asia. It's also a great event to catch up with family As always, feel free to contact myself and friends, meet new people and In other news, the new playspace at or my fellow Ward Councillor Carl stock up on all your favourites. AB Shaw Reserve, Laverton Park, Marsich about any issues you may will be officially opened on 2 August have on: with a big celebration to be held at Wetlands Ward Cr Carl Marsich: If exercise, rather than eating, is 10am. We want everyone to come more your thing the Laverton Hub is along, check out the new equipment also hosting Zumba classes every including the double flying fox and [email protected] Saturday morning at 9am. For $5 have some fun! Mayor and Wetlands Ward you can participate in an hour of fun Council always aims for a net gain Cr Colleen Gates: 0457 916 615 or fitness loaded with red-hot dance of trees every year – increasing our [email protected] steps, pulsating Latin rhythms and numbers this year by 1400 street easy to follow routines. The classes trees, with a further 18,000 trees are open to everyone, with all fitness planted in parks and reserves. levels and abilities welcome to join EYES DOWN: 8PM
A lot of this work is made possible thanks to the help of groups such at LAVERTON BOWLING CLUB
as the Friends of Laverton Creek, HALL AVE, ALTONA MEADOWS
who have been working hard to Ph: 9369 1034
revegetate along Laverton Creek and Hall for Hire
nominal rates charged
in McCormack Park. Volunteers have given up their time along with our park rangers to plant over 2,000 plants. PAGE 8: AUGUST 2015 L A V E R T O N
Tam O'Shanter Highlands Dancing Club Laverton We are an arm of the Highland and Well it is certainly very cold but it is nice National Dancers Association Inc.
to see some of the spring flowers starting The ICE epidemic has hit every We teach traditional Scottish and Irish to flower, and the wattles are all in bloom community and Laverton is by no means in many areas.
exempt. We see and deal with ICE If you would like more information please You are very welcome to come in and affected individuals almost every day give us a call on 0452026994 have a look or weed in the garden at any and it is prevalent in our community. time there is any gardener there. We will Enforcement has its challenges. ICE is make you very welcome, and will answer GOLDEN AGE CLUB
very small so easy to conceal or discard your gardening questions if we can, or THE HUB - 95 - 105 RAILWAY AVE, LAVERTON
making locating it extremely difficult.
we will endeavour to find the answers for Governments at all levels are attempting As we entering the final phase of winter Now is a good time to mulch your garden to tackle the issues from ICE and there it is getting harder to get out of bed beds to get them ready for the summer is a lot of information for users, as well because it has been so cold. I hope you weather.
as friends and family of users available all have been weathering through days It is also the time to plant bare rooted on the internet.
and keeping warm. I've missed some of fruit trees. There are many at nurseries My advice if you suspect a family member the cold spell because I have spent two around the area. Plant them and give or friend is using ICE, is to get some weeks in beautiful Bali. them a feed with a citrus plant food.
information – do not hesitate. Learn The Blumes visit was a great success Also prune your roses if they have about the drug and its effects in order to with many bargains to be had stopped flowering. Remove dead flowers recognise the signs. Signs such as high Christmas in July at The Tigers Club was from all your plants, but leave the leaves energy levels, high confidence levels, a lovely outing and everybody enjoyed to die off at their own time.
high blood pressure, loss of appetite, This is the time of the year to plant weight loss, as well as depression and Piictured below is a photo of the lovely Carrots, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Beetroot, anxiety are some of the signs. new Honour Board as mentioned in last Broccoli, Cucumbers, Eggplants, Herbs, My advice to those thinking of trying the Lettuces, Onions, Parsnips, Pumpkin, drug is simple – NOT EVEN ONCE. It is Radish, Rhubarb, Silverbeet, Sweet a highly addictive drug with its negative We still have a few sickies and we wish Corn, and Zucchini. effects fair outweighing the short term them all to get well soon.
Flowers to plant now are Alyssum, Aster, highs. It is a very selfish drug that can Birthdays for August: Wally,Matt, Judy. Balsam, Begonia, English Daisy, Coleus, make users unpredictable and violent.
Hoping they all have a great day and Cosmos, Dahlias, Delphinium, Dianthus, may they enjoy many more to come.
Gerbera, Gloxinia & Gypsophila.
Information and help is available for Our meeting times are Tuesday and If you are planting young seedlings, they users as well as families and friends.
Wednesday 10 am to 2 pm at the Hub.
do not like the frosty weather. Cover them NEW MEMBERS ARE ALWA
up at night, even a sheet of newspaper Thankyou YS will protect them well.
Even though it is cold a few hours in the We have lost our Volunteer Driver so Acting Senior Sergeant garden will give you pleasure and also a plaease let us know if you or someone great display in the months to come.
you know can help us out for future Till next month happy gardening for further information give us a call on 0452026994 or 93692015.
We still have vacancies for youth members in the 6 to 12 age group.
Please come along and have a look at the group and what we do. The youth members are very busy earning many badges and learning new things including lots of new games that the really enjoy.
New leaders are always in demand, so if you would like to get involved and have a load of fun, come along and join in for a night.
We also need committee members. If you would like to join the group and see how we work you are welcome to come along and have a go.
For more information please give us a call on 0452026994 PAGE 9: AUGUST 2015 Did you know that there are around 372 different parrot species? Allegra Krzyzanski Coloring Contest
Age 5-7 Winners
3rd Landyn Parker Age 8-10 Winners
NAME _ If you wish your name to be ADDRESS: _ added to our Birthday Wish Lists. 2nd Ashley Wright Please tick the box
To help us when organising prizes, please let us know if you are a boy or a girl. Please
tick a box. Boy Girl
Learn a highly competitive sport while getting into shape at the same time at Karate Club Wyndham. This How to win an Around Laverton Page
club promotes confidence, self Certificates will be issued for first, second & third in each age group.
esteem, discipline and self defence in 1st Prize certificate = 3 pts 2nd Prize certificate = 2 pts atmosphere. Join 3rd Prize certificate = 1 point You need 6 points to win a prize from March-Dec2015. Post your entry to Around Laverton P.O. Box 152 Laverton 3028 OR Drop them off into the free box at Laverton Enquiries to Glen
0402 016 050
PAGE 10: AUGUST 2015 Pointcook Community Baptist
S.Clement's Anglican Church
Point Cook Primary School Do you want to be part of a caring church that Altona Meadows/Laverton offers sound bible based teaching for all the (with S. Eanswythe's, Altona) family? Do you like a joyful worship service in an informal setting? Then come to our worship Cnr Central Avenue & Skehan Boulevard Regular Sunday Worship (Holy Eucharist) Venue: Seabrook Primary School Hall 82-84 Pt Cook Rd, Seabrook.
including Sunday School is held at Time: Service starts at 10.00 am on Sunday S. Clement's at 8:45am.
61 Central Ave, Altona Meadows Sunday School: JAMB Club for children held Enquiries, Please phone the Vicar You are welcome to join us any Sunday during the service. Stay for a cuppa and chat Fr.Christopher Lancaster at 10am and some Sundays at 5.30pm after the service. All welcome! (Night owl service) Bible studies also provided. Enquiries: Pastor David Van der Putten We worship in a circle and have groups for children during part of the service.
Jesus Is Lord Church
Our Fijian congregation has amalgamated with us this year.
The Maaori Anglican
Laverton Community Hub, 95-105 Community Fellowship of
We also have Bible study groups, Railway Ave, Laverton 3028 discussion groups, kids club, playgroup etc.
Te Wairua Tapu ki Poi Piripi-Inc
Join us on our Worship Service Contact Rev. Susan Malthouse on Every Sunday from 10am-12pm Weekly Holy Communion Services Enquiries concerning the use of our building to Lauris on 0409 354 932 St Eanswythe's Anglican Church cnr Queen & Bent Streets - Altona S. Martin de Porres
Sunday School Class all ages & The Salvation Army in
Bible Study Lay Ministry Classes Bellin St. Laverton Hobson's Bay
Sunday - 10:00am Tuesday - 9:15am Communion Services 108 Queen Street Altona Officiation Priest: Saturday & Monday - 9:15am Our Church Service Rev'd Danny McRoberts General Inquiries: Lay President.
Point Cook Chapel Combined Family Worship Mr Bing Harris 0411546231 Point Cook R.A.A.F Base Queen Of Peace
Altona Evangelical Church
Altona Christian Centre
Worship is held at Altona Meadows Everingham Road Altona Meadows 28 Trafalgar Ave, Altona Meadows, Our meetings are: Sunday 8.00 AM & 11.00 AM Every Sunday at 10am.
Sunday: 10.00am Worship Service Reconciliation Sat 11.00-11.30 AM Pastor Stephen Holt on 9315 6140 or 0412 124 602 Do you play the
"A-men" group is offering a voluntary
flute or clarinet?
FREE services to the community.
The Hobson's Bay City band is keen to welcome more musicians. You are most MOTTO: To be the hands and feet of God in the community.
welcome to attend Monday evening VISION: Envision to consolidates all Godly men's who are gifted with various trades and rehearsals from 7:30 pm at the Newport skills and become a group of social entrepreneur for the purpose of reaching out the lakes Primary School, Elizabeth Street Newport. Melway Pg 55 J3.
Contact Lesley on 0403 851 076 or MISSION: To be people's SERVANT- Handymen for the people in the community.
Email: [email protected] or check URL Potential Skills: Electrical, Mechanical, Gardener, Carpentry, Labour, Engineering, Plastering, Visitors and interested musicians any age Painting and Plumbing.
Call "A-Men" team for a FREE Service: 0450 801 435 (Senen) or COUNSELLING SERVICE FOR
Become an AMES
AMES Werribee requires volunteers for 1 to Enter through School Gates 2 hours a week to help new arrivals learn English. Free training program provided.
Katherine 8744 0011 (Thurs & Fri) Counselling sessions FREE OF CHARGE FOR Proud supporters of ‘Around Laverton Community Newspaper' Grow-Better Together Carers Group for friends and family of those affected by 103 Pipe Road Laverton North 3026
All sessions are by appointment only mental health issues. Free and confidential TEL (03) 9282 1000 FAX (03) 9282 1001
Monday- Wednesday 9am-3pm meetings held twice a month in Laverton. Please ring 9315 2680 Details: 1800 558 268 or PAGE 11: AUGUST 2015 LaveLaverton Community Integrated Services Inc Laverton Community Integrated Services Incorporated Trading as Laverton Community Education Centre T/A Laverton Community Children's Centre
12 Crown St, Laverton 15 Crown Street, Laverton Phone: 9360 0964 RTO TOID: 6408  CERTIFICATE III IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION
Laverton Community Children's Centre is AND CARE (CHC30113)
Interested in changing careers? Love caring for children?

taking enrolments for long day care, Become qualified in this nationally recognised and alternative care & kinder educational accredited qualification and start working with children in Early Childhood Education Centre's, Childcare Centre's and
Family Day Care. Includes Level 2 First Aid. We find

work placement for you!
Long Day Care: Monday – Friday 7:00am
Places are limited. Enrol now!
– 6:30pm Includes nappies, meals and a higher staff: DIPLOMA OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND
child ratio, exceeding results in the National CARE (CHC50113)
Quality Standards in all domains Completion of this diploma qualifies people to work in Children's Services Centres in positions responsible for Kindergarten: 2 groups funded 4 year old planning, implementing and managing early childhood services including supervising staff. program 8:30am – 4:00pm Enrolment applications are currently available at the Centre for 2016. Families are CERTIFICATE III IN AGED CARE (CHC30212)
encouraged to book early as places are limited CERTIFICATE III IN HOME AND COMMUNITY CARE

Alternative Care: Wednesday, Thursday Are you passionate about providing care for the elderly? Become qualified and start working with the elderly in Aged & Friday 9:15am – 3:15pm Care facilities, Community Services providing aged care or • Places are available for Term 2. Bookings can in the homes of aged care clients. Duel certificate.
be made during the school holidays also. Includes Level 2 First Aid. We find work placement for

For all enquiries please contact: Places are limited! Enrol now! E: [email protected] or P: 9360 0964 Please call the Education Centre on 9369 2726 to book Laverton Community Centre
95-105 Railway St, Laverton This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding subject to eligibility requirements. People with a disability are encouraged to apply. Anger Management for men (7wks) Fees for the above courses will vary depending on an Self esteem for women (7wks) individual's eligibility to access funding. Please ring the Gentle exercise and meditation (weekly) Education Centre for further information. Spring into life (gentle exercise and lunch) Expressions of interest welcome SHORT COURSES
Bookings Essential
P: 8368 0177 E: [email protected]
This accredited unit is essential for anyone looking for or working in licensed premises. It covers staff and license Community Café Weekly
responsibilities, legal requirements and how to maintain a Every Wednesday, 12noon-1pm
safe environment. Laverton Community Centre (the Hub) Tuesday 18th August 5.30 pm – 9.30 pm
95-105 Railway St, Laverton COST: $70.00 Concession- $60.00
Every Friday, 12noon-1pm
Altona Meadows Community Centre 28 Trafalgar Avenue, Altona Meadows 3 course meal, both days cost: $8 / $5 (Conc.)
Bookings essential
P: 8368 0177 E: [email protected]
PAGE 12: AUGUST 2015 The latest NBN rollout maps show Minister for Communication, and be.
no new areas in Laverton. hosted a broadband forum with We also know that from July That's no new areas since the Shadow Minister Jason Clare, so 1, the Abbott Government 2013 election.
he could hear firsthand about the has introduced extra fees for I have lobbied hard to ensure concerns from local residents.
households to get connected- Laverton has access to quality Under Labor, this area was with a $900 fees for newly built broadband provision. My recent scheduled to get the world class houses. In this area dominated survey shows we have a serious fibre-to-the-premises NBN - the by new housing estates this will internet access problem. Every NBN that delivers super-fast hit our community hard.
day I receive emails and phone internet speeds using fibre optic I urge all residents having difficulty calls from local residents and cable.
with accessing Broadband or the businesses outlining the battle Instead our community has been NBN to fill out the NBN survey to ensure reliable, fast internet largely ripped off the map by on my website www.joanneryan.
and most residents have no idea or contact my office so I have raised this in the parliament, when the NBN will be coming to we can get a clear picture of the written several times to the town and what kind of NBN it will issues local face. PAGE 13: AUGUST 2015 enthusiasm currently being enjoyed in tennis in this country it certainly is a great time for tennis in Australia.
GENTLE REMINDERS: Courts at our club are available for general hire at very generous rates and subject to conditions in respect of registration, With finals slowly approaching, The team of coaches and committee attire, and respect of facilities as well The Laverton Senior team sit only once again warmly welcome all readers as Wednesday night social tennis being 2 points out of the top 4, and our to this issue. Winter season WRTA a great way to come and enjoy a hit reserves team are in 4th position. competition is just about complete and it and meet new people from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Just turn up and enjoy or call for We are hoping to consolidate our is with pride that we can quite confidently say 12 of our 14 senior and junior teams further info if needed. Four courts now positions in the month of July are currently sitting in the top 4 on the available so first in first ‘'served''. Adult ladder in their respective divisions and group lessons Monday nights as well as Results and Best Players look like playing off in finals. Keep up the many other coaching lessons available great work to all our teams. privately, group, and squad sessions Laverton 9.8.62 Lost to SUMMER competitions are just around throughout the week. Further coaching info call Brendan directly.
the corner with teams to be finalised Best: Mitchell, Whitling, Kirkwood, by end of August. Don't forget we are Until next month, good wishes to all always looking for new members and readers, stay safe and keep hitting Mulroy, James, Hynes players with emphasis on expanding our winners.
Laverton 12.13.85 Def mixed team players and also appealing For further information feel free to contact Sanctuary Lakes 7.13.55 to our female readers (all ages) to be us: Best: Kirkwood, Lawry, Lindsay, part of our friendly teams. Don't forget Brendan J. O'Brien.
our motto is: "Tennis is fun for everyone". Edwards, Mitchell, Johnson ANZ HOT SHOTS FOR JUNIORS: Accredited. Laverton 14.17.101 Lost to Term 4 placements filling fast so please Ph: 03 9398 2339 / 0407 552 828.
Braybrook 19.9.123 register asap with this program being a Best: Mitchell, Burgess, Edwards, great introduction for 5-12 year olds and email: [email protected] Hynes, James, Lawry promoted by Tennis Australia to come Susanne Crotch and have a go in this non-contact and Junior Secretary enjoyable sport with the interest and Ph: 03 9360 7905 Laverton 4.6.30 Lost to Parkside 13.15.93 Best: Morris, Zammit, Walsh, Fullfood, Marin, Twomey Laverton 9.5.59 Drew with Sanctuary Lakes 8.11.59 Best: Collins, Fagliarone, Marin, Bublenik, Suastika, Samovkovic Laverton 22.13.145 Def Best: Collins, Suastika, Fear, Lawry, Bentley, Aspland POINT COOK Saturday 1st Tuesday 11th First Aid T
ly Accredited Thursday 20th Wednesday 26th Level II First Aid CPR Childcare
Anaphylaxis & Asthma Training
Wednesday 5th Saturday 15th Call: 1300 661 065
Sunday 23rd Saturday 29th PAGE 14: AUGUST 2015 Behind This Smile I think the main type of racism is when you are made to feel inferior because you were not born here. When you are not born here, people don't really know or understand your culture. Our community is suffering on a wide scale from this type of racism. Our whole community is suffering because the majority of people don't know anything about Sikhism. They see the turban and they don't know what it is. They think it's wrong and it's not normal. There is nothing wrong with wearing a turban. It‘s something natural to us, because our people have been wearing the turban for centuries. We don't want to wear the turban anymore because we get bullied. I don't wear it anymore. I stopped wearing the turban at school so that I could have friends. I had no friends but when I stopped wearing the turban, I had friends. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to have friends, but I always wanted my culture and my religion as well. I remember when I came home from school and asked my mother and father if I could stop wearing the turban and cut my hair. My father said that was the saddest day in his life. No one wants to forget their religion or their culture. Religion is a choice, but culture is a must. You inherit that. I want to protect the next generation from the suffering I've had to endure. When you bully someone at school, you might be preventing the bright future of the nation from even going to school. I am lucky because my experience enabled me to see how important it is to share your culture and to let others know who you are. That's why I am doing this, because I want you to know who we are. I think all the problems will be solved if we can just get to know each other. Image created by the artist Wendy Murray as part of the Behind This Smile community art project developed by Hobsons Bay City Council. Pargat and Lovepreet's images We are Sikh. Sikhism is a warrior religion used to locations: Laverton Community Hub, Altona Meadows Library and Altona Library protect people from attack, not for aggression, but for protection, for helping others. We are so that all religions are welcome to enter. We don't the friend, the strong person, always doing say come and be who we are; the most important part for others, for the community; we protect the of being who we are means accepting all, but so often one who can't protect himself. Every morning we hear people say you weren't born here, you don't and every night we pray for everyone, for all belong. people. We see no difference in race, religion, This is very hurtful to us, because everything we or gender; we are all the same. believe in is about all people belonging. Our roots are Our Golden Temple is in the shape of a square, strong, and we only ask to be treated as normal, as with one door each side of the square, each we would treat you. It is the nature of our inheritance, door is meant to welcome a different religion, our culture, our religion, to be accepting of others. PAGE 15: AUGUST 2015 Steps program which provides shelter for the pets of victims fleeing violence.
Nanscawen lawyers Locally, Wyndham Council has established the Preventing Family 12 Neville Ave. Laverton
Violence Sub-Committee which Phone: (03) 9369 3311
engages with police and community groups. You might also be interested MONDAY to FRIDAY 2PM-5PM Family violence affects thousands of in attending St Eanswythe's Anglican AT ALL OTHER TIMES
Victorians, including sadly many here Church's interactive forum on Preventing PLEASE CONTACT HEAD
in the West. It is the leading cause of Violence against Women on Monday 31 death and disability in women under 45 August, 11am – 1.30pm. The forum will and one of the biggest law and order be facilitated by Dr Ree Bodde. Entry PHONE: (03) 9370 4911 challenges we face, not just in this state, fee is $10. To RSVP, contact 9398 5765 FAX (03) 9375 1262 but around the country.
or [email protected] Earlier this year, the Andrews Labor Government established the Royal If you or someone you know needs VCE ENGLISH TUITION Commission into Family Violence to support, please contact Safe Steps investigate the entire family violence Family Violence Response on 1800 015 Experienced Teacher support system and justice system from 188 or the Men's Referral Service on 1300 766 491.
tuition specific for SACS We know that the current system is failing and Final VCE Exams. victims, with weak legal consequences If you have any questions or other Every year serious and a justice system that victims feel is constituent matters, please contact unsafe and difficult to access.
me on 03 9395 0221 or jill.hennessy@ students enter Medicine, The Royal Commission is currently Visit my website Dentistry, Pharmacy, undertaking public hearings, and a for updates number of local organisations have made and news throughout the month.
written submissions, including Hobsons Bay Council, Wyndham Legal Service and Bringing Justice to Wyndham.
The Government will accept all of the recommendations of the Royal (ex Caltex - Aviation Rd) Commission when it is handed down, and we are already investing in family 1a Oakdene Gr. Laverton
violence services.
Telephone: 9369 1363
We have provided a $3.5 million boost to Family Violence Counselling Services, with Western Melbourne identified as an area of greatest need, a $1.4 million boost to Domestic Violence Victoria, $2 Brake - Clutch
million for more family violence workers to help respond to Victoria Police referrals, and the funding for a Safe All Mechanical Repairs
Phone:03 9369 2742 No 2 Strezlecki Grove, Laverton Office & Dispatch 43-45 Triholm Avenue, Laverton Production •Plastic for window including cubbyhouses •Polycarbonate sheet and roofing •Plastic bread and bait boards •Boat rollers and skids made to order •Acrylic or Perspex and in colours you require polycarbonate cut to size Come in and talk to us about your customised requirements! PAGE 16: AUGUST 2015 PAGE 17: AUGUST 2015 By Duncan Kennedy,
along Skeleton Creek, so I feel a large tree over time is very easy to Member Friends of Skeleton Creek strong connection to the Creek appreciate.
For me the important criteria was environment.
Skeleton Creek flows into the that the volunteer organisation was Cheetham Wetlands, considered a local, giving me the opportunity to It is very satisfying to see over time wetland of international significance contribute directly to the community a section of the Creek that was once (migratory birds), so improving the and in-line with the ‘think globally, act barren to develop into a fully-fledged quality of the water and water way locally' philosophy I strongly believe native has a wider impact as well - all from ecosystem, supporting local the simple act of planting trees and The group is made up mostly of local threatened species, such as the plants and maintaining them. people, and I quite enjoy working Growling Grass Frog, along with Also important to me is that this with like-minded local people on a a number of other birds, animals, volunteer activity is very accessible - local project that benefits the entire reptiles and insect species.
requiring no special skills or abilities, community. Being in the outdoors outside the ability to use a pick, and in nature is also a positive.
The benefits from this volunteer hammer and a bucket of water. I travel by train to work. I walk to the activity are very tangible - as seeing While not involved in my volunteer local train station to and from home a once small plant grow into a day through EpicGiving, on the other volunteer planting days (FoSC plant monthly, normally on a Sunday), I usually involve my two daughters (ages 3 and 7), giving them the to develop local community service Typically the day involves digging holes, planting local native and indigenous plants and surrounding them with guards and stakes and mulch (this enables these plants to get to a size where they won't get eaten by local animals), and then Engineered Stone & Kitchen Makeovers New Stone Benchtops laid
giving them a quick water. over your Existing Tops.
We plant in winter so the plants have Benchtops, Bathrooms, Doors Replaced & Modifications some chance of surviving on the local rainfall, while in summer they Fact 4, 387-393 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing can struggle in often hot drought-like FREE QUOTES
This volunteering activity takes about two hours all up and is followed by a hearty afternoon tea. SPECIAL AVAILABLE *Epicor Software Corporation is a global business software company, based in Austin, Texas, USA, with Join the Bottle-O a regional office in Melbourne. Through its EpicGiving program, Epicor gives employees one day SMS YOUR NAME OR off with pay per year to support a qualifying organisation of their EMAIL ADDRESS TO choice.National Australia Bank has a similar scheme - the NAB Employee Volunteer Program. NAB employees For Exclusive Offers receive a minimum of 16 hours paid volunteer leave each year. FoSC send information about our upcoming Diep Luu: 83682779 working bees to the NAB Employee Myra: 0421 760 352 Volunteering Coordinator, as well our monthly newsletter. PAGE 18: AUGUST 2015 Dr. Rosemary Cox B.V.Sc.
(03) 9360 0911
Humans live longer than cats or dogs. HOURS: 9am - 6:30pm MON-FRI
This means that almost universally, 9am - 12pm SATURDAY
we will have to watch our pets age and deal with the associated CONSULTATION BY
complications of that. For After Hours/Emergency There is the often stated belief that 1 141 RAILWAY AVE. LAVERTON (03) 9731 2232
human year equals 7 dog years. That is not quite true but is just a ratio of the appetite, their mobility and exercise average lifespans . In both species, tolerance, any lumps and bumps and the individual life spans can vary general demeanour - not necessarily widely and are on average getting daily but so you have a recent idea longer as we look after ourselves of what is normal, when asked by and our pets better. You can't make the vet. Blood tests are helpful in the direct conversion as the various monitoring. If the results are normal, life stages have different lengths - that doesn't mean they were a waste, animals don't have a "childhood" ie. it's a good result, and a reference a long period in which to grow and point for next time.
reach adulthood - our pets are fully Old pets feel the cold more, and grown and sexually mature from 6-12 although you may not notice it, will often benefit from supplements Due to human intervention and to improve their reduced mobility. breeding, dogs have the most extreme Things like arthritis and dental variation within a species, and the disease can develop slowly, so the lifespan is equally variable. The slow deterioration can be missed. rough rule is that the larger the breed Old age is not a disease, but old of dog, the shorter the lifespan, and animals can get sick. This doesn't vice versa. Great Danes and Boxers mean we can't do anything about it. are quite old by 9 and do well to reach Sometimes it can be hard to tell how 12, whereas Chihuahuas, and similar much is inevitable deterioration and hardy small dogs commonly reach how much is treatable, and it can be their late teens. Most dogs live to a difficult decision on whether to opt somewhere between 12 and 15.
for investigation or not. Pet food companies define pets Euthanasia is a privilege (in my as old over 8 years. This can opinion) that animals have over sometimes seem a bit harsh, and is a humans, when they reach the point generalisation, but the start of subtle where there is obviously no longer deterioration of organs can be starting going to be quality of life. It is our and should be accounted for. As pets responsibility to excercise that privilege age, routine checkups become more on their behalf wisely and humanely. important. You should be monitoring Dr Rosemary Cox
their weight, their water intake, their Australian Vinyls Corporation Pty Ltd
'Proudly supports Community Newspaper 65 Leakes Road, Laverton North
Tel: (03) 9368 4800
Fax: (03) 9368 4888
PAGE 19: AUGUST 2015


CONSEJO DIRECTIVO COLEGIO MEXICANO DE ANESTESIOLOGÍA, A.C. Dr. José A. Castelazo Arredondo Presidente Electo Dr. Juan H. Muñoz Cuevas Primer Secretario Propietario Dra. Hortensia Ayón Villanueva Primer Secretario Suplente ACAD. DR. JAIME RIVERA FLORES Dra. Arizbe Rivera Ordóñez Segundo Secretario Suplente Dra. Laura P. González Aquino EPOCA II VOL. VIII NO. 2

Herbal Monograph February 2015 Silybum marianum – ancient medicine for modern times Maureen Boh BA (Economics) UNSW, BCom (Accounting) UNSW Student, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Australasian College of Natural Therapies [email protected] Ian Breakspear MHerbMed (USYD) ND DBM DRM CertPhyto FNHAA Herbal & Naturopathic Clinician. Lecturer, Australasian College of Natural Therapies. Lecturer, Endeavour College of Natural Health [email protected]