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Volume 7, Issue 2 June 2014 Serena Alberta Bulletin New studies show variations in hormonal patterns of the menstrual cycle Two recent studies from a European Natural Family Planning (NFP) dataset have shed light on variations from the usual "textbook" profiles for hormones of the menstrual cycle. In the first study, Direito et al. (2013) demonstrated that luteinizing hormone (LH) surges do not always follow typical profile of a single LH surge preceding ovulation. Occasionally these LH Inside this issue: surges have a double peak or a broader peak, and occasionally ovulation occurred during the LH rise, rather than at the peak itself. The authors suggest that when smaller follicles are devel- oped in the follicular phase, there is less estrogen secreted, and consequently a "weaker" feed-back signal to the hypothalamus. This weaker signal might lead to lower LH peaks and possibly Coordinators Mes- a second LH peak when there are these smaller vs larger follicles. Secondly, a prolonged or broader LH peak is related to delayed luteinization. This may be related to luteal insufficiency in which there is not enough progesterone to lead to the negative feedback which stops the hypo-thalamus from secreting the LH hormone. The implications for the Serena method are that regardless of the pattern of the LH peak, tem-perature measurement which is a surrogate for progesterone, is a robust way to know that ovu-lation has occurred, and that the LH peak has passed - whether it had more than one peak or a broader peak. In the second study, Ecochard et al. (2014) showed that there are variations in follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) profiles which also depart from the typical profiles. FSH typical y Serena Canada is on Facebook has a higher baseline early in the follicular phase, decreases prior to ovulation, then increases around the day of ovulation (the FSH peak is often closer to ovulation than the LH peak); after ovulation, the FSH baseline then decreases further. In analyzing individual variants, it was shown that this typical profile occurred in less than half of the cycles, and in the other cycles, there was variability in FSH levels and changes in baseline levels that were correlated with strenuous physical activity, elevated BMI, and poor sleep. The departures from the typical pat- Check out the Serena Alberta tern were associated with delayed ovulation, shorter luteal phases, and lower progesterone lev- Blog - The clinical implications of this study are that FSH is sensitive to factors that are known to affect fertility. Excessive (high level) physical activity (e.g. sport-related amenorrhea), high BMI (e.g. Teacher Couple Training Week- relating to PCOS) and poor sleep all affected FSH, and these are known factors that impact fer- end Invitation on Page 2! tility. When teaching couples who are trying to achieve pregnancy, healthy lifestyle choices and encouraging regular sleep can be helpful in improving fertility. References: Direito, A., Bailly, S., Mariani, A., & Ecochard, R. (2013). Relationships between the luteinizing hormone surge and other characteristics of the menstrual cycle in normally ovulating women. Fertility and Sterility, 99(1), 279–285. Ecochard, R., Guillerm, A., Leiva, R., Bouchard, T., Direito, A., & Boehringer, H. (2014). Characterization of follicle stimulating hormone profiles in normal ovulating women. Fertility and Sterility. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2014.03.034

Teacher Couple Training Weekend Coming in Fall of 2014 The weekend will include:  Opportunity to learn from 4 experienced Certified Teacher  Opportunity to become a Certified Teacher Couple upon completion To Register or for more informa- The Training weekend will tion please contact: Join the Serena Cyndi Hofmann, Serena Alberta Alberta Team Coordinator at [email protected] or 780-488-5221 now! Attend the Red Deer, Alberta
Teacher Couple David & Cathy Bouchard, Presi- dent Couple at [email protected] Registration fee: $50.00 Only serious registrants please. The weekend will begin at 7 pm Friday night. Volume 7, Issue 2 The CLEARPLAN EASY FERTILITY MONITOR QUESTION from a Teacher-Couple
Have you heard of the ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor? A couple we taught is considering adding the ClearPlan
to the STM charts. I just wanted an opinion from you if possible. I suggested they use it in conjunction with the
charts rather than in lieu of.
The CLEARPLAN EASY OVULATION TEST (Clearplan in Italy, Clearblue easy in United States and Canada1)
measures the levels of LH and estrogen in the urine. For many years LH tests have been available. LH is a hor-
mone secreted by the pituitary 2 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. TOO LATE TO COVER SPERM SUR-
VIVAL! It is the slow increase of estrogens level, spread over one week or
more, that can announce ovulation early enough to cover sperm survival. It is this increase in estrogens that those
devices are trying to monitor. We, NFP users, know that the cervical mucus, present at the vulva by that time, is
our sign of that increase of estrogen.
The CLEARBLUE EASY FERTILITY MONITOR costs about CD$200 and the test sticks (#20) CD$50
(women use an average of 10 sticks per cycle). There is another very similar ovulation detection kit, PER-
3, for sale in Europe that is presented as a contraception method because it takes into account the lifetime
of sperm to avoid pregnancy; it is not the case for Clearblue however. Even thought, both FERTILITY MONI-
measure the rising estrogens plus the LH level every morning when you dip the stick in your urine and
then place it in the device for measurement, "Clearblue indicates the narrowest interval during which you are
most likely to become pregnant. If you're interested in conception, this is exactly what you want; however, if
you're interested in pregnancy protection, the
narrow interval leaves you vulnerable4." Moreover, both the system and the price are not intended for people
wanting to avoid pregnancy cycle after cycle. Persona is considered a birth control method. Clearblue easy is a
fertility monitor that maximizes the chances of getting pregnant.
This information is to help to avoid false hopes and useless expenses.
As the T-C well said it, at least "in conjunction with" is better than "in lieu of".
1 2 You will find an illustration of the relationships of the pituitary and the hypothalamus with the ovaries and of the feedback mechanism involved on page 14 of THE MENSTRUAL CYCLE published by SERENA. 3 4 Coordinators Message Hello everyone! Wishing you all a fun & safe summer.
Thank you so much Dr. Thomas Bouchard for the front page article "New Studies Show Variations in Hormo-
nal Patterns of the Menstrual Cycle
"! We appreciate your contribution!
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Volume 7, Issue 2


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Versión Preliminar COMISION de SELECCIÓN y MANTENIMIENTO del DONANTE de ÓRGANOS Página 1 de 1 Versión Preliminar " MUERTE HUMANA" "La muerte es la pérdida de la percepción y justamente por esto, una forma de no ser " EPICUREO Es una tendencia inherente a las ciencias (y en lo que nos atañe a la Ciencia Médica) intentar definir los distintos conceptos, fenómenos, procesos y parámetros que utiliza. Con frecuencia esta tendencia confronta con la imposibilidad de definir conceptos de tipo universal, los cuales por sus características no pueden ser definidos siguiendo la lógica clásica (una definición describe el campo en el que el concepto se halla inserto). No obstante la Ciencia Médica utiliza y aún mensura muchos de estos conceptos (ej. "tiempo", "energía") sin ser posible obtener una definición lógica de los mismos. Esto puede ser aplicado a dos conceptos en el tema que nos atañe: "vida" y "muerte", ambos son tratados, y mensurados sin reparar en la definición de los mismos (ej. tasas de natalidad y mortalidad). A tal respecto, las generalmente declamadas "definiciones", no lo son realmente desde el punto de vista conceptual, sino una enunciación de criterios o condiciones para declarar que tales eventos han ocurrido; podría reservarse el término "definición operativa" a tales efectos