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We wish all our devotees and well-wishers A Very Happy New Year and Happy Pongal. ,dpa 2016 Gj;jhz;L tho;j;Jf;fs; kw;Wk;

MovinG Forward in 2016
new initiativeS For thaipuSaM
what'S on
I hope all of you had a great holiday season. I am sure that, many positive things will happen within the Hindu community in 2016. Let's start with the Thaipusam festival, which will be held on 24 January 2016.
We are glad that religious music is being introduced at various points along the Thaipusam procession route. With the introduction of a few LIVE music points and increase in the number Moving Forward in 2016 of transmission music points, our devotees, especially our kavadi bearers, are bound to have a 2016k; Mz;by; thupak; more vibrant devotional experience this year. It is our responsibility as a community to enjoy this new experience whilst ensuring that it is orderly. HEB has made several administrative changes to the way Thaipusams were managed in the past and we are positive that all the enhancements would result in greater participation amongst Hindu devotees. New Initiatives For Thaipusam As HEB looks to the year ahead, it intends to focus on making an impact in a few key areas with the Hindu community. Priority will be given to bringing temples closer to the people to better Preparing For The Walk Of Faith serve their spiritual, social, educational and cultural needs. MCCY Appreciation Dinner 2015 At the Board, we will strive to keep our temples financially self-sufficient to offer the Hindu community more than just religious services. We hope to roll out our online booking service for Timeless Message From Bhagavad religious services and temple facilities. This would include automation of all temple transactions. Our temples will each have an interactive online portal listing its services as well as programs My Journey With Ayyappan with detailed explanations to associated religious rites and rituals. Everyone would be able to access and book our temple services and facilities in the comfort of their home or office.
In 2016, HEB will continue offering disadvantaged families much needed educational bursaries, study grants, pre-school subsidies and even free monthly food rations. In the coming Rising From The Ashes year, HEB will be expanding its reach to make free health screening and referrals to hospitals more accessible by organising more health fairs.
In today's context it is important for HEB to work with other privately managed Hindu temples Alangarams In Our Temples as well as Hindu institutions to collectively uplift the Hindu community. HEB will offer both resources and expertise, where possible, to these organisations to reach out to the community.
For HEB run temples to remain relevant in a constantly evolving society like Singapore, it is gfy; gj;J ,uhg; gj;J – important to promote moral and religious education, amongst the young. With such education comes racial/religious understanding – of being able to live cohesively with people of other races With music provided by the organisers along the F[uhj; khepyj;jpd; Nrhkehj; Nfhapy; With a number of new and ongoing initiatives to look forward to this year, I am sure that the For the Thaipusam Festival in 2016, more music will be
available along the procession route. procession route, kavadi bearers need not engage and pay Lessons From The Life Of Maricha year will be interesting for our community. Best wishes to one and all for 2016! for additional music. a) LIVE Music Points (8.00am to 10.30pm)
c) Music Inside the Temple
The 3 LIVE music points are Temple musicians will be stationed at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Hindu Endowments Board Temple (SSPT) to play for kavadi bearers as they prepare Singapore Public & School Holidays - Short Street; and their kavadis. Kavadi bearers may approach the SSPT office - Bras Basah Road Field. to request for this free service (subject to availability). Urumi 2016k; Mz;by; thupak; At the LIVE music points, Temple musicians will be melam groups wishing to offer their service to kavadi bearers stationed on a stage to play for kavadi bearers walking can register with SSPT. 2016k; Mz;by; gy rthy;fis epfo;j;j ,e;J mwf;fl;lis thupak; Kavadi bearers who want urumi melam music at SSPT, jahupfpAs;sJ. gf;ju;fshfpa cq;fspd; KO Mjuit vjpu;g;ghu;f;fpd;wJ.
Urumi melam musicians who wish to play at one of the may approach the registered urumi melam groups stationed Kjypy; ijg;G+rj; jpUtpoh 2016. ,e;j Mz;L ijg;G+r tpoh ghijapy; Healing With Spices gf;jp ,ir xU rpy ,lq;fspy; mDkjpf;fg;gl;Ls;sJ vd;gJ ehk; mwpNthk;. designated LIVE music points can register with Sri Srinivasa within SSPT (based on availability). Kavadi bearers may ,e;j eltbf;if tpohtpd; gf;jpg; gutrj;ij NkYk; mjpfupf;Fk;. ,e;j ey;y Perumal Temple (SSPT). Please send your contact details to engage any of the registered urumi melam groups at a fee to Tofu – Beancurd mDgtj;ijf; fl;bf;fhg;gJ ehk; midtupd; nghWg;ghFk;.
[email protected] or call 9382 9176.
play for them within the temple.
,e;j Mz;by; thupaj;jpd; gy jpl;lq;fspy; ekJ Nfhapy;fspd; Nritfis A representative from SSPT will contact your urumi group NkYk; Nkk;gLj;Jtjpy; ehd;F Myaq;fspy; fzpdp %yk; gf;ju;fSf;Fr; to allocate the timing to play at the LIVE music point. ONLY Improvements To The Procession Route
Nritfis toq;FtJ xU Kf;fpa Vw;ghL.
those urumi groups who register with SSPT will be allowed Fire Walking Festival 2016y; trjp Fiwe;j FLk;gq;fSf;F NkYk; gy topfspy; cjtp nra;tJ to play on stage at the LIVE music point on Thaipusam day. - The last kavadi is allowed to leave Sri Srinivas Perumal Arudra Dharisanam thupaj;jpd; kw;Wk; xU Fwpf;NfhshFk;. ekJ rKjhaj;jpdupd; RfhjhuKk; xU Urumi melam groups should register early as the slots will Temple (SSPT) at 7.00pm on Thaipusam day.
Kf;fpa mk;rk;. NkYk; gy Rfhjhu tpohf;fis Vw;ghL nra;J ,ytr Rfhjhu Vaikunda Ekadasi Festival fill up fast. Musicians should not walk and play along the There is a separate lane for women, children and procession route.
families along Clemenceau Avenue leading to Sri Saraswathy Poojai At SMT ekJ ,e;J rKjhaj;ij Nkk;gLj;j> thupak; vy;yh Myaq;fSld; ,ize;J nray;gLtJ kpfTk; Kf;fpakhFk;. ,t;thW nra;tjhy; gy FLk;gq;fis ehb mtu;fSf;Fj; Njitahd cjtpfis ey;Ftjw;F thupak; rf Nfhapy;fSld; b) Transmission Music Points (8.00am to 10.30pm)
There are resting/ overtaking bays along the procession neUf;fkhf gzpGupAk;. The 7 transmission music points playing Kavadi cq;fs; midtUf;Fk; thupaj;jpd; kq;fs Gj;jhz;L tho;j;Jf;fs;.
- Outside Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple (SSPT); Reduction In Participation Fee
There is a reduction in fee for kavadi participation. All ,e;J mwf;fl;lis thupak; - Princep Street; deposits have been removed.
- Dhoby Ghaut Green; There is an extension in the duration to purchase The newsletter is published by the Hindu Endowments Board, 2016. No part of this newsletter should be reproduced without the permission of the publisher. - Outside Sri Thendayuthapani Temple (STT); and participation tickets for various Thaipusam vows. For further enquiries, please contact the Hindu Endowments Board, 397 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218123. Tel: 6296 3469, E-mail: [email protected] - Head shaving Area Sri Thendayuthapani Temple (STT). Participation tickets for Paal Kudam, Paal Kavadi, Advisors: Mr R Jayachandran, Mr M Param; Editorial Board: Mr S Ramesh, Mr Vivek Kumra, Mr Krishnasamy Siva Sambo (Sri Mariamman Temple), Kavadi bearers are requested to move through the Thottil Kavadi, Ratha Kavadi and Alagu Kavadi are Mr V Selvam (Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple), Ms Rajashree Rajan (Sri Sivan Temple), Mr Anantha Sayanam (Sri Vairavimada Kaliamman Temple) transmission music points and LIVE music points at a steady available at both Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Sri Photo credits: T. Kavi, Designed & printed by Sun Media Pte Ltd, 20 Kramat Lane, #01-02 United House, Orchard, Singapore 228773 pace. Any delays will hold up the rest of the procession and Tel: 6735 2972/1907, E-mail: [email protected] inconvenience others. 2 - HINDU NEWS
preparinG For the waLk oF Faith
I hardly realise that the piercings have been done. As I take the ratha kavadi early in the morning, the weather is usually uring Thaipusam, there are many types of offerings to "It is a matter of mind over body. Deep concentration on the All pleasant. This makes the journey much easier. Finally, when the Lord Murugan. A special offering is the carrying of kavadi Mighty makes you overcome any pain or suffering, which in turn milk offered is poured over Lord Murugan's Vel, I feel a great and there is a Puranic legend behind this practice. gives you inner strength. It makes you a stronger person." sense of satisfaction and peace," added Mr Saravanan.
The simplest kavadi consists of a short wooden pole Fasting, doing meditation and listening to devotional hymns surmounted by a wooden arch. Pictures or statues of Lord helps to prepare Mr Raj physically, mentally and spiritually. "I Murugan or other deities are fixed onto the arch. The kavadi go on a strict vegetarian diet for 14 days and visit the Temple. is decorated with peacock feathers and a small pot of milk is My family is very supportive and joins me in being vegetarian attached to each end of the pole.
out of their own will. They have understood over the years as to what it takes for the preparation and help accordingly. And because I carry the kavadi together with my cousin, it's like a family gathering for a good cause." When asked how he prepares his kavadi, Mr Raj said, "I start fixing my kavadi early and prefer to do it alone as that's when I connect with the kavadi itself. The feeling grows more as the days get closer and the kavadi is almost completely assembled. Personally, I do not use my religious vows as reasons to abstain from work and carry out my normal duties as per normal although I have a very good support at work. I believe that this is the best way of respecting and displaying the best of Hinduism." Describing his emotions and thoughts on the day of Thaipusam, Mr Raj said, "I carry the ‘arigandam' kavadi. Getting the right people to do the piercing is very important too. The atmosphere of divine music and songs keep you motivated A devotee carrying a simple kavadi Mr Saravanan gets his experienced uncle to do the piercing Embarking on his journey of faith (Photo credit: Prethev Raj) and add to inner strength. Support from family and friends (Photo credit: Saravanan Krisnan) There are more elaborate kavadis that devotees carry. The during the journey is equally important to keep you going. alagu and ratha kavadi are common forms of kavadi carried by Words cannot describe the feeling when I am finally standing devotees during Thaipusam. Kavadis are affixed on a bearer's before the All Mighty. The satisfaction you get is awesome and makes you look forward to the next time when you are given the MCCY appreCiation dinner 2015
body by long sharpened rods or by chains and small hooks. A kavadi bearer not only carries a gift for God but the whole opportunity to carry the kavadi again." kavadi is seen as a shrine for God Himself.
On 19 November 2015, the Ministry of Culture, Community Sharing his experiences, Mr N Prushuathamun said that his
and Youth (MCCY) held its Appreciation Dinner 2015 involvement over the years has allowed him to gain insights with the aim of honouring its stakeholders from various into the community issues and to help find solutions for the organisations who are actively engaged in the arts, heritage, challenges that Singapore faces as a multi-racial and multi- sports, community and youth sectors over the years. Members religious society. "It has been a richly rewarding experience and from the Hindu Endowments Board (HEB) and Hindu Advisory I am grateful for the opportunity to work on matters that address Board (HAB) received the Friends of MCCY Award 2015 from the needs of the Hindu community, ad to build ties and rapport Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth.
with other communities," he added.
Hindu News congratulates Mr R Jayachandran (Chairman, HEB), Mr Rajan Krishnan (Chairman, HAB) and Mr N Prushuathamun (Vice Chairman, HAB) on the Friends of MCCY Speaking of his aspirations, Mr Jayachandran said, "My vision is for Hindu institutions and temples to remain relevant in a constantly changing society like Singapore. To achieve Getting the right person to do the piercing is very important says Mr Raj. this, I am encouraging moral and religious education especially Ratha (chariot) kavadi (Photo credit: Prethev Raj) amongst the young. With education comes understanding." Devotees who intend to carry kavadis are customarily Another kavadi bearer, Mr Saravanan s/o Krisnan, 36, has required to observe strict physical and mental discipline. been participating in Thaipusam since he was 12 years old. "I Purification of the body is a necessity. This includes taking HAB Chairman, Mr Rajan Krishnan receiving his award. made a vow to Lord Murugan, who is my ‘kuladeivam', that I just simple vegetarian meals and observing celibacy. Piercing will take the chariot kavadi as long as I physically can," he said.
the skin, tongue or cheeks is also common. This prevents "For a week before Thaipusam, I have one meal a day and the devotees from speaking and gives them great powers consume only fruits at night. I sleep on the floor as I believe of endurance.
that this is one of the factors that helps to condition the body Hindu News spoke to two kavadi bearers on their too. I pray to Lord Murugan to give me strength to fulfil my vow. preparations for their walk of faith – the reasons for carrying Fasting and prayer make me feel light and calm my mind. My the kavadi, how they observe their fast, the family support family members prepare vegetarian meals and we also sing they receive and what goes through their minds on the day bhajans together." of Thaipusam.
"I start preparing and decorating my ratha kavadi weeks Mr Prethev Raj, 43, has been carrying kavadi for the last 13 before Thaipusam. I enjoy every moment of it. On the day of years. Initially, he started carrying the kavadi out of curiosity but Thaipusam, my uncle helps with the piercings as he is very Mr R Jayachandran receiving the Friend of MCCY Award from Minister Mr N Prushuathamun receiving his award. after doing so for the first time, he realised how fulfilling it was. experienced. With family and friends singing the bhajans, (Photo credits: Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth) 4 - HINDU NEWS
tiMeLeSS MeSSaGe FroM BhaGavad Gita
From my second year onwards, my connection with Lord at Pamba and at Sannidhanam throughout the entire time that Ayyappan grew much stronger and I was able to feel my we were there. We were also able to provide thannidhanam to prayers become a lot more spiritual. I started to question the the Swamy's at different points along the Periya Paathai. We he International Gita Forum, an integral part of Gita rituals that we were following and decided to adopt my own chose particular points where we knew that many Swamy's Jayanti celebrations, was held on 24 October 2015 at approach to Bhagavan's worship. As I did my daily prayers for would be extremely tired, and all they needed to carry on was a him each day, my love for Him started to grow, and the yearning glass of water. It was wonderful to see the smiles on their faces Prof. S. Jayakumar, former Deputy Prime Minister who to see him was beyond words.
after receiving it. I am sure that Lord Ayyappan will continue to inaugurated the Forum, was happy to see several Indian When we climbed His 18 Steps, we were allowed to go bless us to carry out this seva for a lot more devotees in the organisations working together for the betterment of the straight to the front to see him, and they were performing the coming years.
community. He also touched upon a few verses of Gita to bring Ashtabhishegam for Bhagavan. That wonderful memory is One of the important aspects of the entire Sabari Malai Yatra out the relevance to the human behaviour even now. firmly etched in my mind and it gives me goose-bumps, even is what happens after the Yatra is over and you remove your Swami Vinayakanandaji spoke on the topic of "The when I think of it now.
Malai. When we fast for one mandalam to prepare ourselves to Universal Concept of God - The Uniting Force". He elaborated It was in my Manikandan year that Bhagavan blessed us see Lord Ayyappan, we are inherently training and conditioning on how God could be realised while living in a human body to have Raja Guruswamy as our Guru. Under his guidance our minds and our bodies and making ourselves realise that we since God resides in every one. Swamiji explained ‘Naadha and leadership, we learnt so much about Bhagavan and indeed have the ability to control our thoughts and our actions. Bindu Kala' akin to the sleeping of humans, the pure His worship.
That is a very important realisation that every Swamy must consciousness in association with Maya (delusion), manifests His way of Lord Ayyappan's worship was so simple – love, have, because that will give him the strength to carry on that into this wonderful creation but it must be understood to be love, love. He taught us that all we had to do was to love discipline even after removing the Malai.
transient in nature. His analogy of mobile phones and SIM Bhagavan like how a mother loves her child; simple and pure. From my own experience and from what I have observed cards as body and Atma struck a chord with the audience in Swami Vinayakanandaji (extreme left) and Mr Subhanu Saxena He taught us that in order for Bhagavan to come into our lives, from others, once you decide that you want Lord Ayyappa as explaining day-to-day issues in a simple manner. (extreme right) during the Q&A session we first had to empty our hearts from ego, hatred and jealousy. part of your life, and you start your spiritual journey to Sabari Another speaker, Mr Subhanu Saxena, spoke on the When your heart is filled with such negativity, there can be no Malai, you start a transformation process that lasts throughout subject of ‘Gita for Leaders and Business Life'. He showed how space for Bhagavan to enter. When we clear our hearts and your life. Every Yatra, you learn something new about yourself Krishna‘s advices to Arjuna are relevant for the corporate world minds, we create space for Him to come into our lives, and be that you never knew before. also. He said a Corporate must have purpose beyond profit, a part of us.
The lessons that you learn help you to be a better person any work must be enjoyed in the process of it and not for the It was through our Guruswamy's guidance that we also and as your life progresses upwards, more and more positive result of it. The principle of surrender to God or ‘Sharanagathi' learnt how to conduct the poojas at home. He taught us things happen. This cycle acts like a magnetic force that brings can be adopted for salary negotiations too, he added, leaving it everything that we needed to know and was personally present all His devotees to Him closer and closer every year. Swamiye to the other side to decide in good faith. for all our poojas at home to pray for Bhagavan to come to our Saranam Ayyappa! Dr N Varaprasad (President, Hindu Centre) chaired the homes and bless all the devotees. He says that Bhagavan will Open Forum session. Some 300 persons attended the Forum. only come if everyone prays together with one-heart and one- In the afternoon, an art competition for children was held mind. ‘Oru-Manathodu Kootu Prathanai' is the key.
in three categories of age. The response was overwhelming It was with our Guruswamy that we went for the Periya with about 140 registrants. The theme for competition was Pathai and Makara Jyothi for the first time. The Periya Pathai "Govardhana Giridhari or Gopalakrishna". Prizes were given was a life-changing experience. You see so many people, from away to first three winners in each category along with a few the very young to the very old, walking the path. There are also more consolation prizes. The judges were amazed at the quality many devotees with physical challenges that take the Periya of the drawing and commended the participants.
Children's art competition Pathai every year to see Lord Ayyappan. When you witness all these miracles, you realise that it is a journey that can only MY JourneY with aYYappan
be completed with Bhagavan's blessings; nothing else will get you through.
The group leaving for the Yatra from Changi Airport. By Ravi Suppiah
In the few years that I have been to Sabari Malai, I have had the blessing to attend Lord Ayyappan poojas conducted hroughout my years of praying to Bhagavan, I have come to by many different groups under various Guruswamys. In all the realise that this quote by Sri Ramakrishna summarises the prayers, I observed that every group does the prayers in their true essence of what Lord Ayyappan's worship is all about.
own unique way depending on how their Guruswamy taught Many years ago, before wearing the ‘Ayyappan Malai' for them. However, the most important thing is that the presence of the very first time, I had no idea who Lord Ayyappan was and Bhagavan could be felt in each and every prayer regardless of had never sincerely prayed to him. The first thing I did was to the approach. That is the beauty of Ayyappan worship.
go to the internet to source for information, and that's when Those who have been to Sabari Malai during the season- I started to understand the legend behind Lord Ayyappa and time, would have seen the massive crowds there. Hundreds Sabari Malai. It was also through these sites that I got to and thousands of Swamys don't have the resources to stay understand the strictness of the ‘one mandalam fasting period' comfortably in a room. They will find any available open space Handing out water to the Swamys on Periya Pathai and its importance in preparing our mind and body for the to rest and sleep in the night.
yatra (pilgrimage).
Our Guruswamy will always tell us that if Bhagavan has I started on this journey with a group of friends and at that blessed us to be in a position to do good deeds and help others time we didn't have anyone to guide us. The practices that that is what we should do. We served annadhanam to many we developed were based on our own reasoning and advice devotees when we went on our Yatra together and we have from other devotees who had been on this journey before, and been carrying on with that tradition ever since. At the start of this year's Yatra, we started to place a hundial at every house pooja therefore, had more experience. to collect contributions for the annadhanam at Sabari Malai. We Lord Ayyappan As a first timer, everything was new to me, and I very much encouraged all those attending the pooja to donate what they "Many are the names of God, and infinite the forms that lead followed what the other devotees in the group were doing. could, so that we could do our part by providing annadhanam us to know Him. In whatsoever name or form you desire to call At that time, I felt that the whole process was more religious for the Swamys at Sabarimalai.
Him, in that very form and name you will see Him." instead of spiritual. With Lord Ayyappan's grace, I had a good With the money that was raised, we provided annadhanam – Sri Ramakrishna dharisanam at the Sannidhanam (main sanctum).
Distributing food packets (Photo credits: Ravi Suppiah) 6 - HINDU NEWS
Glory Of The Holy Ashes
riSinG FroM the aSheS
Rising From The Ashes
Shloka to chant while applying Vibuthi on forehead
In Puranas, we find once the great Muni Durvasa while Lord Shiva proclaimed that Durvasa Muni was indeed a By Swami Vimokshananda
chanting the mantra – Sarvaatman Shivashankara! Srimaatar great Shivabhakta – a devotee of Shiva. Every day after having President, Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore
Bhuvaneshwari! – was moving in the sky and came to a halt Mandiramaavadhu neeru vaanavar melathu neeru bath, Durvasa Muni would smear the holy ashes of Lord Shiva Aum Namah Shivaya
before Yamaraja. Yamaraja welcomed Durvasa Muni and on his forehead and upper body. Due to Durvasa Muni being Sundaramaavadhu neeru thuthikkap paduvathu neeru showed him the entire city which was called Dharmapuri.
his Panchakshara – five lettered – mantra is potentially jolted on hearing the suffering, particles of the holy ashes fell While discussing with Yamaraja, Durvasa Muni intermittently Thandiramaavadhu neeru samayathillulathu neeru efficacious in warding off evils and bestowing grace and on the grounds of Kumbhipaka Naraka.
heard noisy sounds of weeping and wailing. Surprised at that, Sendhuvar vaayumai pangan thiru aalavaayaan thiruneere peace of mind. Sages, saints and innumerable devotees Lord Shiva continued to say that whoever applies holy ash Durvasa Muni asked Yamaraja from where these crying sounds of Lord Shiva have chanted this mantra repeatedly all through on his body would remember that finally all will be reduced to were coming. The dispenser of Justice Lord Yama explained the ages. Holy ashes offered to and accepted as prasadam from ashes and from the ashes, creation will rise again. By wearing to Durvasa Muni that under his control, there were fourteen ke;jpu khtJ ePW thdtu; NkyJ ePW Lord Shiva can indeed do wonders – from removing obstacles ashes on one's body, a devotee can develop detachment with heavens and twenty-eight hells. The cries that Durvasa to bringing peace of mind.
his body/mind complex. This would make him realise the Truth Re;ju khtJ ePW Jjpf;fg; gLtJ ePW Muni heard emanated actually from one of the hells called behind all these changing phenomena because Lord Shiva Kumbhipaka Naraka.
je;jpu khtJ ePW rkaj;jp Ys;sJ ePW Holy Ashes
is the substratum of the impermanent Universe. He is Truth People of sinful nature who did not properly respect their (Satyam). Shiva is also Auspicious (Shivam) and indeed Beauty nre;Jtu; thAik gq;fd; jpUMy thahd; jpUePNw.
elders and ancestors by not offering pinda and udaka (riceballs (Sundaram) itself. Jai Shiva Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara! and water) were the cause of the ancestors' downfall into Aum Namah Shivaya! Kumbhipaka Naraka.
Hearing the heart rending cries of the ancestors, Durvasa Muni requested Lord Yama to allow him to visit Kumbhipaka Naraka. Accordingly, Lord Yama arranged his men who took Durvasa Muni to that hell.
Durvasa Muni was greatly surprised to find that Kumbhipaka Naraka was not looking like a hell. Neither weeping nor wailing! Instead, the manes were found cheerfully relaxing on comfortable beds having their drinks and meals, served by host of attendants. Lord Yama's men were also taken by surprise.
They rushed back immediately to Lord Yama and informed him of the wonderful sight they had seen in Kumbhipaka Naraka. Yamaraja thereupon informed Indra, the Lord of the Devatas, about the sudden change of the nature of the hell into Holy ashes heaven. Not knowing the reason thereof, Lord Indra came to In the life of the Master, Sri Ramakrishna, we find his mother Kumbhipaka Naraka on his airavata (celestial elephant).
Chandradevi used to visit frequently the temple of Jugi Shiva On inspection, Indra too got bewildered how the hell could in Kamarpukur. Once, she suddenly saw a divine effulgence change into a heaven overnight. The Devatas led by Indra coming from the holy image (linga) of the great Lord Shiva. This approached Lord Brahma, the Lord of Creation. Lord Brahma bright light filled the temple and rushed towards her in waves. could not give any answer; so the Devatas turned to Lord Engulfing her all of a sudden, the light swiftly entered into Vishnu from whom they could also not elicit any answer.
her body. Stunned with wonder and initial fear Chandradevi fell When finally they approached Lord Shiva for an explanation, down unconscious. After recovery, she felt that she was pregnant Lord Shiva smiled and said that it was the visit of Durvasa Muni with a child. The maid, Dhani, was helping Chandradevi during to that hell that brought about the wonderful transformation. the pangs of labour. When the baby was born, Dhani kept the Surprised at this, the Devatas asked Lord Shiva what Durvasa kfhkfk; jpUtpoh 12 Mz;LfSf;F xUKiw jkpo;ehl;bd; kfhkfj; jpUtpohitnahl;b> Fk;gNfhzj;ijr; Rw;wpAs;s baby aside and was rendering necessary help to the mother. Muni did to enable the change of hell into a heaven.
Fk;gNfhzj;jpy; kpfTk; rpwg;ghfTk; gpuk;khz;lfTk; Kf;fpa rpthyaq;fspYk;> tp ;Z Nfhapy;fspYk; rpwg;G When Dhani came back she was surprised to find that the baby G+i[fs; eilngWk;. gf;ju;fs; Fsj;jpy; ePuhb> Nfhapy;fspy; had disappeared from the place where she had kept it.
fle;j kfhkfk; jpUtpoh 6-3-2004k; Njjpad;W xU kpy;ypad; jpushf te;J juprdk; ngWtJ tof;fk;.
In alarm, she took a lamp and found to her great surprise that gf;ju;fNshL nfhz;lhlg;gl;lJ. mLj;j kfhkfk; jpUtpoh 22- tUk; 22-2-16k; Njjp kfhkfj; jpUtpohtpw;Fr; Rkhu; the baby had rolled down the ground into the hollow fireplace. 02-2016 md;W eilngw Fk;gNfhzj;jpy; Kk;Kwkhf Vw;ghLfs; 1.5 kpy;ypad; gf;ju;fs; Fk;gNfhzj;jpw;Fk;> Rw;wpAs;s It was simply lying there with its little body fully smeared with Nfhapy;fSf;Fk; jpuz;L te;J juprdk; ngWtu; vd ashes like Shiva and still not crying! jkpo; khrp khjj;jpy; kfk; el;rj;jpu ehsd;W khrpkfk; vd vjpu;g;ghu;f;fg;gLfpwJ.
Shiva's ashes had a great charming effect on the mind of the topgLfpNwhk;. 12 Mz;LfSf;F xUKiw FU gfthd; rpk;k Master. Holy ashes offered to and accepted as prasada from uhrpapy; FbNaWk;NghJ> kfhkfkhff; nfhz;lhlg;gLfpwJ.
Lord Shiva can indeed do wonders – from removing obstacles Fk;gNfhzj;jpYs;Ns ,e;j jpUtpohtpw;fhf 250>000 rJu to bringing peace of mind. Indeed under the Naga sadhu Tota kPl;lu; gug;gstpy; (Rkhu; 5 fhw;ge;J jply;fs;) xU gpuk;khz;lkhd Puri, Sri Ramakrishna while practising meditation would smear Gdpj jz;zPu; Fsk; mikf;fg;gl;Ls;sJ ,Jjhd; kfhkff; Shiva's ashes all over his body. Fsk;. kfhkfj; jpdj;jpd;W> gf;ju;fs; jq;fs; ghtq;fisf; At ‘golden' Varanasi, Sri Ramakrishna had the vision of fopf;f ,f;Fsj;jpy; ePuhlj; jpuz;L tUtu;. ,ijj; jPu;j;jthup Shiva. In the words of Master, "I saw a tall white person with tawny matted hair walking with solemn steps to each pyre in the ,jw;fhf ,e;jpahtpy; cs;s Kf;fpa Gd;dpa ejpfshd burning ghat, raising carefully every jiva (soul) and imparting fq;if> aKid> ru];tjp> ruhA> Nfhjhtup> kfhejp> into his ear the mantra of supreme Brahman. On the other side eu;kij> fhNtup jPu;j;jq;fisr; Nrfupj;J kfhkff; Fsj;jpy; of the pyre, the all-powerful Mahakali was untying all the knots fyf;fg;gLfpd;wd. midj;J ejpfspy; ePuhb ek; ghtq;fisf; of bondage, gross, subtle and causal of the jiva produced by fopf;Fk; gyd;fs;> ,q;F kfhkfj;jd;W Fsj;jpy; ePuhbdhy; past impressions and sending him to the indivisible sphere by NghJk; vd;w IjPfKk; cz;L.
opening with Her own hands the door to liberation." Lord Shiva 8 - HINDU NEWS
aLanGaraMS in our
The common ones are the alangarams done for the Utsava ,JNt Rthkp myq;fhuj;jpd; rpW jftyhfTk; fypAfj;jpy; moorthis during the festival processions and ‘santhanakapu' ,iwtid Neupy; fhz rpwe;j top myq;fhukhFk;. MfNt or sandal paste alangaram for the main deities. Recently, the njhFg;G: nfsjk; =uhk;gl;lu; gy myq;fhfuq;fspy; gy &gq;fspy; fz;L urpj;J ,iwtdpd; alangaram priests have also excelled in doing special ones during mUis ngWNthk;.
langaram or decoration of the deities is an integral = =epthrg; ngUkhs; Nfhapy; key festivals to the awe of devotees.
part of Temple routines and festivals. There are many King Raja Raja Cholan developed this art during his period. connotations to the word alangaram. Here is one: flTspd; &gq;fis ehk; Gupe;J nfhs;sTk; mtuJ moif There are 15 different types of alangarams: urpf;fTk; ekf;F cjTtNj myq;fhukhFk;. Rthkpf;F nra;Ak; A – Admire towards Swamy Alangaram 1. Sandal Alangaram myq;fhuk; vd;gJ kpfg; ngupa rKj;jpuk; Nghd;wJ. mjpy; L – Love towards Swamy Alangaram 2. Butter Alangaram rpwpjsT ,g;NghJ njupe;J nfhs;Nthk;. Rthkpf;F nra;af;$ba A – Affection towards Swamy Alangaram 3. Senthura Alangaram myq;fhuk; %d;W tifg;gLk;. N – New towards Swamy Alangaram 4. Thambula (betel leaves) Alangaram G – Grace towards Swamy Alangaram 5. Fruits Alangaram 1. %ytu; tpf;ufj;jpw;Fr; nra;af; $ba myq;fhuk;.
A – Attraction towards Swamy Alangaram 6. Laddu Alangaram 2. cj;rt %u;j;jpf;Fr; nra;af; $ba myq;fhuk;.
R – Register towards Swamy Alangaram 7. Sweets Alangaram 3. %ytu;> cj;rtu; NghyNt jdpahf nra;af; $ba myq;fhuk;.
A – Alive towards Swamy Alangaram 8. Money (notes) Alangaram M – Move towards Swamy Alangaram 9. Jewels Alangaram ,e;j myq;fhuq;fspy; re;jdf;fhg;G> ntz;izf;fhg;G> 10. Navathanya Alangaram tpG+jp G+r;R kw;Wk; gQ;rNyhfj;jhyhd ];jk; ghjq;fisAk; Alangaram is a specialised skill taught by several padashalas in 11. Flowers Alangaram itj;J myq;fhuk; nra;ayhk;.
India. In many cases, the art of alangaram is also a family heritage, 12. Nuts Alangaram re;jdf;fhg;G myq;fhuk; nra;a Rkhu; 3 my;yJ 4 kzp passed down through several generations in a particular family.
13.Turmeric Alangaram Neuk; Njitg;gLfpwJ. Xt;nthU myq;fhuj;jpw;F Vw;g mjpf While many youngsters in families today have moved away 14. Kumkuma Alangaram Neuk; Njitg;gLfpwJ. mjpf Neuk;; nrytopj;Jr; nra;Ak; from continuing the tradition, several others continue to excel in 15. Sathupadi (use of hands and legs) Alangaram nghOJ myq;fhuk; rpwg;ghf mikAk;. xU gpk;gj;ij this field and bring alive the beauty of Swamy through their skills in khw;Wtjw;F mjhtJ NtW tbtq;fisf; fhl;Ltjw;F the field of alangaram. There are several types of alangaram being Hindu News is pleased to present you with a pictorial layout re;jdj;jhy; ];jk;> ghjk; nra;a Ntz;Lk;. ,Nj Nghd;W done in temples.
of some of the alangarams done by our Temple Alangara priests.
NtW myq;fhuj;jpw;F Jzpfshy; ];jk; ghjq;fisj; jahu; nra;a Ntz;Lk;.
rh];jpuq;fspy; $wpaJ Nghy; JzpfisAk;> fapWfisAk; kw;Wk; Njq;fha;fisAk; tpf;ufj;jpy; ,izj;J gy &gq;fis mikf;f Ntz;Lk;.
fhQ;rp kfh ngupatu; $wpaJ Nghy; fapWfis Rthkpapd; euk;ghfTk;> Njq;fha; kw;Wk; Jzpfis Rthkpapd; rij tbtkhfTk;> re;jdj;ij Njhy;fshfTk; ghtpj;J mikf;fg;gLfpwJ.
NkYk; myq;fhuj;jpy; moF Nru;f;f eif kw;Wk; re;jdfhg;G myq;fhuj;jpy; [pfpdh J}s;> tz;z Ngg;gu;fisg; gad;gLj;jg;gLfpwJ.
xU Rthkpapd; &gj;ij kdjpy; fw;gid nra;Jnfhz;L mjw;F Njitahd gy nghUl;fisr; Nrfupj;J gad;gLj;jp nra;Ak;NghJ myq;fhuk; rpwg;ghf mikfpwJ.
gfy; gj;J ,uhg; gj;J – mj;aaNdhj;]tk; mj;aaNdhj;]tk; vd;gJ ekJ Mo;thu; Mr;rhu;au;fshy; mE]e;jpf;fg;gl;l kpfg;ngupa cj;]tk; MFk;. ,e;j mj;aaz cj;]tj;ijg; gfy; gj;J ,uhg; gj;J ,uz;L ghfq;fshf ekJ Mo;thu; Mr;rhu;au;fs; ekf;F mspj;Js;sdu;. ,jpy; gfy;gj;J vd;gJ fhu;j;jpif khjj;jpd; eLtpy; njhlq;fp itFz;l Vfhjrp tiu eilngWk;. itFz;l VfhjrpapypUe;J njhlq;fp mLj;j gj;J ehl;fs; eilngWtij ,uhg;gj;J vd;W $Wtu;.
,e;j mj;aaNdhj;]tk; vd;gJ vg;gb te;jJ? Mo;thu;fshy; ghlg;gl;l ehyhapuj; jpt;agpuge;jk; MdJ ekJ Mr;rhupau;fspd; fhyj;jpy; kiwe;J tpl;lJ. mjhtJ mE]e;jhdk; nra;a Kbahj epiyapy; ,Ue;jJ ,e;j jpt;a gpuge;jq;fs;. mg;nghOJ ehjKdpfs; vd;w Mr;rhupahu; tho;e;J te;j fhyj;jpy; mtu; jpt;aNjr ahj;jpiu Nkw;nfhz;lNghJ jpUf;Fle;ij vDk; jpt;aNjrj;ijr; Nrtpf;f te;j rkak; mq;Nf mKjd; re;epjpapy; ,uz;L it ;ztu;fs; "MuhtKNj" vd;W njhlq;Fk; jpt;agpuge;j ghliyg; ghbf;nfhz;bUe;jdu;. me;j ghliyf; Nfl;l ehjKdpfs; fz;zPu; ky;f> mtu;fsplk; nrd;W ",e;j gj;J ghly;fs; ahUilaJ> ahu; mUsp nra;jhu;?" vd;W (1) Sathupadi alangaram for Sri Mariamman during Navarathri; (2) Alangaram with rice flour (Maakaapu) for Sri Srinivasa Perumal (Photo Nfl;f ,g;ghly;fs; ek;kho;thuhy; ghlg;gl;l jpUtha;nkhop credit: Mahesh A.); (3) Rice and fruits alankaram for Sri Viswanathar on Aippasi Pournami (Annabishegam); (4) Flower alangaram for Sri Periyachi; (5) Vennaikaapu (butter) alangaram for Sri Anjaneyar; (6) Sandal paste alangaram for Sri Vinayagar (Narthana Ganapathy); vDk; f;ue;jk; MFk;. ,jpy; Mapuk; ghRuq;fs; cs;sd (7) Flower and sandal paste alangaram for Swamy Ayyappan vd;W gjpyspj;jdu;. NkYk; ,d;Dk; %thapuk; ghRuq;fs; 10 - HINDU NEWS
cs;sd vd;wdu;. clNd ehjKdpfs; midj;J ehd;fhapuk; jpt;agpuge;jfisAk; mE]e;jpj;jhu;. ,jw;F ngUkhNs Somnath Temple In Gujarat
ghRuq;fisAk; jkf;F mEf;u k; nra;a Ntz;Lk; vdf; mj;aaNzhj;]tk; vd;W ngaupl;L ,ijj;njhlu;e;J Nfl;Lf;nfhz;lhu;. Somnath Temple of Lord Shiva is an ancient temple located vy;yhg; ghRuq;fSk; njupahJ vdTk; mit me;j rkak; md;wpypUe;J khu;fop khjj;jpy; itFz;l Vfhjrp in southern coast of the state of Gujarat. Somnath is one of the kiwe;J ,Ue;jjhk;. G+Nyhfj;jpy; ahuplKk; mE]e;jhdk; md;W njhlq;fp gj;J ehl;fs; mE]e;jpg;gij ,uhg; gj;J 12 jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva and is also called Prabhas ngw ,ayhJ vd;wdu;. Ntz;Lnkd;why; NjtuPu; mE]e;jhdk; vd;Wk;> mjw;F Kd;G gj;J ehl;fs; jpUnkhop cw;rtkhfg; or stomach. It is also one of the 51 Shakthi Peethams.
nra;a Rthkp ek;kho;thuplk; kl;LNk nra;aKbAk; vd;W gfy;gj;J vd;Wk; mE]e;jpj;J tUfpd;wdu;. ,g;gpuge;jq;fis Legends state that Moon God or Lord Soma worshipped kJuftpaho;thu; mUs;nra;J fz;zpEd;rpWj;jhk;G vDk; gj;J Ntjk; mE]e;jpf;Fk; fhyj;jpYk; mE]e;jpf;fr; nra;jdu; Lord Shiva here, which resulted in the creation of this Temple ghRuq;fis cgNjrpj;jhu;. ,ij ahnuhUtu; (mN huhj;uk;) Mr;rhupau;fs;.
and hence the name Somnath, which means the Lord of Soma. mjhtJ VO ,uTfs; czTk; cwf;fKk; ,y;yhky; mE] ,g;gpuge;jk;; Ntjj;jpd; rhukhf tpsq;Ftjhy; jpuhtplNtjk; Somanath Temple depicts the story of a city which withstood e;jhdk; nra;jhy; Rthkp ek;kho;thupd; juprdk; fplLtJ vd;Wk; $Wtu;.
the shocks of time and survived the attacks of destroyers. History epr;rak; vd;whu;. clNd ehjKdpfs; VO ,uTfSf;F czTk; kJuftpaho;thu; mUs;nra;j fz;zpErpWj;jhk;G states that the Afghan King, Ghajini Mohammad invaded India cwf;fKk; ,y;yhky; fz;zpEd;rpWj;jhk;G vDk; gpuge;jj;ij 17 times. Within these invasions, he had destroyed Somnath mE]e;jpj;jhu;. VO ,uTfspd; Kbtpy; ek;kho;thupd; fz;zpEd; rpWj;jhk;gpdhy; fl;Lz;zg; Temple 7 times and looted its wealth. The present structure was mEf;u Kk; fpilj;jJ. ehjKdptUf;Nf ehyhapuk; gz;zpa ngUkhad; vd;dg;gdpy; built and renovated in 1947, by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
jpt;ag;uge;j ghRuq;fisAk; mEf;u k; nra;a Ntz;Lk; vd;W ez;zpj; njd;FU$u; ek;gp vd;wf;fhy; The Temple is situated at an extraordinary geographical Nfl;f ek;kho;thUk; mUs; nra;jhu;. jpt;agpuge;jfis =uq;fk; mz;zpf;Fk; mKJ}Wk; vd; ehTf;Nf" location. Facing south, there is no land in between Somnath's nrd;W ngUkhsplk; mE]e;jhdk; nra;AkhW $wp ek;kho;thu; seashore to northern coasts of Antarctica, about 10,000 km me;ju;jhdk; Mdhu;. ,e;j ehyhapuj; jpt;a gpuge;jq;fisAk; ahnuhUtu; across Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean.
ehjKdpfs; =uq;fk; NfhapYf;Fr; nrd;W ngUkhs; jdJ ,y;yj;jpNyh my;yJ Nfhapy;fspNyh mE]e;jhdk; View of Somnath Temple from the seashore [Source: /] rd;djpapy; mE]e;jhdk; nra;Ak; Ntisapy; ,jw;F nra;fpwhu;fNsh> mtu;fSf;Ff; ngUkhs; mEf;u Kk;> Kd;G Kd;Ndhu;fs; ,g;gpuge;jij mE]e;jpj;jhu;fsh vd;w Mo;thu;fs; Mr;rhu;ahu;fSila fpUigAk; fpl;LtJ jpz;zk;. Nfs;tpAld; Nahrpj;Jf;nfhs;Sk;NghJ> ngUkhs; ehjKdptu; LeSSonS FroM the LiFe oF MariCha
Kd; Njhd;wpdhu;fs;. ,jw;F Kd; jpUkq;ifaho;thu; ,g;gpuge;jq;fis mE]e;jpj;Js;shu; vd;W $wpdhu;. vz;Zk; jpUehkk;! jpz;zk; ehuzNk! mjd;gpwF ehjKdpfSk; ngUkhs; rd;djpapy; ehyhapuk; jpUtha;nkhop.
foolishly threatening to defeat him.
However, one's inherent nature reasserts. Along with other F[uhj; khepyj;jpd; Nrhkehj; Nfhapy; demons, Maricha was, again, trying, in the guise of a deer, to destroy the ashrams of some rishis. Rama spotted him and Kjy; jykhfTk; NrhkehjGuk; fUjg;gLfpwJ. ,uz;ah ejp> shot an arrow. Since Maricha turned his back and ran away, fgpy ejp> ru];tjp ejp Mfpa %d;W ejpfSk; jpupNtzp which is a signal of accepting defeat, Rama, the embodiment of rq;fkj;jpy; xd;W $Lfpd;wd. dharma (righteousness), spared his life. Maricha's learning got Mg;fhdp];jhdg; Nguurd; fIpdp KfkJ 17 jlit reinforced. He gave up the life of a rakshasa and aspired to live gilnaLj;J te;J NrhehjkGuj;ijj; jhf;fp ngUk; the life of an ascetic.
nry;tj;ijf; nfhz;L nrd;whd;. Nrhkehj ypq;fj;jpw;F When Ravana, enraged at Soorpanakha's humiliation by mbapy; ngUk; xsptUk; ufrpak; mwpe;J mjidf; fsthl Lakshmana, asked Maricha to distract Rama to enable him to Kaw;rpnra;J VOKiw ,f;Nfhapiy ,bj;Jj; js;spdhdhk;. carry Sita away, he refused initially. He pleaded with Ravana to Mdhy; me;j xspapd; ufrpaj;ij mtdhy; mwpaKbatpy;iy. desist from the evil and risky plan. He praised Rama, knowing ,e;jpah Rje;jpuk; mile;jgpd;> 1947k; Mz;by; ty;ygha; that Ravana would not like it, and would get annoyed. He called gl;Nly; mtu;fspd; Kaw;rpahy; jw;NghJ mike;Js;s Nfhapy; Rama the very personification of dharma. Rama was also strong. But, he did not misuse his strength for personal pleasure epytpay; mbg;gilapy; NrhkehjGuk; XU tpaf;fj;jf;f Rama kills the golden deer, which is Maricha in disguise and dominance. Instead, he used it to protect dharma. Maricha mjpraKz;L. NfhapypUe;J njw;F jpiria Nehf;fpdhy; implied that Ravana should do the same. Maricha went further.
Rkhu; gj;jhapuk; fpNyhkPl;lu;fs; ,ilapy; ve;j epyKk; my;yJ jPTk; Fwpf;fpltpy;iyahk;. mNugpaf; fly;> ,e;jpa rKj;jpuk;> you probably have heard about Ramayana, and listened
to the stories from elders in your family or storytellers. mz;lhu;l;bf; rKj;jpuk; Mfpatw;iwf; fle;J mz;lhu;l;bf; You may have also read one or more books on the Nrhkehj; vdg;gLk; NrhkehjGuk;> F[uhj; khepyj;jpy; fz;lk; jhd; milaKbAkhk;. Ramayana. One can read great epics, such as the Ramayana, njw;F flNyhuj;jpy; mNugpaf; fliy Nehf;fp mike;Js;sJ. [jfty;: /] the Mahabharata and the Bhagavata, at different stages of life. rptngUkhdpd; 12 NIhjpuypq;fq;fSs; ,JTk; xd;W. mk;kdpd; You will find newer, deeper meanings and form positive 51 rf;jp gPlq;fspy; ,J gpugh]h (tapW) rf;jp gPlk; MFk;. impressions about some characters, such as Hanuman, Guha rfy ghtq;fSk; ePq;fTk;> ,wg;gpw;F gpd; Kf;jp fpilf;fTk; and Vibhishana. You may also have developed negative views ,q;Fs;s Nrhkehjiu topglyhk;.
of some, such as Ravana, Vali or Soorpanakha. One such NrhkhehjGuj;jpy; ,UNfhapy;fs; cs;sd. gioa Nfhapy; apparently negative character is Maricha, who came as a fUtiwf;Fr; nry;y FWfpa ghij topNa gbf;fl;Lfspy; golden deer and lured Rama and Lakshmana to chase him, so ,wq;fpdhy; ghjhsj;jpy; rptypq;fj;ijj; juprpf;fyhk;. gioa that Ravana could abduct Sita.
Nfhapy; Gjpa Nfhapypd; ,lGwKfg;gpy; mike;Js;sJ. Gjpa But, even from such a character, we can learn some Nfhapy; flw;fiu Xuj;jpy; fl;lg;gl;Ls;sJ. fu;g;gfpufj;jpd; useful values. Maricha was not totally bad. It is bad company, NkNy gy NfhGuq;fs; fl;lg;gl;Ls;sd.
such as that of Ravana, which made him practise adharma Nrhkd; vdg;gLk; re;jpugfthd; ,j;jyj;jpy; rptngUkhid (unrighteousness). Maricha saw the strength of Rama and topg;gl;L te;jjhy; Nrhkehjk; vdg; ngau; cz;lhfpaJ. Lakshmana, when they protected Rishi Vishwamitra's yajna, NrhkehjGuk; gpughrg; gl;lzk; vdg; Gfo;ngw;W jiy rpwe;j against disruption by Maricha and Subhahu, his brother. The jykhf tpsq;fpaJ. Guhzfhyk;> Ntj fhyk;> ,jpfhr latter got killed. Rama did not kill Maricha. But, his arrow drove fhyk;> jw;fhyk; vd gy fhyq;fspyYk; Gdpjj; jykhf Maricha deep into the oceans. Maricha learned his lesson. He Maricha, who had turned over a new leaf and was living the life of an tpsq;fptUfpwJ. gd;dpU N[hjpu;ypq;fj; jyq;fspy; tupirg;gb> decided to keep away from Rama, instead of egoistically and ascetic, advising Ravana against his evil plot to abduct Sita 12 - HINDU NEWS
He called Ravana's desire for Sita a sin. He warned the risk of siding with Ravana's adharma and getting destroyed, Passive (Mind Oriented)
Heart (Emotion Oriented)
mighty Ravana, with prophetic foresight, that the forcible capture along with him and Lanka. But, his courage was vindicated. of Sita would bring ruin to Ravana, Lanka and her people. Rama treated him with due respect, as an ally. After defeating Ravana, however, forced Maricha. What could poor Maricha Ravana, Rama crowned Vibhishana as a legitimate king of do? If he refused, he might have been killed by Ravana. So, Lanka, much to the satisfaction of her people. he bought time, as most living beings will, by playing the role We can pick up a few useful lessons from Maricha. First, demanded by Ravana.
appreciate the strength and virtue of your adversary. Second, By comparison, one can see the even better nature of avoid further conflict with such a righteous person. Third, if Vibhishana. He also gave Ravana the same advice as Maricha. allowed to escape from a wrong path, turn over a new leaf. But, when Ravana did not listen, Vibhishana left Lanka and Fourth, speak up against adharma, however strong and closely joined forces with Rama and Sugriva to defeat the adharma of related the person who is planning such evil acts.
Ravana. He took the risk of being mistrusted by people close to Rama, as a possible spy, sent by Ravana.
[Written by MB Athreya. Adapted from the monthy, Tattvãloka, That was a positive risk, worth taking, that the very negative The Splendour of Truth (August 2015).] stimulation. Soft music aids relaxation. You may also practice relaxation techniques such as progressive muscular relaxation, visualisation, autogenic training, self-hypnosis or different forms of meditation and yoga.
Regular meditation helps to reduce hypertension, insomnia, migraine, depression, anxiety and other psychosomatic illnesses. It also improves brain function by enhancing a These are basically mind oriented techniques which involves balance between the two separate hemispheres of the brain, minimal body activity. This method makes an individual focus In these methods, the heart and emotions are involved. promoting creativity, love, compassion, etc.
on the breath, sound, word, light, etc. Passive techniques are Deeply emotional and devotionally inclined people can be – Raja Yoga: chanting of mantras, transcendental meditation, benefitted by this method. Heart oriented methods include – Methods Of Meditation
meditation on sound/music, mirror gazing, humming, Trataka Bhakti Yoga: kirtanas, bhajans, prayers etc.
(concentration method), visualisation, Vipassana, Za Zen, Any method that creates awareness with relaxation is the Kriya Yoga, Chakra breathing, Chakra sound, etc.
[Adapted from BPositive Health and Lifestyle (May 2013).] right method. The methods may vary from person to person and one has to find out his or her own method. While all the methods overlap, they can be classified under three heads.
Active (Body Oriented)
In simple terms, meditation can be defined as total relaxation
of the mind and therefore, the body. Mental health leads to physical well-being, while a healthy body helps retain a healthy frame of mind as well.
Meditation can also be defined as the art of living in the present moment. The mind almost always dwells in the past or future. All our stress arises either from the past or the future. Relaxation can be achieved by living in the present moment.
The experience of deep relaxation or the art of living in the present moment creates the required deep silent mind to understand the spiritual dimension, the dimension which is beyond the real self. Hence, the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as the well-being of physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions.
Healing Effects Of Meditation
Health is the balance between harmony, rhythm and natural flow of life energy, through every part of the body. Diseases occur when this flow is interrupted. Poor lifestyle, emotional conflict, mental tension, inherited predispositions with consequent energy depletions are the main causes of poor health.
In this technique, the body is used a lot. These methods A number of physical diseases are often related to these are primarily used to activate the opposite poles of the body subtle problems. Meditation is very helpful in overcoming these resulting in a deep cleansing of the body. Many blocks created problems. Medication heals the body from outside, whereas in physical energy by mental conflicts also gets removed. meditation heals it from inside.
Active methods include – Hatha Yoga: dynamic meditation The easiest way to meditate is by either lying down, sitting (chaotic breathing), Kundalini, Nataraj (dancing meditation), on the ground or sitting on a chair in a comfortable position. Whirling (Sufi method), Sudarshan Kriya, Laughing and Eyes should be closed and noise eliminated to reduce external Crying meditation.
SinGapore puBLiC & SChooL hoLidaYS For 2016
Friday, 1 January Monday, 8 FebruaryTuesday, 9 February 2Saturday, 21 May Wednesday, 6 July Tuesday, 9 August Monday, 12 September 3Saturday, 29 October 4Sunday, 25 December (1) Monday, 2 May will be a public holiday. (2) Monday, 23 May, will be a school holiday.
(3) Monday, 31 October, will be a school holiday. (4) Monday, 26 Dec will be a public holiday.
School holidays (For primary and Secondary Schools)
SeMeSter 1
Between Terms 1 and 2 Saturday, 12 March – Sunday, 20 March Between Semesters 1 and 2 Saturday, 28 May – Sunday, 26 June SeMeSter 2
Sunday, 3 July & Monday, 4 July 2015 Day after National Day Wednesday, 10 August Friday, 2 September Between Terms 3 and 4 Saturday, 3 September – Sunday, 11 September Friday, 7 October (for Primary Schools only) At the End of School Year Saturday, 19 November – Saturday, 31 December 16 - HINDU NEWS
hoLiStiC CuLinarY art
hoLiStiC CuLinarY art
heaLinG with SpiCeS
Ginger is an anti-inflammatory. Used as a compress to relieve inflamed joints and sprains, it ature has bestowed us with an enormous range of fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs, all filled with healing properties. is also applied to the chest for bronchitis and colds, and in the abdomen for menstrual cramps. Natural treatments are considered alternative therapies to conventional medicine because of its nature of cure – simple, no Infused with tea, ginger is considered a natural remedy for congestions, colds and to improve side effects, ready availability and inexpensiveness. The kitchen is a great place to start. It has almost all the ingredients that you would need to deal with common ailments.
Fennel is used to improve eyesight, aid digestion and cure obesity. A teaspoon or two of an infusion Turmeric can be applied externally as a paste to relieve itches and mild skin diseases during prepared by boiling a tablespoon of fennel seeds in 100mL water for half an hour is helpful in treating monsoons. In cooking, besides adding a rich colour to gravies, its intake helps purify blood and indigestion, biliousness, flatulence, constipation and atonic dyspepsia. soothe inflamed sinusitis. Pungent fumes of heated raw turmeric stick are considered to be an excellent cure for cold and cough. It can be used as a depilatory to remove unwanted hair.
During the annual Fire Walking Festival at Sri Mariamman Temple, the male devotees apply turmeric on their feet after their penance to ease any irritations thereafter.
Mustard has always held an important place in natural medicine. It has been prescribed for toothaches, bruises, stiff neck, rheumatism, colic and respiratory troubles. When applied to the scalp, mustard oil helps to reduce hair fall.
Fenugreek cures body aches that afflict some older people during monsoon. It is also prescribed for patients which chronic cough problems. It brings relief to gout and combats diabetes. Some Cumin seeds have an astringent, cooling, antispasmodic, sedative, digestive and antiseptic Indian doctors suggest its use for liver problems as it helps to reduce the enlargement of spleen.
properties. Traditional healers prescribe roasted seeds in daily meals for lactating women to increase milk flow after delivery. A teaspoon of cumin chewed after lunch and dinner is said to combat excessive stomach acidity and indigestion. Honey can be added to cumin to treat stomach ache.
Asafoetida cures a variety of stomach ailments, ranging from indigestion to diarrhoea. A Caution: While natural remedies are a wonderful aid as an add-on to medication or for simple relief, it is essential that any
mixture of equal parts of asafoetida, camphor and pure honey is also believed to cure toothaches ailment must first be addressed by a doctor and cleared that it is a simple ailment.
and other joint pains.
toFu – BeanCurd
Broccoli, tofu and peanut Stir Fry
Black Pepper (Milagu)
Black pepper combined with pure honey and a few drops of ginger juice is known to clear throat infections. Black pepper also rejuvenates the liver and builds up appetite.
Coriander Seeds (Kottamalli)
Coriander seeds help digestion and insomnia. They enhance the digestive process by encouraging enzyme action, therefore, relieving flatulence. Cardamom is highly effective in combating bad breath, nausea, headaches, piles and minor eye irritations. Ground cardamom seed mixed with ginger, cloves and coriander, is an effective remedy for indigestion. It is beneficial in relieving gas and heartburn caused by excessive consumption of 1/2" chunks tofu garlic and onion.
Tofu (bean curd) Broccoli florets and stems 2 cups (sliced and steamed) Tofu is an excellent source of amino acids, iron, calcium
and other micronutrients. Derived from soya, it has many (crushed into crumbs) Cinnamon is anti-microbial in mature and used for treatment of common digestive disorders. health benefits. Tofu is made by curdling fresh soya milk, Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder every day is purported to reduce blood sugar levels in straining the liquid and then pressing it firmly to form a solid those with Type 2 diabetes. It is also considered effective in reducing triglycerides and LDL block. This is similar to any cheese or paneer. It is versatile cholesterol. Its anti-inflammatory properties are believed to be useful in relieving arthritic pain.
and can be cooked in many different ways as its texture can be changed from soft to crisp and crunchy.
Tomato/chilli sauce Tofu originated in China. Legend says that it was discovered 2000 or so years ago by a Chinese cook who curdled soy milk Cloves are believed to be beneficial during fever, cough and cold. Their anti-inflammatory when he added nigari seaweed. It came into Japan in the 8th 1. Heat oil in a large skillet/tava and brown tofu over medium properties help in relieving arthritic pain and curing insect bites. Their anti-microbial property is century and was called okabe. Tofu came into use in the 1400s. helpful for digestive problems and nausea. Clove oil is a traditional remedy to relieve toothaches It came to the west by the 1960s as a health food. 2. Add steamed broccoli, peanuts and raisins. Cover and and sore gums.
Tofu is an excellent source of iron and calcium and protein cook for 2 minutes.
with all essential amino acids. It contains minerals, such as 3. In a bowl, stir together tomato/chilli sauce and peanut manganese, selenium and phosphorous. It is a good source of butter. Mix in the hot water and soy sauce.
magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1.
4. Pour sauce over broccoli and tofu mixture and toss. Serve Sesame Seeds (Yellu)
Like soya beans, tofu protects against cancer. It helps lower with steamed rice, rotis, toasted bread or as a topping with Sesame seeds are a proven digestive cure. They also aid in preventing hair loss.
cholesterol and thus prevents heart disease.
[Written by Padmini Natarajan. Adapted from the monthy, Tattvãloka, The Splendour of Truth (August 2015).] 18 - HINDU NEWS
Fire waLkinG FeStivaL
Chief Pandaram crossing the fire pit at Sri Mariamman Temple Victory procession for Sri Drowpathai the day after Fire Walking Festival Array of alankarams featured for Vaikunda Ekadasi included (from left to right) – Sri Parthasarathy Swamy, Sri Uppliappan Swamy and Sri Rangamannar Swamy Cultural performances by children for the Lord Silver chariot procession for Sri Srinivasa Perumal in the Little Observance of the Arudra Dharisanam at Sri Sivan Temple Swamy purappadu (deity procession) following the prayers India district vaikunda ekadaSi FeStivaL
SaraSwathY pooJai at SMt
Viswaroopam on the morning of Vaikunda Ekadasi Prayers in the Vasanta Mandapam after opening of the Swargavasal Rajamathangi alankaram at Sri Mariamman Temple Children participating in Saraswathy poojai 20 - HINDU NEWS
photo JournaL / BhaJanS
Lord Ayyappan is also known as Hariharaputra, Sastha and Manikandan. There
is a famous temple for Lord Ayyappan in Sabarimala, Kerala. Lord Ayyappan is
Cut along the dotted line
often depicted as a youth, riding on a tiger and with a bow and arrow. Colour the
picture to give it a complete look.
Preparation and tying of Irumudi Devotees of all ages fulfilling their vows Lord Muruga
Velavaa velavaa vel murugaa vaa vaa vel murugaa vaa vaa vel murgaa vaa vaa velavaa shanmugaa murugaa murugaa vadi velavaa shanmugaa murugaa murugaa (Velavaa velavaa.) Valli manaa vaalaa kunjari manaalaa kunjari manaalaa velavaa shanmugaa murugaa murugaa vadi velavaa shanmugaa murugaa murugaa Shooradhi shooraa subhramanya devaa subhramanya devaa shanmugaa sharavanaa murugaa murugaa shiva shanmugaa sharavanaa murugaa murugaa Ntyth Ntyth Nty; KUfh th th Nty; KUfh th th Nty; KUfh th th Ntyth rz;Kfh KUfh KUfh tbNtyth rz;Kfh KUfh KUfh Lord Muruga
Valli mohana pulli mayil vaahanaa murugaa ts;sp kzthsh FQ;rup kzhsh aarumugaa kandaa sundara vadanaa Ntyth rz;Kfh KUfh KUfh KUfh Kumara gurupara shanmukha vadivelavaa murugaa hari om marugaa shiva shakti baalakaa tb Ntyth rz;Kfh KUfh KUfh KUfh Send in your entries, complete with details by 15 March 2016 to: #uhjp #uh Rg;ukz;a Njth ts;sp Nkhfd Gs;sp kapy; thfdh KUfh The Editor, Hindu News MWKfh fe;jh Re;ju tjdh rz;Kfh rutzh KUfh KUfh Hindu Endowments Board rpt rz;Kfh rutzh KUfh KUfh KUfh Fku FUgu rz;Kf tbNtyth To listen to these bhajans, visit and click KUfh up Xk; kUfh rpt rf;jp ghyfh on ‘Bhajans' on the main menu.
There are 9 hidden names of Lord Hanuman in the puzzle below. Circle all of them.
Cut along the dotted line
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OMCR 2014 ;6 (3 pages) Pregnancy delusion hinders the diagnosis of achalasia in a patientwith life-threatening emaciation Rafael Dias Lopes, Claudio E. M. Banzato and Amilton Santos Jr* Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, SP, Brazil *Correspondence address. Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Campinas (Unicamp),Campinas, SP 13083-970, Brazil. Tel: þ55-19-3521-7206; Fax: þ55-19-3521-7206;E-mail: [email protected]