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Diabetes Naturally Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks! Dr Craige Golding FSP Health
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About Dr Golding
Dr Golding is a specialist physician and chief medical advisor at the Integrative Medical Centre in Johannesburg. He focuses on the prevention, early detection and reversal of chronic diseases that become more common with age.
Dr Golding qualified as a specialist physician in 1999 and quickly found that much of the time he was treating the symptoms of conditions like diabetes, cancer, dementia, heart disease and osteoarthritis instead of addressing the causes. And yet many of these degenerative diseases of ageing are largely preventable or reversible if one can intervene early enough using Natural Medicine.
Today, Dr Golding is the highest qualified doctor in Natural Health in South Africa… But he doesn't like to blow his own trumpet, he prefers to help thousands of people, like yourself rediscover healthy living.
His nutrition-based practice has treated thousands of patients. And doctors from all over South Africa seek his training and advice. He's also the author of Dr Golding's Natural Medicine Journal, a monthly resource for the best in Integrative Medicine and nutritional remedies.
Dr Golding's long list of qualifications:
MBChB (Cum Laude) FCP (SA) IFIM : Full certification in Integrative Specialist Physician medicine with the American Academy ABAARM: American academy board of Integrative Medicine certified anti-ageing physician NUGO (European Nutrigenomics FAAFM: Fellowship in anti-ageing and Organisation): Full Certification functional medicine in Nutrigenomics, Proteomics, FICT: Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Faculty Member AAAM (American ACAM: Certified Chelation Therapist Academy of aesthetics medicine) MS USF: Masters in Medical Sciences International Lecturer University of South Florida Magna SAAIM (SA Academy of Integrative Medicine): Director of Fellowship Teaching Program Do you have a question about diabetes, ask me here: Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Table of Contents
Understanding the role of glucose in your body is key to defeating diabetes…
Goal # 1: To defeating diabetes… Lose 15 kilos! Here's how to get started
10 Secrets to help you lose weight and gain control of your diabetes
Shocking study results reveals the truth about fat
Is your sluggish thyroid preventing you from losing weight?
Is lack of sleep making you sick?
These hidden culprits could be "killing you softly"
Every step counts towards defeating diabetes
Ease your menopause and diabetes symptoms
Men - are declining testosterone levels putting your health at risk?
Are you deficient in the sunshine nutrient?
Inflammation could be slowing your progress to becoming diabetes-free
Eat this to help beat diabetes
The importance of Fat
Your worst enemy: Slipping into denial
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Welcome to the FSP Health Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme.AND, congratulations,
today you've made one of the best decisions for your health.
Starting today, you'll receive useful and practical tips to help you control your blood sugar, melt away excess weight and potentially free yourself from diabetes once and for all in as little as just 8 weeks! Imagine finally being Diabetes-Free… Imagine not having to worry about everything you put into your mouth… Imagine knowing you're no longer a target statistic for premature death! That's right, in a just few short weeks from now, you could have your diabetes symptoms in check… Be feeling better and better every day… And, well on your way to defeating diabetes… Thanks to this simple, common-sense approach to becoming diabetes-free and regaining your health… This programme was designed to help you achieve your ultimate goal of being diabetes free in the real world. FSP Health's well known doctor of Integrative Medicine, Dr Craige Golding, will bring you
these practical steps to fighting diabetes.
Here's to a new beginning! Dr Craige Golding Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Understanding the role of glucose in
your body is key to defeating diabetes
When a healthy person eats a food high in carbohydrates, like a piece of bread, chips or pasta, it goes into the stomach and then into the small intestine. Here, it's broken down into glucose. Glucose is what the body uses as fuel. It gets transported through the walls of the small intestine into the blood – and is then termed blood sugar.
But if your blood sugar is not balanced, this natural process goes awry.
Over the years, if you consume too many carbohydrates, such as bread, cakes, pasta and rice, it causes your blood sugar to fluctuate too much between meals. After a meal, the glucose gets released into the blood too quickly and your blood sugar spikes. But, not long after your last meal, you experience a slump in energy. So, you eat something (usually a sugar laden snack) to regain your energy levels. And so, your body adapts to a high carbohydrate intake and whenever you eat, the pancreas releases more insulin than necessary. This results in a surplus of insulin in the blood… And too much insulin in the blood creates the opposite physiological reaction to high blood sugar: You crave sugar and carbohydrates, Your blood sugar is low, You experience brain fog (difficulty concentrating) because it's not getting energy from the blood, You feel irritable, tired and sleepy, You put on weight because the insulin prevents your body from burning fat, Your cells then become resistant to insulin and when the insulin wants to store glucose, the cells refuse it, causing the sugar and insulin to stay in the blood.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
To cope with this excess of glucose in the blood, your body stores the glucose as fat. And this causes even more havoc… Weight gain – especially around the mid-section High triglyceride levels Hormone imbalances causing breasts in men and balding in women Eventually, the build-up of glucose in the blood forces the pancreas to produce more insulin until the pancreas cannot cope anymore and shuts down… This results type II diabetes.
These subtle signs could signal that you might need some help
keeping your blood sugar in balance.

• Stubborn excess weight that hangs over your belt no matter what you do, • Urgent cravings for sweets, chocolates, chips. and all the other things on your doctor's "no-no" list, • Nasty mood swings that ruin your day (and the day of anyone unlucky enough to cross your path) If any of these signs sound familiar, click here to discover how you can start giving your body the blood sugar support it needs.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Goal # 1: To defeating diabetes… Lose
15 kilos! Here's how to get started
A number of studies confirm; if you lose weight, you have the best chance of reversing diabetes. In one study, a group of people with type II diabetes applied a 600kcal per day diet. Within seven days, their liver fat decreased 30% and their insulin sensitivity normalised.
In a Belfast diet study, a loss of 11kgs decreased fasting blood glucose levels from 10.4mmol/L to 7.0mmol/L. Data from a Swedish study involving gastric banding showed that a loss of 20% in body weight was associated with long-term remission in 73% of a bariatric surgery group.
And in another small study, people who lost 15kg, through dietary weight loss alone, were able to reverse diabetes.
Now, I know what you're thinking. Losing 15kg is impossible, right? I'm going to prove you wrong. I'm going to help you lose weight; feel better than you have in years… And possibly even kiss your diabetes goodbye for good… All in as little as eight weeks! So let's get started… Balance your blood sugar to help lose weight…
The most effective way to lose significant weight is to reduce the number of calories you eat. Studies have shown this is more effective than exercise. However, eating less and exercising – together – show the best results. When your blood sugar is in balance, you won't crave food all the time. And that's possibly the best thing you can do to achieve your goal to lose up to 15 kilos! Here's how… Keeping your blood sugar in balance is pivotal to losing weight… Your doctor may have prescribed medication to help you with this, but there are many things you can do in addition to the medication (or before you need the medication) to keep your blood sugar in check… Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Always remember to work with your doctor when adjusting or changing your medication.
Here's how you can help keep your blood sugar in check…
Eat small balanced meals
By eating protein and fats along with carbohydrates, you can slow down the carbs' rate of entry into the bloodstream, thus lowering their glycaemic effect (energy boosts followed by a sudden and steep feeling of listlessness). Eat every three hours
Eating healthy small meals about every three hours will put a stop to snacking between meals. Switch to decaf
A recent study from Duke University Medical Centre suggested caffeine may be a major culprit behind elevated blood sugar levels. On the day the participants took caffeine pills, their average blood sugar levels increased by about 8%. While the researchers aren't completely certain why caffeine affected blood sugar this way, they theorised it may interfere with the process that transports glucose from the blood to the parts of the body where it's used for fuel. Another potential explanation is that caffeine causes the body to release adrenaline, which can increase blood sugar levels.
Go herbal
Results from a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that "daily consumption of chamomile tea with meals could contribute to the prevention of hyperglycaemia and diabetic complications." Avoid refined carbohydrates
Refined carbohydrates are produced when whole plants, which are high in carbohydrates, are processed. This strips out their nutritional value except for the starch and sugar. Refined carbs include anything that's been to a mill – such as flour and sugar cane. And, grains stripped of their germ or bran – such as white rice and couscous. Ditch the sugar
Avoid sugar completely. If you really can't bear the thought of going sugarless, switch to xylitol in your tea and coffee. It's an expensive adjustment – xylitol goes for about R110 for 450g but it'll do your health a world of good. Don't use xylitol in large quantities, for example, when baking, anything over 40g per day can cause diarrhoea in many people.
Supplements that help
Biotin and chromium are probably the most extensively researched nutrients for blood sugar support. And Nutri-Sure, a supplement developed by FSP Nutritionals contains both these ingredients as well as: Coccinia cordifolia and Agaricus blazei that promote normal blood sugar levels by helping your body use insulin efficiently. In a recent study, the blood sugar of the group taking Coccinia dropped as much as 18% while the placebo group only had a 7% drop. For more information on Nutri-Sure, click here… Alpha-lipoic acid could also help you lose weight according to scientific research. A study, published in the American Journal of Medicine, showed that obese people who took 1,800mg of alpha-lipoic acid per day lost significantly more weight than people Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
who used a placebo product. In another study, published in Current Pharmaceutical Design, showed a dose of 800mg per day for four months resulted in the loss of 8-9% of body weight in obese teens. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is available from any vitamin retail shop or health shop.
Coenzyme Q10 is often thought of as a heart health supplement, but it also plays an important role in regulating insulin levels. In one study, researchers compared the effects of 120mg of CoQ10 daily to a placebo in 59 individuals with coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, elevated fasting blood sugar, and elevated fasting insulin. After eight weeks, both fasting blood sugar and fasting insulin levels dropped significantly in those taking CoQ10. You can buy CoQ10 from any vitamin retail or health shop.
Foods that help
Foods high in chromium include: Mushrooms, brewer's yeast and eggs.
Foods high in biotin include: Swiss chard, carrots, almonds, walnuts, eggs, milk,
berries and fruit, halibut and vegetables.
Sources of lipoic include: Dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, collard, broccoli etc.)
and animal foods such as beef steak and organ meats such as calf's liver.
Cinnamon has been shown to mimic insulin action in cells. A study involving 60 type
II diabetics showed that 1g of cinnamon daily can improve the management of blood
sugar levels, triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels. (One gram of cinnamon is less
than half a teaspoon. But, don't take more than half a tablespoon of cinnamon per
day; it contains a toxin which, in large doses, can be harmful.
The ultimate discovery in blood sugar support.
It's been sitting under our noses for CENTURIES. And now YOU could jumpstart your benefits in as little as ONE WEEK! It's a medicinal mushroom called Agaricus blazei. And for centuries, it's been used for just about everything else - stress relief. Immune boosting. Supporting healthy cholesterol levels.
But in hundreds of years no one ever tested its effects on blood sugar! In fact, the very first study on Agaricus and glucose metabolism occurred just two years ago. And the results of the trial were stunning. Researchers found that the mushroom actually boosted adiponectin levels.
More adiponectin means your body can stop working so hard. Because it can clear sugar from your blood quicker and more efficiently. And that means you could: • Have MORE energy to get through the day - without feeling like you're running on fumes • Be able to ENJOY your food - without the guilt and without worrying • Shake those nasty mood swings that always happen at the worst possible time • Finally have better blood sugar control!
And right now there's only ONE formula that combines adiponectin-boosting Agaricus with another three blood sugar supporting ingredients. It's called Nutir-Sure, find out more about it Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
10 Secrets to help you lose weight
and gain control of your diabetes
If you've incorporated the actions from the previous Defeating Diabetes chapters, well done and keep up the good work. If you haven't yet mastered the previous actions, don't give up. Remember, it's taken years for you to put on the extra weight you're carrying and for your health to deteriorate. You're not going to be free from diabetes overnight.
But, you'll see and feel a difference in your health with each little step you take in defeating diabetes. In this chapter I'm going to share with you another 10 tips to help you on your weight loss journey.
One vitamin has set off a frenzy among anti-ageing practitioners.
Discover the dirty little secret that may be behind your vitamin D supplement and a superior
way of getting the world's greatest anti-ageing vitamin. Click here.
Master these 10 simple actions to boost your weight loss efforts this

Use a side plate instead of regular dinner plates. We tend to fill our plates with food so the smaller the plate, the less you'll eat at each sitting. Pile greens and other tasty veggies on your plate first. Leave just half your plate empty for other carbohydrates and protein (equal portions of these). Don't eat after 8pm. Once you've had supper, don't eat again until the morning. Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
This will prevent snacking brought on by boredom, loneliness or another "hidden" psychological trigger.
Eating out. Restaurant portions are generally far too big. When you eat out, divide your meal in half and put one half on your side plate. Then call the waiter and ask him to put it in a Take-Away bag and bring it to you with the bill to take home for your next meal.
Exercise. Take a 20 minute brisk walk every day, or spin/ swim/ jog/ run or any other form of exercise that raises your heart rate. Make sure you break out into a sweat – this means your body is burning fat for energy. Drink water. Drink one tall glass of water about half an hour before each meal. But, don't drink it just before eating as this dilutes the stomach acid your body needs to digest your meal. Then drink an additional two to three cups of herbal tea during the day. This will help flush your system of toxins.
Do this breathing exercise: Stress is a big offender when it comes to deregulating the hormonal balance in our bodies. To help you de-stress, regulate your mood and increase oxygen in your body for improved energy, do this breathing exercise before you leave home, mid-morning, before lunch, mid-afternoon and before you go to bed every day. Step 1: Inhale deeply through your nose for a count of four (pushing the air down into your belly while keeping your shoulders as still as possible), Step 2: Hold your breath for seven counts, Step 3: Exhale through your mouth for a count of eight.
Repeat this affirmation right after your breathing exercise: "Being slim and healthy is easy and effortless for me". You'll be surprised at how well positive affirmations work, try it! Sleep. Get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.
Substitute less healthy foods with these healthier options: Foods to avoid
Rye, rice bread or wholewheat bread Coco pops, cornflakes and Rice Krispies Oats or muesliBrown basmati rice, cornmeal, semolina, White rice, potatoes and couscous pasta or instant noodlesUnsweetened fresh carrot apple grapefruit Fizzy drinks and Lucozade orange tomato juice Stock up on these additional good food choices: Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, Cherries Grapefruits and oranges Melons and watermelons Peaches and apricots Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Unsweetened peanut butter Tomatoes Broccoli Incorporate these 10 simple tips and secrets and master just one at a time, until you're doing them all. And soon, you'll start to feel the difference! Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Shocking study results
reveals the truth about fat
Did you know fibre is more effective for weight loss than eating low-fat foods? All your life, you've been told, in order to trim your waistline and boost your health, you need to cut fat from your diet.
And, the food industry has made a mint on our fear of fat by flooding the market with low-fat and no-fat "Frankenfoods".
But in a study recently published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, a group of researchers from Michigan State University investigated the western diet. They found that restricting foods high in calories or saturated fat isn't as important as encouraging people to eat more nutrient-dense, fibre-rich, plant-based foods.
As fibre intake increases, the risk for metabolic syndrome decreases. And the risk of having metabolic syndrome is closely linked to being overweight or obese, a lack of physical activity and insulin resistance.
Diabetes myth DEBUNKED!
In the study, the participants who ate the least fibre were three times more likely to be affected by metabolic syndrome than those who ate the most. In contrast, there wasn't much of a connection between cholesterol and saturated fat intake and metabolic syndrome.
The researchers concluded that reducing the risk for metabolic syndrome should be centered on including fibre instead of focusing on deprivation.
One of the reasons for this is soluble fibre slows the digestion of food, giving the body more time to absorb nutrients. It prolongs the length of time the food stays in the stomach too, causing glucose to be released and absorbed more slowly into the blood stream.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
How to get more fibre into your diet.
Soluble fibre foods are those more commonly thought of as starches, like oatmeal, barley, rice cereals, corn meal and potatoes.
But soluble fibre is also found in carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, squash, pumpkins, mushrooms, chestnuts, avocados, bananas, oranges and mangos.
You can also take one and a half tablespoons of finely ground flaxseed every morning and evening.
Or, you can try SanVia Gold - it's high in fibre and contains other essential nutrients for good Another great source of fibre in a delicious tea is Nutri-Digestive Wellness. Besides being high in fibre, it's formulated to help restore digestive health. Increasing your fibre intake will help you lose weight, regulate your blood sugar, help you feel fuller for longer and be more regular.
Take this vitally important step to better health today. Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Is your sluggish thyroid preventing
you from losing weight?
If you experience these symptoms, there's a good possibility your thyroid gland may be underactive: Are you tired most of the time? Often constipated? Are you depressed? Do your muscles ache? Are you extremely sensitive to cold temperatures? Suffer from dry skin and hair? Are your ankles swollen? An underactive thyroid also causes weight gain. And it may be the reason you haven't been able to lose weight despite your efforts.
There's only one way to test for hypothyroidism. Blood tests.
But, if you're diabetic, your thyroid tests may come back inaccurate, here's why.
In diabetics, most often, thyroid function tests come back within the normal range. But research indicates these tests may not be telling you, and your doctor, the whole story.
Blood tests only indicate how much thyroid hormone there is in the blood. But with diabetics, the levels in the blood often don't correspond with levels in the cells - where thyroid hormones do most of their work of controlling your metabolism.
So how can you ensure your thyroid hormones reach your body's cells? You'll need to work with your doctor. He will prescribe tri-iodothyronine, or T3, which is the Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
most active form of the thyroid hormone. Together, you'll need to monitor your progress and your doctor may adjust the dosage to find the right levels for you.
The more T3 there is in your body, the more energy you have and the better weight control you can achieve. Talk to your doctor about trying this approach, it could help regulate your metabolism so you can finally lose that stubborn weight. These subtle signs could signal that you might need some help
keeping your blood sugar in balance.

• Stubborn excess weight that hangs over your belt no matter what you do, • Urgent cravings for sweets, chocolates, chips. and all the other things on your doctor's "no- • Nasty mood swings that ruin your day (and the day of anyone unlucky enough to cross your If any of these signs sound familiar, click here to discover how you can start giving your body the blood sugar support it needs.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Is lack of sleep making you sick?
A recent study showed insufficient sleep significantly increases blood-sugar levels which leads to weight gain and diabetes.
The researchers studied a group of nurses who were otherwise-healthy adults but were sleep deprived. They had unnatural sleeping schedules due to working shifts.
The study showed their unnatural sleeping schedules puts them at odds with their biological clocks. The nurses produced 32% less insulin than when they were well rested.
This decrease in insulin production led to a rise in fasting blood sugar approaching pre-diabetic levels. And the number of calories burned at rest decreased by 8% leading to an average of six kilos of weight gain. If you don't get seven to eight hours of sleep per night, you could be jeopardising your efforts to defeat diabetes. But what do you do if you struggle to get a good night's sleep?
If you're not getting all the shut eye you need, go to bed earlier, keep TV watching out of the bedroom and make your room as dark as possible.
If that doesn't do the trick, try taking natural supplements to help you relax and induce sleep. Remember to always speak to your doctor first before taking any new supplements. You can also train your body to sleep better with the help of this CD.
If stress is robbing you of your precious sleep, here's how to help curb it.
The mainstream media has somehow convinced us to see stress in a negative light. The reality is; stress is a part of normal life and has always been there - as long as humans have lived.
We need stress to get us moving and to get us through our daily challenges. So stress isn't the problem.
The real problem is DISTRESS. This happens when you don't manage stress well. It's manifested by feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and defeat. Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
When we face a stressful situation, our adrenal glands release the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin. Together, these hormones prepare your mind and body for a fight or flight response. And, glucose, fatty acids and triglycerides are flooded into your blood. Thousands of years ago, this was handy to help us run from bears and wild boars.
The problem comes in when you perceive a non-life threatening situation as being stressful. Because, your body reacts in the same way - releasing ‘survival' hormones you don't burn off by running away from, or fighting off, bears and other beasts.
Chronic elevations of cortisol are toxic to every single tissue in your body and they lead to sleep problems and weight gain.
Discover ways to de-stress safely.
Change the way you look at stress. Separate real stress (life threatening situations) from day-to-day challenges. This way you won't send alert signals to your brain for every minor event that doesn't go as planned.
It's been proven: People who live to 100 and beyond handle stress well - even the loss of loved ones, illness, poverty and inprisonment in concentration camps.
The reality is; some things are beyond your control, for example, illness, an arrogant boss, a poorly paid vocation you're passionate about, a traffic jam, etc.
Don't allow these things to ruin your health by worrying about them. Expect that things won't go your way - or as planned - and develop skills to deal with them in a systematic way so you don't overburden your ‘stress counter'.
Change your perspective on life and celebrate your achievements and blessings instead of focusing on the negative.
Try this breathing exercise to help you ‘de-stress'.
Do this breathing exercise at least four times per day, especially when feeling ‘stressed'. Step 1: Inhale deeply through your nose for 4 counts (pushing the air down into your belly while keeping your shoulders as still as possible), Step 2: Hold your breath for seven counts, Step 3: Exhale through your mouth for 8 counts.
Schedule time off.
Make sure you ‘down your tools' for a couple of hours everyday. Disconnect from work - physically and emotionaly during your time off. Don't allow thoughts about work creep in - no matter how many "problems" you have. Exercise helps you cope with stress and lose weight. Use some of your time off everyday to exercise. Go to for free exercise programmes, tips and expert fitness advice.
Keep working at these lifetsyle improvement techniques and soon you'll retrain your body and mind to accept stress as part of life and not let it harm your health. Plus, you'll sleep better too. Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Do you want to Lose 12 kilos in 6 months or less? How many diets have you been on? How many weight loss pills you've consumed? How many times have you started all over again? You might have lost some weight but it's probably all back on again… The truth is that there is no magic solution to make the weight drop off. The secret to successful weight loss isn't starving yourself nor is it limiting your food choices or following a painful pattern of eating.
If you want to reach your goal weight for good…We'll help you find what's keeping you from your goal weight in the book Lose 12 kilos in 6 months or less…It will help you lose weight…And keep it off! Click here if you want to lose 12 kilos in 6 months of less… Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
These hidden culprits could be
"killing you softly"
Don't you love the way the interior of a new car smells? And what about that beautiful scent when you unscrew the cap of your favourite body lotion? These pleasant-smelling poisons are making you sick.
Those very scents that induce such pleasant feelings when you breathe them in are called obesogens.
They contain chemicals that can reprogramme your body to gain weight - no matter how much you exercise or how well you eat.
They're capable of deregulating your appetite and satiety, sending your hunger hormones into overdrive. Causing you to eat more - and your body to produce more fat cells.
And, they're all around you. In your fragrances, cookware, toiletries, bathrooms, purses.
Sometimes, they're in the least expected places. Take a look at these obesogen-laden threats.
The new car smell: This is one of the most loved smells in the world. But that signature scent
actually contains 275 obesogens that can can linger at high levels for up to six months. If you
have a spanking new car, leave it in the sun with the windows open as often as possible. This
disperses the chemicals from the inside of the car quicker. You can also place a box of baking
soda in the car. This will help soak up some of the chemicals.
Antibacterial soaps and hand sanitisers: Contain triclosan which is a serious hazard. Not only
does it contribute to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, but it can also disrupt your
body's delicate endocrine system. Bath and wash your hands with regular soap and water. It
accomplishes the same thing without the added risk.
Shower curtains: Many of these are made from PVC, which releases at least 108 known
chemicals into the air. And dozens of those are obesogens. The heat from the shower
accelerates the release of these chemicals even more. If possible, opt for a glass shower door.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Alternatively, choose a curtain made from "EVA" or "PEVA".
Teflon cookware: Non-stick cookware makes cleaning up a breeze. Unfortunately, it's not good
for your health. Teflon contains perfluoro chemicals that can disrupt your metabolism. Use cast
iron or stainless steel cookware instead.
Personal care products: It's hard to pass up all those exotic smelling products. But every time
you use a shampoo or lotion with a fragrance, you coat yourself in phthalates. These chemicals
aren't just obesogens, they've been linked to diabetes. Blood tests show a dramatic decline in
these chemicals when you avoid scented products. Opt for fragrance-free products.
Plastic bottles: One week of drinking from certain plastic bottles can result in a 70% increase
in BPA levels in the body. And it's not just your waistline at risk here. BPA has been linked to
numerous health problems - including cancer. Always check the bottom of the bottle and never
use recycle number 7 bottles. Better yet, get everything in glass bottles.
Till slips: These are another potent source of BPA. And it only takes 10 seconds for it to
transfer to your skin. Crumpling up the receipt speeds up the process even more. If you work
directly with receipts, wear gloves. If not, tell cashiers you don't need your receipt. (You can
use bank card and credit card receipts as proof of purchase.)
Pizza boxes: Most cardboard pizza boxes contain high levels of an obesogen called diisobutyl
phthalate. That's right, that innocent looking piece of wax paper at the bottom of the box is
coated in a grease-repelling obesogen chemical known as PFC.
Tap water: Contains small amounts of atrazine which slows the metabolism of thyroid
hormones.Invest in an economical and reliable water filtration system.
Shrink wrap: Prepacked vacuum packages are laden with obesogens. Buy your meat from the
butcher and avoid prepacked fresh produce whenever possible.
This list seems endless, but don't ignore it. Make a conscious effort to avoid each one of these poisons that could be keeping you ill. Drive out a lifetime of toxins and you too could soon be saying: "I'm brand new!"
Discover how to Rebuild, Rejuvenate and Reform your Health today.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Every step counts towards
It's no secret exercise is crucial to good health. But, I know it's not always practical and sometimes even possible to go to the gym, get into a pool or take up a sport.
If you can't workout for whatever reason - go for a walk.
Studying the effects of walking.
An interesting study was published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise recently. In this study, researchers examined the effects of walking on healthy young adults. It involved university students who were used to walking a good 10,000 steps or more per day and exercised regularly.
For the first three days of the study, the students followed their usual pattern. They wore pedometers to track their steps, glucose monitors to track blood sugar spikes and each student kept a food diary.
On average, they logged about 13,000 steps per day during those first three days and exercised about 30 minutes each day.
Then, the researchers asked them to cut their daily steps by at least half. So instead of walking to the local canteen for lunch, they had their lunch delivered to them and so on. Their average step count went down to about 4,300 each day.
Know what happened in such a short time? A daily walk can dramatically improve your health.
Their blood sugar spiked significantly higher after meals. In fact, their blood sugar peaks were 26% higher compared to when they exercised more. And worse - the spikes grew slightly higher every day.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
So, if you can't workout at the gym, run, cycle or swim your way to better health. Just walk.
Take a daily 20 minute walk - every step counts towards defeating diabetes! You don't have to do it alone. Invite a friend or family member to walk with you and catch up on what's been going on in their lives.
I enjoy walking - it's my "me" time. A brisk walk never ceases to "clear" my mind, it's my way of de-stressing.
Don't put this off until tomorrow. Start today. And make a point of making time for a daily walk. It will go a long way to helping you regain your health. Take your first step to a leaner, fitter and happier you
Put some zest in your exercise and save your life from spiralling downhill.
Stop thinking you're limited by your age, that nagging knee problem or that you're way too unfit.
Even if you haven't been able to stick to a single fitness regime, you can be leaner, fitter and happier in only 12 weeks starting today! Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Ease your menopause
and diabetes symptoms
Menopause starts from about six years before your period stops. During menopause, the hormones progesterone and oestrogen affect how your cells respond to insulin and can trigger fluctuations in your blood sugar level.
It's also often a cause for weight gain. Women typically reach their maximum body weight during menopause, with an associated increase in body fat.
If your blood sugar and weight gain gets out of control, you have a higher risk for diabetes complications. But that doesn't have to be the case.
Coping with diabetes during menopause.
Studies show that women who are physically active during menopause are better able to keep their weight within normal ranges and have better fat to lean ratios.
Make time for exercise daily. Weight-bearing exercises are especially helpful in maintaining
bone mass as well as with weight control.
The right Hormone Replacement Therapy. Another way to manage both your menopause and
diabetes symptoms is to replace the hormones your body no longer makes enough of. But don't
risk the potentially deadly side effects of synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).
Speak to a doctor skilled in Integrative Medicine about balancing your hormones as closely as
possible to your natural levels and ratio using bio-identical hormone therapy.
Your doctor will run tests and monitor your levels of progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, insulin, cortisol and IGF1. Together, you'll find safe relief for your menopause and your diabetes symptoms.
To find a doctor skilled in Integrative Medicine in your area, contact the Society for Integrative Medicine. If you're in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg, you can call the Integrative Medical Centre in Bryanston on 011 463 0036. Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Powerful body-boosting, health enhancing, natural remedies to help
you through Menopause. Without a sweat

You'd think you'd never have sex, get a good night's sleep or fit into your skinny jeans again, if you believe all the stories you hear about menopause.
In reality, this stage of your life doesn't mean the end of anything. In fact, it could be the beginning of a new life.
Find out how you can relieve your menopause symptoms naturally starting today.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Men - are declining testosterone
levels putting your health at risk?
Diabetics are twice as likely to have low testosterone levels than non-diabetics. If you're over 40 and have noticed three or more of these symptoms, your testosterone levels could be on the decline: Noticeable breasts when you take your shirt off Weight gain - especially around the mid-section You feel drowsy after eating Difficulty concentrating and memory lapses Diminishing libido You sweat a lot more than you used to Less beard growth.
The risks associated with low testosterone levels
Apart from the link between diabetes and low testosterone, men are at increased risk for heart disease, osteoporosis and even premature death.
In a recent study, researchers examined 858 men over 40, all of whom had their testosterone levels measured regularly. After four years, the men who had consistently low testosterone levels throughout the study period faced up to an 88% increased risk of death.
Normalising testosterone levels improves muscle mass and strength, rebuilds bone, strengthens Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
the heart and blood vessels, lowers blood sugar, boosts libido and lessens the chances of blood clots.
Get a doctor skilled in Natural Medicine to check your testosterone levels and insist on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
To find a doctor skilled in Natural Medicine in your area, contact the South African Society of Integrative Medicine.
When you see your doctor, ask him to check your PSA level before you begin hormone replacement therapy. While testosterone doesn't cause prostate cancer, it could stimulate an existing growth.
Also be sure your doctor regularly monitors your testosterone-to-oestrogen conversion to avoid too much testosterone converting into oestrogen. The best way to screen for this is a 24-hour urine test for sex steroids, which your doctor can order for you.
Raising your testosterone levels with nutrients
If your testosterone levels are just slightly down, you can raise them by taking these nutrients: Zinc (30-50mg daily), vitamin A (40,000-50,000 IU daily) and boron (3mg daily).
And, for some men, the herb Tribulus terrestis (250-750mg daily) can improve testosterone and free testosterone levels. Speak to your doctor about the best approach for you. Is DIABETES a BALD-FACED LIE!?
Imagine if you could throw away your needles, get off of insulin and never worry about blindness, amputation, or worse. The Health Sciences Institute announces the "Medical Breakthrough of the Century"--From insulin dependent to NON DIABETIC in 6 weeks!? So ask yourself. What's the first thing you'll eat when you're DIABETES-FREE? Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Are you deficient in
the sunshine nutrient?
Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because your body makes vitamin D from sunlight. It's freely available and its health benefits are numerous. Studies have shown diabetics are more susceptible to vitamin D deficiency. So be sure you get about 15 minutes of direct sunlight per day to help defeat diabetes.
In a study published in Emergency Medical News, participants who supplemented with vitamin D improved their insulin sensitivity. And, in another study presented at the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, researchers measured blood levels of vitamin D in 38 obese patients before and after an 11-week calorie restriction diet. The researchers found that for each nanogram per milliliter increase in blood levels of vitamin D, participants lost 23 grams of weight. They concluded vitamin D could help with weight loss.
If you spend your days indoors, speak to your doctor about adding a vitamin D supplement to your daily regiment.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Inflammation could be slowing your
progress to becoming diabetes-free
If you suffer from an inflammatory condition, such as bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, prostatitis, asthma, atherosclerosis or allergies, this could be the reason you're struggling to lose weight. Scientists have discovered a link between weight gain and inflammation. Here's how it works.
The hormone, leptin, controls your appetite and metabolism. When leptin is secreted into the blood, it tells the brain to suppress appetite and speed up the metabolism. The result is you feel less hungry, you burn more calories and can lose weight. But when your body is exposed to chronic inflammation, the brain can't read the appetite suppressing message from this hormone properly. As a result, your appetite revs up and your metabolism becomes sluggish. And this results in weight gain. Don't put up with inflammation. Besides causing weight gain, it's been linked to depression and is a strong marker for cancer. See a doctor skilled in Natural Medicine so you can deal with the underlying cause of the inflammation.
Switch to an anti-inflammatory diet today
By following an anti-inflammatory diet you can improve your health and increase your body's responsiveness to leptin so you can lose weight and potentially free yourself from diabetes.
Foods that help curb inflammation Foods that promote inflammation Foods that help curb inflammation
Foods that promote inflammation
Leafy and colourful vegetables Sugar and refined carbohydrates High-fat dairy products Berries and citrus fruits Garlic, ginger, chili peppers and curry Margarine and trans-fats Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Foods that help curb inflammation
Foods that promote inflammation
Healthy fatty fish like salmon and sardines Antioxidants like Alpha lipoic acid, lycopene, l-glutamine and vitamin C help reduce
Speak to your doctor about incorporating an antioxidant into your diet.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Eat this to help beat diabetes
Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C so it helps strengthen the immune system. It's a great antioxidant too which helps ward off premature ageing and disease. But did you know it also promotes weight loss?
In a recent study, researchers at Scripps Clinic of San Diego divided a group of 100 obese participants into three equal groups. One group ate half a grapefruit before each meal, another drank a glass of grapefruit juice before each meal and the last group was instructed not to eat any grapefruit or drink any grapefruit juice. After just three months, the results were remarkable.
The group that ate grapefruit with each meal lost an average of 1.6kgs.
Those who drank grapefruit juice group lost an average of 1.5kgs. While those that didn't have any grapefruit lost less than 500g.
What makes grapefruit so effective when it comes to weight loss?
Researchers believe grapefruit contains chemical properties that help manage insulin.
The researchers measured the insulin and glucose levels of all participants at the beginning and end of study. At the end of the study, the participants in the two grapefruit groups had lower levels of insulin and glucose than they did at the beginning, while the levels in the non-grapefruit group were unchanged.
The enzymes in grapefruit seem to help control insulin spikes after a meal, which frees the digestive system to process food more efficiently. The result: Less food is stored as fat. And like all citrus fruits, grapefruit is rich in fibre, which regulates the absorption of carbohydrates - that would otherwise contribute to blood sugar spikes.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Add grapefruit to your diet today and get all the health benefits in every burst of citrus it has to

Daily insulin injections are a distant memory for Catherine Downs

In fact, the 56-year old diabetic has almost forgotten she ever had full-blown type II diabetes.
No more syringes. She's even lowered her hypoglycaemic prescription to only 2mg per day. And get this… She's eating like a normal person again, sugary sweets and all.
How did she do it? She found out about an unknown sugar-buster hiding in a most unlikely place. Find out what it is here.
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
The importance of Fat
Fat has long been demonised by mainstream food "authorities". But I'm about to prove to you, fat isn't always bad for you. In actual fact. A diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. MUFAs are found in: Olive oil, olives, nuts, seeds, avocados and even dark chocolate.
These healthy fats help control blood sugar, they reduce insulin resistance and even fight belly fat. Specifically visceral belly fat, the dangerous kind found deep in your abdomen and common in prediabetes and type II diabetes.
In fact, research has shown that people with type II diabetes who followed a MUFA-rich diet saw their fasting blood sugar drop by 30 points. This is enough to decrease or even eliminate medication.
In an international study, researchers put more than 300 moderately obese people on a low-carb, low-fat or a Mediterranean diet rich in MUFAs. All three groups lost weight after five months. But only the MUFA group maintained their weight loss after two years. The other two groups regained weight.
Foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.
The best thing about MUFAs is they can satisfy just about any craving. When you want something creamy, salty, crunchy or sweet - there's always a healthy option. Take a look.
Avocados: Research is mounting by the day proving this rich, creamy delicacy is so
good for your health.
Olives are also rich in vitamin E, copper and iron which all help protect your nerves,
thyroid gland and connective tissue.
Nuts: No matter what kind you choose, you really can't go wrong. Walnuts, almonds,
Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios.
They're all good for you. It's proven, people who eat more nuts have a lower risk of
Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
metabolic syndrome, a precursor to type II diabetes. Plus, nuts are full of fibre, protein, iron, zinc, B vitamins and other nutrients. They help protect your heart, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and keep you feeling full.
But there is just one small catch - it's easy to overdo it. So make sure you're not eating more than 20 nuts per day.
Dark chocolate: This delicious delicacy is packed with antioxidants that help keep
arteries flexible and help raise "good" HDL cholesterol. It can also help lower blood
pressure - enough to cut the risk of stroke by up to 8% and heart attack by 5%,
according to a small German study. Just be sure to get at least 80% cacoa content if
you want the health benefit. And don't over do it.
Who said eating healthy is bland and boring? Now you can enjoy your food without feeling
guilty - and still lose weight and get healthy

You CAN lose weight, you CAN make lasting changes and really start
living and loving life… It's your choice!

To succeed, you need guidance on how to best make the transition to healthy eating habits. You need to know what foods are best to eat… You need to know what foods can be substituted… And much more.
This great book explains – in an easy-to-read, condensed way, every step that you need to take to lose weight and keep it off. It's easier than you ever thought possible. Click here to get our secrets to losing weight and keeping it off… Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
Your worst enemy:
Slipping into denial
I hope I've been able to prove to you small steps go a long way in treating and possibly even reversing type II diabetes. And, I hope you'll be able to join me for the seminar I'll be presenting on diabetes with Fleet Street Publications soon. But more on that in a bit. First, I want to urge you to keep practising the advice I've shared with you on this programme. Don't regress into your old habits, thinking it will all just go away. Denial can be useful at times
Denial is a way of coping with bad news. It can protect you from becoming overwhelmed and getting depressed. And, it lets you accept news little by little as you become ready to receive it.
The trouble comes when you remain - or regress - into a state of denial because it seems easier. Long-term denial prevents you from actively dealing with diabetes to keep yourself healthy. And that's when the health complications creep in, one after another. Until it's too late to go back.
Remain positive, but keep doing everything you learnt on this programme. If you falter one
day, don't give up. Start again the next day.
Get your family involved, let them read your Defeating Diabetes Programme so they can help you when you slip into a moment of weakness.
And remember, by caring for yourself and being responsible about your health, you're a hero to your loved ones. You are achieving much more than anyone thought you would have to. You can do it - I know you can, your family knows you can - and YOU know you can. Plan your meals so you're not caught in a bind and resort to unhealthy food. Make time for your daily exercise and accept that it takes time to reach your goals. Learn everything you can about diabetes and keeping your blood sugar under control. The more you involve yourself in the subject, the more you'll live a healthier life. Defeating Diabetes Naturally Programme - Defeat diabetes naturally – in as little as 8 weeks!
One last thing.
Until we meet again, keep your eyes out on Health Bytes for more tips and advice to help you conquer diabetes. Also, visit, another brilliant resource for diabetes information. And if you want to ask me questions about diabetes or any other health issue, I'll be waiting for your post on These are all free resources available to you right now.
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