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INFORMATION BULLETIN OF THE ISLAND GOVERNMENT OF ST. EUSTATIUS Volume 1, Issue 2 OCTOBER ISSUE , 2009 Dutch civil servants supporting transition
St. Eustatius– The Dutch civil servants of the Ministry of Traffic and Water Management visited their local counter-parts on Tuesday September 8th 2009, to discuss Air Traffic Control, Air Space and Airport Development after the tran-sition. One of the topics was the condi-tion of the servicing of the landing strip. This point needs priority in the master plan. Another issue which has the at-tention is the airlift to and from the is-land. A market scan for airlift is in the making. During their visit they met with, Planning Officer, Mr Maldwyn Timber, of Planning, Mr. Ellis Schmidt, Airport Manager, and the Executive Council. The Airdrome will remain a responsibility of the Island Government. They discussed navigation aids, airspace and airport developments . The agree- Photo by Mr. Siem Dijkshoorn
ment with the Executive Council is to have an approved master plan for the was accompanied by Mr. Rene Inside this issue:
airport development by year end. The Franken, who is an expert in air traf-planning bureau in collaboration with fic control from the Netherlands. Traffic and Water Management of the From left to Right: Mr. Ellis Schmidt Dutch Support Netherlands will prepare this plan. The Mr. Rene Franken, Mr. Maldwyn delegation comprised of Mr. Ton Timber, Mr Ton Franssen Franssen, his area is international Presentation of Preliminary regulation with regard to air traffic, he Design Water Distribution Net Preliminary Design of Water Distribution Net
Health issues Presented To Stakeholders
Working Permits The activity towards the preparation of scope of the works were discussed in the water distribution system are in relation to the available budget. The Detention Center for Statia full swing. In the week of September budget of the European Union 9-EDF 1st 2009 the consultants Witteveen & is that which will finance this entire Bos presented the preliminary design project. In general all densely popu- Statia Development plan in to stakeholders on Statia. These are lated areas will be supplied with wa- planning buro, Domain, Drob, Fire bri- terlines, including Concordia Bay gade, GEBE and Eutel. A discussion Brow, Golden Rock, Cherry Tree, Town Vacancies was held about the design but also the Area, Princess, (continue on page 2)

Monthly Health updates with A bone scan reveals only part of your Osteoporosis risk
Dr. Sharda Baboe-Kalpoe. During the second interview with Dr. When asked if this disease is recog- Sharda Baboe-Kalpoe she lightened nized on St. Eustatius. She explained, up while sharing that which she en- that statistic is not locally kept, how- joys, which is talking about Health. ever she acknowledged that a few She explained the importance of a people suffer of osteoporosis. She ex- medical doctor keeping on top of plained that osteoporosis is rather things through upgrading. She common in women after menopause. wanted to tackle so many topics at the same time but choose to talk about What symptoms appear with os-
osteoporosis. She hopes by talking t e o p o r o s i s
? m or vitamin
about the different sicknesses people At first, osteoporosis has no symp- drink alcohol often; people who take become more aware and knowledge- toms, but people with osteoporosis bone thinning medicine like may develop loss of height and are (prednisone) for a long time; people more likely to break (fracture) their who do not exercise; and people who WHAT IS OSTEOPOROSIS?
bones, especially the back (spine), smoke. people with poor health; She It is a disease that causes bones to wrist, and hip bones. explained that the bone density become thinner. Thin bones can break scans are the only tool available for easily. Most people think of their Who are at Risk for Osteoporo-
detecting the disease, but shared that bones as being solid like a rock. Actu- sis ? Dr. Sharda Baboe gave an
it is far from perfect. While it can spot ally, bone is living tissue, just like overall breakdown of factors which the extremely porous bones that are other parts of the body, such as your are significant to the question. hallmark of severe osteoporosis, they heart, brain, or skin. Bone just hap- women who are going through or are not much help for detecting the pens to be a harder type of tissue. who are past menopause (‘change);
fracture risk in people with borderline Bone is always changing. Your body estrogen deficiency; people who are osteoporosis. The WHO (World Health keeps your bone strong and healthy thin; low body weight; people who Organization developed the online by replacing old bone with new bone. have a family member with osteopo- calculator called FRAX, (it stands for rosis; people who don't get enough "fracture risk assessment"). Individuals can request through their Assuring appropriate foot wear and physician to run their last bone den- vision; eliminate medication that
sity scan results through FRAX or do cause dizziness, if possible. Soon the doctors & nurses
it yourself at of the Q.B.M.C. will start
with a diabetic
t need to waste another second wondering and worrying. Foot Care Program.
It can be prevented and with proper therapy it can be treated; exercise; Dr Baboe will take you right to This program will be
assessing the need for assistive de- the bottom line Email your ques- carried out in the Q.B.M.C
vices (e.g canes, walkers); Preliminary Design of Water Distribution Net Presented To Stakeholders
GEBE has already placed water they want to see fire hydrants in- Rosemarylane/ The Farm and along pipes in the Historic Core, this area stalled. Drob as manager of public the road to White Wall. The tender once execution of the project starts roads are involved to make sure that documents will be ready by year end, will give a certain sense of relief due this process in not disrupted. The util- so that the tender procedures can to foresight of the electrical com- ity companies were informed and in- start in January 2010. The project pany. Domains participation in this volved in the project so that they can work includes, digging of trenches; project is to supervise that private make use of the trenches for installa- installing pipelines and making property is not used. The Fire Bri- tion of their cables. The Planning Buro ved to indicate where is the coordinator of this project.

In an interview with Mr. Otniel Benjamin Deonicio of ACTS be giving support on loca- (Automation Consultancy and Tech- tion, but also from Cura- nological Systems) we learned of the cao. To accomplish the introductory programme ACTFMS support the ACTS will (Foreigner Management System) utilize their helpdesk pro- presently introduced at the Census office. This project descended from These trainings will be the PVNA (Security Programme of given on location, pres- the the Netherlands Antilles) in- ently the bureau is at the structed by the Minister of Justice. census office, but other Mr. Deonicio is Project Leader but participating sectors are: explained that an implementation Immigration, Labour, team comprising of: Mr. Benjamin employees of the Gover- Candelaria, Mr. Benjamin Janga, Ms. Natasha Razack, Ms. Donnaly that the staff can become nor's Cabinet and the Lt. Anastacia and Ms. Lyssette van der acquainted with the programme, Governor. The last three sectors Dijs will come to the island for the after which they will become opera- mentioned will acquire an overall full training around Mid October view or demonstration of how the programme works, when the train- 2009. After the trainings ACTS will According to Mr. Deonicio they will ing starts. The purpose of this pro- commence with the trail period so COMMISSIONER HOOKER IN REVIEW
gramme is to have a better control In the Shedding Maas and Robert Knoax. They talked and a good flow of giving working with the Executive Council about the permits to foreigners based on the legal status, Pension Plan of Civil LTU (regulation for admittance and Servants and the plans including the expulsion) agreements. The Govern- ment Information Service ques- tioned the need for the new training Government talked to a number of since we are in the process of going with the delega- delegates from the Netherlands on to a new status, but Mr. Otniel ex- October 6th 2009. They also met with plained that by 2011 they will start Mr. Ton Akkerman, Hayo Haan and with the WTU ( the law for admit- Mrs. Marie Jose. They elaborated on tance and expulsion) it will apply Comm. Roy Hooker prised of Mr. issues regarding Agriculture and for Bonaire, Saba and St. Eusta- tius , whereas the programme man, Marten Hammerink, Kees (Continue on page 5)
St. Eustatius– The St. Eustatius Courtar, Ms. Sharon Hassell, Ms. Quota club was invited to the South Ankie Bijl and Ms. Ingrid Whitfield. Area district meeting held for the first The women exchanged ideas about time outside of the USA. The entire how they can bring about improve- district 42 was invited and these com- ments in their respective communi- prise of all the Dutch speaking Carib- ties. The Aruba club was awarded bean islands, Suriname and Holland. batteries for the hearing impaired. The Statia Quota delegation com- Aruba has a school for the hearing prised of: Mrs. Leonora Sneek-Gibbs, impaired. Moving forward the Statia Mrs. Malvern Dijkshoorn-Lopes, Mrs. club will pursue having the children Monique Brown-James, Ms. Glenda tested for hearing.

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 Preparing Statia for a Smooth Transition
The Island Government is supported Information By: Mr. N. Serphos,
since September 1st 2009 by Mr. Peter van Dongen from the mu- Public Relation Officers Netherlands
nicipality Waalwijk. He is responsible Antilles
for assisting the Executive and Island Council in a smooth transition. He will also render the necessary support Tremor felt on Sint Maarten !
to the civil service. Presently Mr. Van Source: Meteorological Services Nether- Dongen works along with the Island Secretary Mr. Willem Sanderse to accomplish their set goals. In the in- Early this afternoon, October 5th 2009 at terview with the G.I.S. he explained which issues demand their priority. For about 12:28 hours (local time), an earth- that they hope to finalize their priori- example there is still some discussion quake took place below the bottom of ties during their stay on the island . on the execution of tasks when the Cen- the Atlantic Ocean. This tremor was felt in These are:1. The decision making tral Government is dismantled in 2010. many sections of the SSS Islands. process; 2.Personnel Affairs, all the That needs to resolved prior to the fu- departments and services which re- ture picture of the organization of the Data received from the United States Geo- logical Survey indicates that this tremor quires the necessary assistant for a civil service. Mr. Van Dongen has a lot took place at a depth of about 35 kilome- better functioning;3.Future plan of of experience in government admini- ters or 22 miles below the bottom of the Organization, the idea is to develop a stration. He worked for 16 years in dif- sea with a magnitude of 4.5 on the Richter plan to give a recommendations how ferent municipalities, and was commis- Scale. Its epicenter was located near 18.0 the civil core can and should look in sioner for approximately 2 years in degrees north and 62.8 degrees west. This the future. He calmly responds that Waalwijk. He is married, is a father of is about 33 miles east of St. Maarten. the government needs to indicate 2 children, a granddaughter and a SHEDDING
Weekly Press Conferences
Join us weekly on Wednesday We encourage Statians and resi- The Government information Ser- morning, at 9 Am sharp, on the dents alike to submit names of per- vice is hosting weekly press confer- Government radio programme sons in the community that do ex- ences at the V.A. Lopes legislative Shedding Light, for a day of self ceptional or outstanding services in Hall. These sessions will be held discovery, sharing information, re- the community. The information of every Tuesday from 9.30– 10.00 am viewing developments in our com- this person can be submitted to the .We encourage all the media to par- munity, questioning our elected office of the Lt. Governor, Mr. ticipate in these session. officials about important issues. If you have ideas, suggestions contact GOODNESS IS THE ONLY
the host, Malvern on 318—2745 or INVESTMENT THAT NEVER
Detention Center On St. Eustatius
The idea is to established a detention center on St. Eustatius
Mr. Maldwyn Timber and Siem on this information. He talked remain detained on their respective Dijkshoorn met with Mr. Leo van about the pros and cons of the es- islands for social and family contacts. der Meulen, Representative of the tablishment of such a prison on the This establishment also creates work prison system in the Netherlands. island. He said the intention is to possibilities for young Statians living They talked about the establish- have detention cells to house ap- on the island and those living abroad ment of a prison on the island. They proximately 35 prisoners. The that might want to come back home. toured the island seeking for a pos- crowds reaction was somewhat mut- Opportunities for trainings will be sible location. In the Town hall tered about the amount of cells, available according to Mr. van der meeting of September 15th Mr. Van however Mr. Vermeulen explained der Meulen elaborated extensively that detainees of each island should

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 In an interview with Commissioner negotiations abroad) to the general Monthly updates with
Julian Woodley, G.I.S. asked him to public. For too long we allowed the elaborate on the latest develop- process of a dormant constitutional the Commissioner of
ments in the Constitutional negotia- committee to prevail. Moving for- Constitutional Affairs,
tions. He confirmed the visit of the ward I hope to continue organizing Mr. Julian Woodley
Island Government to Curacao in Town Hall meetings along with a the week of September 29th 2009 to panel (comprising of experts in this be present in the meetings with area) regarding the Constitutional State secretary of Kingdom Affairs, developments. Thus far we have Mrs. Bijleveld-Schouten as observ- done a pretty good job of hosting ers. The discussions were: about the town hall meetings. We cannot give dismantling of the Netherlands An- information that we do not have, tilles by 2010 and about the police there are still a number of issues for country St. marten, Curacao, that are still pending. Although the Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. Dutch will take over education, the island Government still has to One of the issues that I hope to make a decision on the language of tackle within short is to activate or instruction on secondary level. improve the Constitutional Commit- Within short a decision will be tee. I need people that are dedicated made after discussions are held have a vast knowledge of experience with the various stakeholders. The and efficient in bringing over infor- Old Age pension is another issue we We encourage our people to continue mation (after participating in the need to re-negotiate with the Dutch. participating in the discussions. State secretary of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Rela-tions, Mrs. Ank Bijleveld held discussions in Curacao around September end 2009 with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Mrs. Emily de Jong– Elhage. Never Lose a Chance at
a Kind Word!
St. Eustatius Quota Club participat- ing in S.A. district meeting in Aruba The Island Territory of
St. Eustatius

(Continued from page 3) The island Government is offering its
To be able to have a clear picture of employees the opportunity to upgrade The Census Office is informing the the Island's vision in these specific through a number of ongoing train- areas. The contribution of Stenapa ings, through the Administration to the environment was also dis- Academy of the Netherlands. These A new Dutch passport has been cussed. The delegation met with trainings are about policy making, the introduced since September 21st stakeholders such as Mr. ability to link department plans to the 2009, containing finger prints and a Duiverman, Gershon Lopes, and Mr. budget and other financial informa- scanned photo of bearer. tion. Mr. Marco Kramer is the trainer. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 Saba  – not only for his  bravura but also 
for  never  saying  "No'  whenever  he  was 
called  upon  for  an  emergency  airlift, 
even at night when car lights had to light 
the  runway.  When  he  passed  away  in 
2007, Elly was left with a virtual treasure 
trove  of  documents,  information  and 
images relating to the early days of avia‐
tion  in  the  Windward  Islands.  She  de‐
cided  to  share  this  with  everyone  and 
therefore set up the Foundation. One  of 
its goals is the establishment of a flying 
school  in  St.  Eustatius.
  The  idea  was 
enthusiastically  endorsed  to  the  audi‐
ence  (including  Commissioners  Roy  Foundation.  Copies  can  then  be  made  in  Commissioner for St. Eustatius, Saba and  Hooker  and  Julian  Woodley)  by  St.  order to make the account of this history as Bonaire, Mr. Henk Kamp, and Mr. Hyden  Maarten  politician  and  business  man  comprehensive  as  possible.  You  can  contact Gittens,  St.  Eustatius'  Governor,  were  Michael Ferrier. Together with Jan Beau‐ the  Foundation  through  its  website  http:// amongst  the  special  guests  who  opened  jon  (Managing  Director  of  Windward  or  through  wal‐the curtains for glimpses of the fascinat‐ Islands  Bank)  he  unveiled  the  two  St.  [email protected]. And if you are not  ing  history  of  aviation  in  our  corner  of  Maarten  panels.  The  author  of  this  arti‐ in  a  position  to  visit  Statia  or  the  airport,  the  Caribbean.  They  were  joined  at  F.D.  cle assisted with the research and writing  many  of  the  illustrations  can  also  be  found Roosevelt  Airport  by  representatives  of  of the information for the exhibition and  on the above website. St. Maarten, St. Martin and St. Barth's to  for the title of the St. Eustatius panels he unveil  a  historical  display  illustrating  the  chose "The Prized Connection" – because thrill  of the early days of flying between  of the crucial role the island played in the the  islands.  The  colorful  saga  unfolds  in  commercial  viability  of  the  first  local twelve  panels  with  almost  150  photo‐ graphs and illustrations, telling the story  could revive that function ‐ in the field of from  the  free‐spirited  start  in  1946  on  aviation training. Flat  Island  (or  Tintamarre,  off  the  north  Another goal is to keep alive the history  coast  of  St.  Martin)  to  the  founding  of  of  aviation  in  the  Caribbean  and  the  Winair  in  1962  and  subsequent  opening  chairman  of  the  Foundation,  Mr.  of  the  last  remaining  pioneers  of  the  Maarten,  a  company  offering  private  earliest  beginnings  on  Flat  Island,  Louis  charters  throughout  the  Caribbean),  Richardson,  was  present  to  unveil  the  thanked  Alida  Francis,  the  management  two  panels  recounting  those  adventur‐ of  the  F.D.  Roosevelt  Airport,  the  St.  ous  days.  Henkie  Rivers,  ex‐colleague  Eustatius Tourism Development Founda‐ and  protégé  of  the  well‐known  ‘Captain  tion, the Windward Islands Bank and Mr.  A  single  engine  Stinson,  both  aero  planes  Ricardo  Fortin  for  their  contributions  to  belonged  to  the  fleet  of  C.A.A.  The  Stinson  time St. Eustatius resident José Dormoy),  make  that  possible.  The  Foundation  re‐ landed on Statia already in 1946.  brought  to  light  a  panel  with  some  lies  on  donations  to  realize  its  projects  unique cartoons (including one featuring  which  include  education  material  for  A Kingfisher in a seaplane version.  schools  and  a  TV  documentary.  Dona‐ the  Aviation  Pioneers  of  the  Caribbean Foundation  nr.  105805306  at  the  Wind‐ The  display  in  the  waiting  room  of  the  ward  Islands  Bank.  Also,  checks  can  be airport  is  an  initiative  of  the  Aviation  mailed  to  the  treasurer,  Elizabeth  M. Pioneers  of  the  Caribbean  Foundation.  Delien c/o       Mazinga Gift Shop, Maz‐The  collages  have  been  put  together  by  inga Square, St. Eustatius. its  founder  Elly  Delien,  partner  of  many years  of  the  late  José  Dormoy.  ‘Pipe'  is  Anyone with stories or images relating to still  remembered  on  St.  Eustatius  and  the  history  of  aviation  on  our  islands  is  VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 STATIA DEVELOPMENT PLAN SOON A REALITY
The consultant buro RBOI represen- Treats) Analyses was applied. In the tatives visited the island in the week opment on hold pending the spatial Press conference with the Lt. Gover- of September 21st 2009. The RBOI development plan. The consultant nor, Mr. Hyden Gittens in the week was contracted because they are spe- from RBOI will be back on the island of September 22nd 2009, he ex- cialized in the preparation of zoning to present their preliminary findings plained that the SWOT analysis is plans. This project is financed and proposal by the end of November essential to get a clear picture how to through the SEI (Social Economic 2009. Which will be discussed with move forward. The SWOT analysis- Initiative.) The RBOI met with a va- stakeholders and the public in gen- will help the island to look for devel- riety of stakeholders: Tourism, Statia opment opportunities. Oil Terminal, SECAR, Historical December 2010 this development Foundation, STEBA, Stenapa, Dive The RBOI buro will be responsible plan should be ready according to Schools, Harbor Master, Airport for the preparation of a Strategic and Governor Gittens. Mananger, Mr. Ellis Schmidt; The a Spatial Development plan for the Hotels; Utility companies; Regional island. Governor Gittens indicated The new police station is sched- Service Center, The School of Medi- that the strategic plan should be cine, NGO in agriculture representa- ready in February, while spatial de- uled to open on November 5th tive, Mr. Laurens Duiverman, Mr. velopment will be ready in June 2009. This is a milestone we defi- Gershon Lopes; DROB; Domain and nitely need to celebrate because so the Executive Council. During the many years and so many people sessions with the various stake- The preparatory resolution which were involved in making this pro- holders the SWOT concept (Strength, was adopted by the Executive Coun- Weaknesses Opportunities and cil in December 2008, this puts devel- ject a reality. Lt. H. Gittens PRINS BERNARD FONDS NEEDS PLAN OF ACTION
Statia NGO's not utilizing the funds to the fullest
During the press conference with the area. Many Statians for years were Lt. Governor, Mr. Hyden Gittens, he not signing up to the Antillean Coast expressed the importance of NGO's on Guard because they were lacking in- the island becoming more familiar formation. The Governor encouraged with the process of requesting funds this organization to visit Statia and through PB funds. He will create a talk about the conditions and positive plan of action to stimulate the NGO's environment to the Statia youth at to become more active in utilizing the Gwendolyne van Putten School. these funds. He made a comparison After the marketing through promo- with the Antillean Coast Guard which tional videos, discussions and activi- also applies to creating awareness and knowledge about a particular (continue on page 8)
Social Housing Spatial Planning and Environment
Introduction visit
The Dutch civil servants of the Min- ployed for Vrom in The Hague and Mr. istry of Social Housing Spatial Plan- Rick Reijtenbagh, a student at the ning and Environment (Vrom) vis- Technical University in Delft, is doing ited the island and met with the research of drinking water on Bonaire, Planning officer Mr. Maldwyn Tim- Saba and St. Eustatius. The purpose ber. The Dutch delegation comprised of the visit was to get acquainted and of two gentlemen. They are Mr. Ton exchanged information in their area of Ouderhuizen, co-ordinator for Bo- social housing spatial and environ- nairs Saba and St. Eustatius em- The Informer, is the St. Eustatius Gov-
ernment Information Bulletin

It is a monthly publication of the Island
Territory of St. Eustatius. The objective
is to inform residents of St. Eustatius
about the developments that are taking
place within Government and social
matters on the island.

Published by M.A. Lopes Chief Public
Relations for the Island Territory of St.
Eustatius Kennep Rd. z/n, Princes Gar-
den, St. Eustatius, Neth. Ant.

Fax: 599-318-2084
Email: [email protected]
Layout by D. Simmons
Queries should be directed to the Office
of the Lt. Governor, Mr. Hyden Gittens,

under which he has the responsibility
of Bureau Kabinet, St. Eustatius.

Tel: 318 –2552 Fax: 318-2324
The Labour Department hereby makes The Island Government of St. Eusta- it known that petitions have been sub- Antillean Coast Guard, 8 young men mitted by employers to obtain work tius, Personnel Affairs Department s igned up on Statia, Many young permits for foreigners in the functions acknowledged that there are a number Statians were encouraged to sign up. mentioned below. of vacancies within the Government Although a number of NGO's on Administration that is presently va- • Full time Administrative clerk
Statia like Stenapa and St. Eustatius cant. These vacancies are: Historical Foundation frequently use The applicant should be able to work • Head of Welfare Department PBF successfully, we believe that the with Quick books, Internet Explorer, Taxation forms, book keeping, write other NGO's are apprehensive to the and read Dutch language. • Head of Sport Department complex application forms. As a re-sult thereof, Saba, Statia and St. • Head of Economic Affairs Depart- Maarten are not really making use of • Part Time Administrative Clerk
the Prins Bernard Funds. Within • Head of Port short Carla Duinkerk, the local repre- The applicant should be able to speak English and being able to articulate in sentative will have the Action Plan in For more information regarding the Spanish is a plus. a booklet form available for NGO's. conditions for each vacancy applicants We encouraged the NGO's to follow To acquire more information about are advised to contact the Head of the these vacancies you may contact the up after submit ion of their respective Office of Personnel Affairs. Ms. Flor- Labour department by phone 318– products. Through consistency and 2881 to make an appointment. follow-up the Summer fest received 318 2931 Email: [email protected] some funding of Nafl. 5.000,00. E-mail: [email protected] IF YOU THINK EDUCATION IS



Available online at Biochemistry & Physiology Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 91 (2008) 90–95 Warfarin resistance in Rattus losea in Guangdong Province, China Jianshe Wang a, Zhiyong Feng b, Dandan Yao b, Jingjing Sui b, Wenqin Zhong a, Ming Li a, Jiayin Dai a,* a Key Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Datun Road, Beijing 100101, PR China

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