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FLOTHERM, FLOVENT, FLO/EMC Hardware and Operating System Requirements
Prepared by: Ian W. Clark Document Number: DEV000059_04 Copyright Flomerics Limited Flomerics Limited Telephone +44 (0) 208-487-3000 Fax +44 (0) 208-941 8730 TABLES OF CONTENTS
DEV000059_04 Issue 2.0 2004 Flomerics Limited
This document is intended to outline the hardware and operating system requirements for successfulinstallation and practical use of FLOTHERM, FLOVENT and FLO/EMC v5.1. The release date forthese products is currently planned for Q3, 2004.
The requirements are intended to provide a definitive set of information that will allow the worldwideuser base to prepare their in-house hardware and operating system revision for the forthcoming releaseof the v5.1 product.
[The changes to the document between Issue 1 and Issue 2 are shown in red text.] 2. MINIMUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS
The minimum hardware requirements for v5.1 will be:

256 Mbytes RAM minimum, 512 Mbytes recommended; Minimum 500 Mbytes of free swap space or virtual memory; Minimum 300 Mbytes free disk space to install; Minimum of 1 Gbyte, recommended 5Gbyte additional free disk space for practical project datastorage; The FLOMOTION module operates optimally using OpenGL acceleration in hardware. To takefull advantage of the power of this application window it is recommended that a 24-bit graphicscard with texture mapping be available. The FLO/MCAD application window is built on the OpenGL graphics library. It is recommendedthat the latest versions of these libraries are available on all supported UNIX hardware (it isincluded by default with NT4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP). See Section 3 for informationon OpenGL support for Solaris.
DEV000059_04 Issue 2.0 2004 Flomerics Limited

AIX 4.3 has been dropped from the supported OS list for 2004. We also do not expect to support
any future versions of this OS.
PLEASE NOTE: We will continue to support AIX 4.3 as a license server and will offer full
support through 2004 for all existing software releases. For the product releases in 2005 all
software support – including license server support – will expire for this OS.

The v5.1 release will be supported on the following platforms and OS revisions: OS Revision
Windows NT4, SP 6a.
Windows 2000, SP1 or higher.
Windows XP Professional, SP1 or higher.
Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for Extended Systems (i.e.
Opteron) Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition.
Red Hat Enterprise V3.
HPUX 11i (Technical Computing OE Environment -June 2002).
SUN Solaris (Sparc) SOLARIS 7 (11/99 Release), See Notes 7, 8 and 9 8 (10/00 Release) & 9.
EASE NOTE: V5.1 will be the last Flomerics software release supported on Windows NT
4.0. This OS has been retired by Microsoft, with the Extended Support period expiring as of
June 2003
2. On Windows XP Professional, we had intended offering 3 Gbyte memory addressing for the FLOTHERM and FLOVENT solvers. Unfortunately, in-house tests of this Microsoft featureresulted in a number of operating system crashes and as a result has been withdrawn as a changefor the V5.1 release. If the stability of this feature is improved by Microsoft, Flomerics willconsider making it available in a subsequent software release. For further information on thisfeature, please refer to;EN-US;316739.
3. Itanium II support has been dropped for the V5.1 release and Opteron support has been deferred until the necessary compilers become available. A decision on when we can deliver a 64-bitOpteron release will be made in December 2004, but we currently expect this to be in Q1, 2005.
We currently expect this to be a 32-bit port of the software generally, but with 64-bit versions ofthe solver and EFG.
4. On Windows XP 64-bit Editions, up to 16 gigabytes of RAM can be addressed and up to eight terabytes of virtual memory (
5. Windows Server 2003 support will be for FLOTHERM and FLOVENT only.
6. For FLOTHERM and FLOVENT, support for the Linux OS has been deferred until Q1 2005 and will be limited to the following software modules:  Solver (single processor only), Exchange factor generator (EFG), Volunteer daemon.
DEV000059_04 Issue 2.0 2004 Flomerics Limited
7. In addition to the normal OS support, we will also be providing continued support for the following optimised solvers for FLOTHERM and FLOVENT:  For the PA2 processor running under HPUX; For the Ultrasparc processor running under SOLARIS.
8. All products will be supported on Solaris 9. 64-bit versions of the solvers will be available for this 9. Solaris 10 is due for release in Q3, 2004 so we anticipate supporting this OS with our software releases in 2005.
PLEASE NOTE: V5.1 will be the last Flomerics software release supported on Solaris 7 and
we expect to support Solaris 8,9 and 10 in 2005.

The v5.1 release will be built using:
SOLARIS 7 (11/99)
SOLARIS 8 (10/00)
SOLARIS 9 (02/02)

The latest information on patches and OpenGL support from SUN can be found at the following URLs: 5. PATCH CONFIGURATION2 & OpenGL SUPPORT FOR HPUX
The v5.1 release will be built using:
HPUX 11i (Technical Computing OE Environment - June 2002)
The latest information on patches and OpenGL support from HP can be found at the following URLs: 6. X-TERMINALS AND X-EMULATION SOFTWARE
The v5.1 software release is designed around the OpenGL graphics standard and is designed to operate
in an optimum fashion by utilising graphics hardware local to the machine running the software. It is,
1 As the UNIX OS vendors frequently add new patches and retire older OS patches, Flomerics can nolonger provide reliable patch information. Users are asked to contact the OS vendors directly if anyissues relating to OS patches arise with the operation of Flomerics software products.
2 DEV000059_04 Issue 2.0 2004 Flomerics Limited
therefore, not recommended practise that the software is launched remotely by utilising either X-Terminals or X-emulation software such as Exceed or Reflection-X.
FLOTHERM, FLOVENT, FLO/EMC Version 5.1 is expected to ship in Q3, 2004 subject to the quality
controls and testing procedures used within Flomerics. The default delivery for v5.1 will be CD-ROM
or electronically via an authorised Flomerics FTP site.
DEV000059_04 Issue 2.0 2004 Flomerics Limited


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