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(3) Model Explanation
(5) Installation and Storage Conditions
The product should be kept in the shipping carton before installation. In order to retain the warranty coverage, the
DOP - B 04 S 2 11
HMI should be stored properly when it is not to be used for an extended period of time. Some storage suggestions are: (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Store in a clean and dry location free from direct sunlight. Store within an ambient temperature range of -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F). High ColorWide Screen
(1) Product Name DOP: Delta Operation Panel Store within a relative humidity range of 10% to 90% and non-condensing. Do not store the HMI in a place subjected to corrosive gases and liquids. User-Friendly HMI Products
Correctly packaged and placed on a solid and durable surface. Do not mount the HMI adjacent to heat-radiating elements or in direct sunlight. (3) Display Size 04: 4.7 inches TFT LCD Do not mount the HMI in a location subjected to corrosive gases, liquids, or airborne dust or metallic Do not mount the HMI in a location where temperatures and humidity will exceed specification. (1) Preface
Do not mount the HMI in a location where vibration and shock will exceed specification. Thank you for purchasing DELTA's DOP-B series. This instruction sheet will be helpful in the installation, wiring Do not mount the HMI in a location where it will be subjected to high levels of electromagnetic radiation. and inspection of Delta HMI. Before using the product, please read this instruction sheet to ensure correct use. You should thoroughly understand all safety precautions before proceeding with the installation, wiring and operation. Place this instruction sheet in a safe location for future reference. Please observe the following (6) Installation and Wiring
(4) Parts Names
Install the product in a clean and dry location free from corrosive and inflammable gases or liquids. Installation Notes: Ensure that all wiring instructions and recommendations are followed. DOP-B04S211 (Front View)
Improper installation will result in malfunction and greatly reduce the life of the HMI. Be sure to follow the Ensure that HMI is correctly connected to a ground. The grounding method must comply with the guidelines in this quick start when installing the HMI. electrical standard of the country (Please refer to NFPA 70: National Electrical Code, 2005 Ed.). In order to ensure the HMI being wel ventilated, make sure that the ventilation holes are not obstructed Do not disassemble HMI, modify or remove wiring when power is applied to HMI. and must provide sufficient free space around HMI. Do not touch the power supply during operation. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock. To ensure the panel is well protected, be sure to install a waterproof gasket into HMI. If you have any questions during operation, please contact our local distributors or Delta sales representatives. For use on a flat surface of a Type 4X "Indoor Use Only" enclosure or equivalent. The allowable thickness of the panel for mounting should be less than 5 mm. The content of this instruction sheet may be revised without prior notice. Please consult our distributors or download the most updated version . Installation Method: (2) Safety Precautions
Ensure to put waterproof gasket into HMI and then Ensure to insert fasteners into the HMI's insertion Carefully note and observe the following safety precautions when receiving, inspecting, installing, operating, insert the HMI into the panel cutout. slots and turn the screw till screws touch panel maintaining and troubleshooting. The following words, DANGER, WARNING and STOP are used to mark safety precautions when using the Delta's HMI product. Failure to observe these precautions may void the warranty!  Comply with quick start for installation. Otherwise it may cause equipment damage.  Do not install the product in a location that is outside the stated specification for the HMI. Failure to observe this caution may result in electric shock, fire, or explosion.  Do not install the product in a location where temperatures will exceed specification for the HMI. Failure to observe this caution may result in abnormal operation or damage the product.  Please note that this equipment has obtained EMC registration for commercial use. In the event that it has been mistakenly sold or purchased, please exchange it for equipment certified for home use.  Do not use this product as an alarm device for disaster early warning that may result in personal injury, equipment damage, or system emergency stop. Power LED Indicator (Lights in green when HMI works normally.) Turn the screw with less than torque 0.7N.M to avoid Keep at least 60mm distance from rear of HMI  Connect the ground terminals to a class-3 ground (Ground resistance should not exceed damage to plastic box. product to the wall, installation surface or the other 100Ω). Improper grounding may result in communication error, electric shock or fire. Touch Screen / Display Torque: 6.17lb-inch (0.7N-M) controllers for heat dissipation. Operation
 The users should use Delta Screen Editor software to perform editing in Delta's HMI product. To DOP-B04S211 (Rear View)
perform editing and confirming HMI programs without using Delta Screen Editor software in Delta's HMI product may result in abnormal operation.  To prevent the personal injury and equipment damage, when designing HMI programs, please ensure that a communication error occurred between Delta's HMI product and the connecting controller or equipment will not result in system failure or malfunction.  Please be sure to backup the screen data and HMI programs in case they are lost, accidentally deleted or worse.  Do not modify wiring during operation. Otherwise it may result in electric shock or personal  Never use a hard or pointed object to hit or strike the screen as doing this may damage the screen and let the screen has not respond at all, and then cause HMI to work abnormally. Recommended wiring is in the table below: Maintenance and Inspection
Wire Gauge (AWG)  Do not touch any internal or exposed parts of the HMI as electrical shock may result. 5 kg-cm (4.3 lb-in)  Do not remove operation panel while power is on. Otherwise electrical shock may result.  Wait at least 10 minutes after power has been removed before touching any HMI terminals or 5 kg-cm (4.3 lb-in) performing any wiring and/or inspection as an electrical charge may still remain in the HMI with hazardous voltages even after power has been removed. Be sure to perform wiring by referring to the following figure (power supply connector).  Turn the power off before changing backup battery and check system settings after finishing change. (all data will be cleared after changing battery).  Be sure the ventilation holes are not obstructed during operation. Otherwise malfunction may result due to bad ventilation or overheating troubles. Wiring Method
 Do not use a voltage that will exceed specification for the HMI. Failure to observe this caution may result in electric shock or fire.  Remove the terminal block from the HMI before wiring.  Insert only one wire into one terminal on the terminal block. Power Input Terminal  If the wiring is in error, perform the wiring again with proper tools. Never use force to remove the terminals or wires. Otherwise, it may result in malfunction or damage.  For the power line that forced to take out, ensure to check wiring again and restart. Communication Wiring
 Comply with communication wiring specification for wiring.  Wiring length should comply with the stated specification for the HMI.  Proper grounding to avoid bad communication quality.  To avoid noise and interference, the communication cable, all power cables, and motor power cable should be placed in separate conduits.

(7) How to Replace A Battery
(10) Dimensions
Please do not use batteries of different manufacturer, type or capacity. The batteries are Delta's
1) The half-life of backlight is defined as original luminanc uced by 50% when the maximum driving current is optional parts. Please contact our local distributors or Delta sales representatives for the detail.
Step 1: Loosen the latches (see the arrow in the picture) located at the outside cover.
supplied to HMI. The life of LED backlight shown here is n a estimated value under 25 oC normal temperature and humidity conditions. T=1.6mm(0.06") 2) The value of the power consumption indicates the electrical power consumed by HMI only without connecting to any peripheral devices. In order to ensure the normal operation, it is recommended to use a power supply which the capacity is 1.5 2 times the value of the power consumption. 3) Users can download the Screen Editor V2.00, the program editor of Delta HMI product and the user manual via the following link: 4) The content of this instruction sheet may be revised without prior notice. Please consult our distributors or download the most updated version at Step 2: Open the rear cover.
(11) Specifications

4.7" TFT LCD (65536 o Step 3: Complete the following steps,  and  to replace a battery. 480 x 272 pixels LED Back Light (less t half-life at 25oC) (Note 1) han 20,000 hours 103.68 x 58.75mm Operation System Delta Real Time OS 32-bit RISC Micro-controller Flash ROM 4 MB (OS System: 2MB / User A pli Multi-Tone Frequency (2 4 Ethernet Interface (8) Basic Inspection
 Periodically inspect the screws of the connection between the HMI and device. RS-232 (supports hardware flow control)/RS-422/RS-485 Tighten screws as necessary as they may loosen due to vibration and varying  Ensure that oil, water, metallic particles or any foreign objects do not fall inside General Inspection the HMI, control panel or ventilation slots and holes. As these will cause  Ensure the correct installation and the control panel. It should be free from airborne dust, harmful gases or liquids. Perpetual Calendar (RTC)  Ensure that all wiring terminals are correctly insulated. Natural air circ at  Ensure that all wiring is correct or damage and or malfunction may result. Inspection before  Visually check to ensure that there are not any unused screws, metal strips, any operation (power is not conductive or inflammable materials inside HMI. Waterproof Degree  Ensure to lower electromagnetic interference when devices are influenced by it.  Ensure that the external applied voltage to HMI is correct and matched to the peration Voltage (Note (please use isolat AC500V for 1 minute (between charging  Check if power LED lights. Voltage Endurance Inspection before and FG terminals)  Check if the communication among devices is normal. operation (power is wer Consumption (Not  Please contact our local distributors or Delta sales representative if there are any abnormal conditions. 3V lithium battery R It depends on the temperature used and the conditions of usage, (9) Pin Definition of Serial Communication
about 3 years or more at 25oC. Operation Temperature COM1 Port
Storage Temperature Ambient Humidity 10% 90% RH [0 40 oC], 10 Pollution Degree 2 IEC 61131-2 Compliant 5Hz≦f<9Hz = Continuous: 1.75m m / O casional: 3.5mm Vibration Resistance 9Hz≦f≦150Hz = Continuous: 0.5g / Occasional: 1.0g X, Y, Z directions for 10 times 143 x 98.1 x 31.2 Note: Blank = No Connection.


The meniere attack: an ischemia/reperfusion disorder of inner ear sensory tissues

Contents lists available at Medical Hypotheses The Meniere attack: An ischemia/reperfusion disorder of inner earsensory tissues q,qq C.A. Foster R.E. Breeze a University of Colorado School of Medicine, Dept. of Otolaryngology, 12631 E. 17th Ave., B-205, Aurora, CO 80045, United Statesb University of Colorado School of Medicine, Dept. of Neurosurgery, United States We believe Meniere attacks arise as a chance association of endolymphatic hydrops and vascular risk fac-

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