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Róbert Torontáli: Intensive Krav-Maga I.
Zsuzsa Fritz: Hevruta
November 07. Friday, 17:00 - 18:30
November 08. Saturday, 11:30 - 12:45
Robert Torontáli, technical director of Intensive Krav-Maga Europe is running a very useful Experience the ancient method of text study. In pairs or in small groups juxtapose texts from the Gábor Balázs:
György Kozma
session and provides an insight into: Péter Radvánszki:
Alfréd Schőner's
András Borgula: My
Torah with modern texts, get the great yeshiva-feeling. We provide the texts and you bring the Ideology Journey of Klein: Face-trology Sabbath Liturgy for Hero: I used to be Day 1: General knowledge – how to use our body, diagnosis, prevention Modern Hungarian ideas, pros and cons, questions and interpretations. Together we interpret and reinterpret, confront, Chagall's Exodus- agree and disagree and ask as good Jewish people do.
Cristiana Facchini, Ágnes Peresztegi: Disclosing Zipporah.
'In thy blood, live!': A Circumcision round table
Stories of women around Moses
Gábor Várkonyi:
János Pelle:
Juli Imre:
Anna Romvári:
November 08. Saturday, 11:30 - 12:45
November 07. Friday, 17:00 - 18:30
Everyday Heros – 3 days 6 dances I.
Akinsha: Between
Jerusalmi: Hebrew
While kashrut, sabbath observance and other ritual commandments have been largely neglected by sharing fate and Stories of women in the Hebrew Bible are powerful and intriguing, their meaning sometimes Writing and Reading community spirit in secular Jews, brit milah remains one of the few Jewish rituals that is still observed by secular and forgotten or misunderstood by later interpreters. Zipporah is just one of the many examples, but in Gabriella Kovács:
religious Jews alike. Circumcision is a favorite subject of literary satire ("A Foreskin's Lament") and Jewish Meditation difference to some of ancient Israel's heroines and mothers, her story lies in the background, Hollywood comedy ("Circumcise This!"), but these attempts at humor point to the profound creating serious problem of interpretation. We will try to disclose some possible meanings of discomfort many Jews have with this ancient ritual. In this roundtable discussion, three a very obscure and difficult, yet fascinating event in the biblical narrative.
fathers–a medical doctor and two philosophers–will discuss brit milah from philosophical, Péter Buda,
Shmuel Hasfari:
Hedy Maimann:
Péter Róbert:
theological, sociological, medical, and, of course, personal perspectives, contributing to an on-going György Gábor:
Emotional Freeset Jewish Heroes from discussion in the Jewish world.
Religion and Politics Text Study: "both these and these are the words of the living God"
Moderator: Michael Miller, Discussants: Gabor Balazs, Peter Mandl, Hanoch Ben-Yami November 07. Friday, 20:30
Prayers welcoming Hedy Maimann: Tarot and Kabbalah
16:00 the Sabbath
according to various denominations November 08. Saturday, 11:30 - 12:45
Tarot is a way to understand and recognize your path and yourself and create the life you want Tradition
going trough the paths you need to go to evolve as the paths between the sephirot are meant to be Pál Hegedűs, Péter
György Sárvári: The József Patai on
Róbert Torontáli:
Cristiana Facchini &
Zsuzsa Fritz, Éva
gone to reach a higher consciousness bringing heaven and earth together inspiring one another 17:00 Radvánszki: Can the Role of the Inner
Holy Land in 1924 Intensive Krav-Maga I. Ágnes Peresztegi:
Vadász: Limmud in
Gabriella Kovács:
through our human divinity.
B r e a k f a s t
New Love Forget the Warrior in Our Life Tamás Ungvári:
Heroes do exist
Ivan Sanders:
James Lebeau: Modern Approaches to Jewish Law
Hungarian Jewish Krav-Maga II.
A conversation about November 08. Saturday, 14:00 - 15:15
Change- as understood by Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Judaism.
Tamás Verő, Levy
István Gábor
András Rác:
'In thy blood, live!':
Hedy Maimann:
Edward Breuer: Who is the hero of the Akedah?
11:30 Dov: Weekly Torah
Civilisation and Tarot and Kabbalah Portion (Lech-Lecha 2008. November 08. Saturday, 15:30 - 16:45
November 07. Friday, 11:30 - 12:30
The biblical story of the near-sacrifice of Isaac (Genesis 22) has continued to haunt and fascinate Agi Peresztegi has been baking challah for over 20 years on three continents Jews from antiquity until this very day. Far from developing a coherent and consistent way of reading this narrative, Jews in different cultures and societies have read the passage through the Miklós Hernádi,
Avi Dekel and
James Lebeau:
Gábor Balázs: Ideology Journey
prism of their values and assumptions concerning religious behavior. In this session, we shall look Richárd Papp:
András Borgula:
Jerusalmi: Hebrew
Modern Approaches of Modern Hungarian Jewish Thought
Taboo and Humour Literary Translation/ writing and reading Present and Future at some of these attempts to make sense of the story, including the question: Literary Distortion does this story have a hero? Hungarian Jewish Imre Draskóczy:
Spine exercises to November 07. Friday, 11:30 - 13:00
Judy Trotter: Limmud, Past, Present and Future
The presentation explores the special characteristics of the Jewish movements in Hungary from the 19th century until the present. A short summary of the different ideologies of the unique Hungarian-Jewish movements like Neology and Status Quo Ante will be offered.
November 08. Saturday, 14.00 – 15.30
Pál Hegedűs &,
Tamás Vitray:
Mária Sárdi:
István Cserne:
Edward Breuer:
Gábor Heller:
How did Limmud start? When did Limmud start. Come and hear about the early days, Péter Radvánszky:
Young Girl in the Who is the hero of 15:30 Horror in the
how Limmud has grown and in how many different ways, and your part in it's future.
Anna Romvári: 3 days 6 dances I.
Anna Romvári: 3 days 6 dances II.
November 07. Friday, 14:00 - 15:30
Religious Hero:
Endre Kertész:
István Dancs:
Zsuzsa Fritz: You
Frank Stern:
Eszter Fűszeres:
During our three hours together we will learn the basics of six different dance styles focusing November 08. Saturday, 17:30 - 19:00
Heroically Bloody Politically Incorrect on partner dance and also on Israeli folk dance. From the many varieties we will practice Jewish Heroines and During our three hours together we will learn the basics of six different dance styles focusing on Journey to Tabuland Anna Romvári:
the Yemenite style. There will be an opportunity to practice the popular Cuban salsa 3 days 6 dances II.
partner dance and also on Israeli folk dance. From the many varieties we will practice the Yemenite and the basics of the Argentinean tango. For those people who prefer the more classic styles I can style. There will be an opportunity to practice the popular Cuban salsa and the basics of the recommend Cha-cha-cha, Samba and Rock and Roll. Argentinean tango. For those people who prefer the more classic styles I can recommend Cha-cha- Koncert: Shkayach Unplugged
cha, Samba and Rock and Roll.
Konstantin Akinsha : Between Mogendovid and Black Square
Frank Stern: Women
Rudolf Klein: Night tour of the city
in Israeli Society-New Frank Stern: The Revival of Jewish Cinema – Films, Clips and Fun
November 07. Friday, 14:00 - 15:15
UNOVIS (The Establishers of New Art), a group created by Kazimir Malevich in Vitebsk in 1919, November 08. Saturday, 17:30
included such Jewish artists as El (Lazar) Lissitzky, Mark Khedekel, Nina Kogan, Haia Kagan and others.
Gabriella Kovács: ChiKung
Politically Incorrect Jewish Heroines and Heroes
Some of them (like, for example, Lissytzky) were involved before their Vitebsk period in the activity of November 08. Saturday, 22:30 - 24:00
Kultur-league and romantic nationalism was not foreign to them. The teaching of Malevich excluded both November 08. Saturday, 08:00 - 09:00
Women in Israeli Society – New Films, New Waves
the individual approach to art and any national identification through the employment of figurative imagery. Let's wake up our body with fresh energy! Easy excercises to strenghten vitality In recent years international film productions in Europe, North and South America have come Did the pupils of Malevich also have to reject their identity to become the true supremacist artists? Róbert Torontáli: Intensive Krav-Maga II.
forward with remarkable feature films on Jewish topics, increasingly dealing with today's Jewish life, questions of gender, sex, generations, Judaism, Jewishness, memory and identity – sparing no Hedy Maimann: Emotional Freeset Technique Workshop
visual provocation. The two programs will show examples from various film genres and film November 08. Saturday, 10:00 - 11:15
countries including the recent rise of Israeli film culture. The films are subtitled. An introduction and November 07. Friday, 15:30 - 16:45
Robert Torontáli, technical director of Intensive Krav-Maga Europe is running a very discussion after the screening will show that contemporary Jewish life and Jewish film are EFT is a wonderful healing method based on the meridian system. It is easy to learn, for all kind of useful session and provides an insight into: interwoven. – At the beginning of the 21st century, film has become a Jewish domain behind and in problems be it psychical or physical, and it does not do any harm.
Day 2: Fast and effective methods of self-defence – everyone can do it!!! front of the camera.
Concert: Shkayach Unplugged
Michael Miller: The Beauty Queen as Jewish Heroine
She studied in Israel for a while and she ran at Szarvas summer camp. Currently she directs Balint House and coordinates with the Jewish Community in Budapest. RUDOLF KLEIN is a professor of
November 08. Saturday, 20:30 - 22:00
November 09. Sunday, 10:00 - 11:15
architectural history at St. Stephen University, Miklos Ybl Faculty of Building Sciences in Budapest. He Keset invites its guests to a unique acoustic concert presented by a group of young and Esther, perhaps the most remarkable woman in the Hebrew Bible, was neither a matriarch nor a dynamic musicians interpreting old songs in a new manner. You will find a bottle of kosher prophetess. She was the first Jewish beauty queen, and it was her seductive looks that helped save the has written extensively on synagogue architecture. His most recent book, The Great Synagogue of vine, some kosher brandy and soda water on each table. Good atmosphere, good music, fine Jewish people from impending destruction, making the beauty queen an unlikely Jewish heroine. This Budapest, was published this year. GABRIELLA
KOVÁCS started getting involved in esoteric studies
drinks.a perfect Saturday evening.
session will explore the role of Jewish beauty queens in shaping Jewish identity, from Queen Esther of the (mind control, extrasensory perception, mediumity, universal energy, etc) and took up Thai Chi in 1995. Bible to Queen Esther of the Tel Aviv Purim carnival, from the 'beautiful Jewess' of the antisemitic Night tour of the city
imagination to Miss Judea (Poland) and, above all, Boske Simon (Miss Hungary 1929).
She has been giving lectures since 1998. She is a Kung Fu instructor and she received a recreation- animation degree at the Hungarian Sport Association. In addition, she has participated in Hungarian and November 08. Saturday, 22:30
James Lebeau: The Reasons for and Benefits of the Jewish Dietary Laws
International competitions with great results. She believes that Thai Chi is a martial art, fitness exercise, What is the Jewish quarter like during the night? Is there another Budapest out there? Let's meditation in motion as well as a good way to develop one's personality. She has been practicing see the "dark" side of the city together. Our late night sightseeing tour departs at 11 pm. We November 09. Sunday, 11:30 - 12:45
can offer a two-hour adventure in the city with a professional architectural historian and with a An examination of the rationale for the laws of kashrut: the Jewish Dietary Laws.
meditation on a daily basis since 1994 and was running several classes for her Thai Chi groups. JAMES
tea at midnight. Places are limited (maximum 43 person). Apply at the Registration now! The discussion will seek to understand the application of these laws to modern life.
LEBEAU has lived in Israel since 1985 where he is Director of the United Synagogue of Conservative
Judaism Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center and oversees the work of the Conservative Yeshiva. He was Anna Romvári: 3 days 6 dances III.
ordained rabbi at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York and served as a pulpit rabbi in North America for 15 years. He was Rabbi of Japan from 1993-1997. Previously, he oversaw the program for November 09. Sunday, 14:30 - 16:00
During our three hours together we will learn the basics of six different dance styles focusing on partner Rabbinical students at Machon Schechter in Jerusalem. Lebeau has published many articles on Tradition
dance and also on Israeli folk dance. From the many varieties we will practice the Yemenite style. There will Judaism and Jewish life and wrote the book, including "Sanctify Life: The Jewish Dietary Laws." HEDY
be an opportunity to practice the popular Cuban salsa and the basics of the Argentinean tango. For those MAIMANN was born and lives in Vienna. She has a university degree in economics, and studied
people who prefer the more classic styles I can recommend Cha-cha-cha, Samba and Rock and Roll.
painting with Prof. J. Svoboda. She studied at the music academy, and she has a diploma in EMF Gyula Vattamány: József Szécsi, Gábor István Dancs:
Gabriella Kovács:
Michael Miller: The
Gábor Pál: Once
Czene: What is
Heroically Bloody there were Giants Eran El-Bar - The meeting point of Music and Judaism
(Electromagnetic field practitioner) and Reiki. She conducts workshops in EFT – emotional freeset 10:00 each other?
allowed and what is Journey to Tabuland technique. She is an artist and editor of new tarot cards "Tarot of inner peace." She is working on a new not in religious Jewish Emese Hikáde,
Balázs Lengvári: Nordic Walking November 09. Sunday, 14:30 - 15:45
peace art series, with an exhibition in Austria, and an upcoming exhibition in NYC. MICHAEL MILLER
Two musical pieces of mine contain a Jewish Melody. The melody carries much more than esthetic is Assistant Professor in the Nationalism Studies Program at the CEU. He received his Ph.D. in History meaning. I will present the different motives and show how they refer to each other.
Miklós Rékai:
Endre Kertész:
Blod, Blood,
Róbert Torontáli:
James Lebeau:
Éva Pataki: The
We will end by listening to a piece by another Israeli composer.
from Columbia University, where he specialized in Jewish and Central European History. His research focuses on the impact of nationality conflicts on the religious, cultural and political development of and Benefits of the The activity is dialogical and the participants are expected to talk and even to sing.
Central European Jewry in the nineteenth century. GÁBOR MOSKOVITS is a 5th year student at the
Gábor Moskovits: Identity and Identification in American Jewry
Humanities Faculty of Károli Gáspár University, where he majors in English and Communication, specializing in American Studies and Journalism. He has been working as a counselor in the Szarvas November 09. Sunday, 16:00 - 17:15
Summer Camp for years and has also been a counselor in a Taglit Birthright group, in Israel. He Blood: Impure
Gábor Schein:
Blod, Blood,
Eran El-Bar: The
My presentation discusses the uniqueness of American Jewish identity and the main influences that the Journey of Halevi Blooood! Men
Jerusalmi: Hebrew
meeting point of United States has had and is having on Jewish self-definition with an emphasis on factors that contributed participates in the educational program of Tikva Hungary that focuses on traditional Jewish studies on writing and reading Music and Judaism the changes in Jewish culture in the U.S. Some conclusion might be supported with literary examples. religion. ÁGNES PERESZTEGI is a lawyer and a co-founder and former president of Pesti Shul. She is
Anna Romvári:
also leader of Midreshet Emunah, Budapest ANNA ROMVÁRI started dance studies at the age of
3 days 6 dances III.
three. In her teens she discovered ballroom dance and started to get involved in competitive dance Erzsi Kertész:
Gábor Moskovits:
Patrícia Eszter
shortly afterward. She has been a competitive dancer ever since. After obtaining a degree in Journey to Earth, Margit: Texts from
Identification in KONSTANTIN AKINSHA is an art historian and art journalist. He is a contributing editor of ART News
conservatory she gained admission to the Ballroom Dance Pedagogy Department of the Hungarian magazine (New York.) He has received the Gorge Polk Award for Cultural Reporting (1991), the National Dance Academy and graduated in 2004. She has studied classical ballet, jazz dance, modern dance Headliners Award (1996). Among his books are: The Holy Place (New Haven: Yale University Press, techniques and she has become familiar with contemporary dance in the last few years. She has been 2007.) (co-authored with Gregorii Kozlov, with Sylvia Hochfield); Beautiful Loot: Soviet Plunder of teaching ballroom dance since 1997 and Israeli folk dance since 1999. IVAN SANDERS was born in
Gabriella Kovács: Thai Chi II.
European Art Treasures (New York: Random House, 1995) (co-authored with Gregorii Kozlov, with Budapest and educated in the U.S. He has a Ph. D. in Comparative Literature, and is currently Professor Sylvia Hochfield). GÁBOR BALÁZS studied and taught General Philosophy at Bar Ilan University,
Emeritus, State University of New York, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, and guest professor, November 09. Sunday, 10:00 - 11:15
For all those people who like to start the day fresh and would like to have an insight into a new exciting Israel. He is director and teacher of religion at the American Endowment School on Wesselenyi Street, CEU. He is a critic, literary historian, and translator. SHKAYACH connects traditional Jewish music
word. Ancient Chinese exercises for both keeping harmony between body Budapest. He teaches Jewish philosophy at the University of Szeged. EDWARD BREUER was born in
such as liturgical chants, Yiddish, Ladino and Yemenite beats with current world music. Shkayach offers and soul and awakening of vitality.
Canada to parents who fled Hungary in 1956. He received his Phd from Harvard in Post- Biblical Jewish time-travel within the world of Jewish music. The various members of the band bring different styles; History and Literature. He taught at the University of Pennsylvania and Loyola University before moving Emese Hikáde, Balázs Lengvári: Nordic Walking
jazz, swing, folk or even flamenco. The musicians are: Dávid Lamm, Dani Kardos, Tamás Heilig, József to Israel in 2001. He now teaches in the Jewish History department and the Rothberg International Czibere, Dávid Ülkei and Flóra Polnauer. FRANK STERN teaches film, culture, Jewish and
November 09. Sunday, 10:00 - 11:15
School of the Hebrew University. He teaches courses on medieval and modern Jewish history and contemporary history at Vienna University; he has also taught at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, What is great about Nordic Walking? It takes off the pressure from the joints and improves the stamina.
thought, specializing in the German-Jewish culture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. ERAN
Tel-Aviv University, Central European University in Budapest; he loves cinema – the seventh art, Jewish It strengthens the muscles and improves the posture. It improves the oxygen level of the body EL-BAR is the representative of The Jewish Agency for Israel in the Central/East Europe region. He was
and helps the circulation. To whom would we recommend Nordic Walking? film. He curates film retrospectives and thinks that there should be more Hungarian and Austrian films on To everyone, especially to people with overweight, people working in sedentary jobs, born in Jerusalem, and studied music, education and philosophy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. contemporary Jewish issues. JUDY TROTTER has been involved in Limmud from the very early days.
young mothers before and after delivery, people with cardio-vascular problems and diabetics.
He also completed the Composition program at the Ferenc Liszt Academy in Budapest, and is a She ran a Jewish bookshop (and became the unofficial and informal Limmud 'help desk'). She went on to It can be part of the rehabilitation after injury or operation graduate of the Mandel Institute. Eran's chamber music has been preformed in Israel, Italy, Hungary, and it can help to prevent stress and depression.
chair the conference and then chaired Limmud the organisation. She is now the Director of the Florence England and Austria. He established the CHAVRUTAV Educational Program, which focuses on Hebrew Melton programme (due to open in Budapest in October) and the Education Manager at the London Róbert Torontáli: Intensive Krav-Maga III.
Poetry and Music for schools. CRISTIANA FACCHINI teaches at the University of Bologna. She wrote
Jewish Cultural Centre, where she organises all their adult education classes. books and several articles on Italian Jewish history from the 17th to 19th century; she is currently working 2008. November 09. Sunday, 11:30 - 12:45
on Catholic Antisemitism in Italy and finishing a book on Theories of Religions (The Classical Period).
Robert Torontáli, technical director of Intensive Krav-Maga Europe is running a very useful session and provides an insight into: ZSUZSA FRITZ started her career as a teacher and still considers herself a teacher, although she does
Day 3: Special self-defence – effective battle against knife not believe in traditional methods of teaching. She prefers teaching that doesn't appear to be teaching.


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